Chapter 0:


choose your own adventure

This project is a choose your own adventure game set in the land of Gundremel. Similar to RPGs like DND, you will be given a vast array of options in how you carry yourself and survive. How will this work exactly? you may be asking, let me give you an example.Bookmark here

let's say for simplicity you are walking down a hallway that splits into two opposing directions, to choose a direction you will simply follow the letter and number key given to you.Bookmark here

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bookmark here

to go left go to section A1Bookmark here

to go right go to section A2Bookmark here

(sections will be clearly labeled and for the most part will be ordered numerically. the letter simply stands for the chapter you are currently in.)Bookmark here

Bookmark here

just like that, you now have choices as to where your story will lead, and this is how most of the story will work from talking to fighting to decision making.Bookmark here

Speaking of combat, unfortunately, due to the limitations of the human attention span and sanity, your character's class, race, and abilities are set from the outset. To offset the limitation of no character creation and to prevent combat from being a boring D20 dice will be utilized to determine how successful you are in your choices. If you are a nerd and have a D20 on hand GREAT, but if not, there are many accessible apps and websites you can use to tab between to determine your dice rolls. You want not to do that and just crush my hopes and dreams and all my hard work? Then just lie and succeed at everything... Bookmark here

As a final note, the story will likely be released in chunks so that I have something to show of all my hard work and so that you can hopefully give me feedback in how I can change things to make this project accessible and easy to understand for everyone.Bookmark here

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