Chapter 2:

Why was I bullied?

I am a magical boy and I find it boring

My name is Jun Zumokuta and I am 16 years old. I am currently in my second year of high school and I think my life has gotten better - kind of. Bookmark here

Before I entered high school, I was bullied a lot. I had a fake friend called Isas. He was my friend and my bully at the same time, and I had no other choice but to follow his orders and keep quiet because I felt lonely. Bookmark here

The other students in my class were terrible too. I don't really remember their names, but I know they didn't care about me a lot. They could clearly see that I was bullied, but they did nothing.Bookmark here

Isas was a really tall guy. It's normal he was taller - after all, he was older than me. I was tall too, but still shorter than Isas.Bookmark here

He made fun of me and my tastes. I was that guy that admired Magical Girl anime, and he would always say with his terribly annoying voice 'You like ×××××, huh?' and he would laugh out loud. Bookmark here

It wasn't that normal type of laugh. Isas had a loud sarcastic painful type of laugh. I couldn't get why he laughed that much. 'I don't get why you're laughing. Couldn't be more of a jerk.' I would say aggressively in my head with an a poker face pretending not to feel hurt. There were times my annoyance would be visible, but that happened very rarely. Bookmark here

 I think I have this special talent,  pretending to be fine when in reality I want to go to someone and rant all day long. I guess I was always sensitive, but as time went by, I learned how to be a master at bottling my emotions up.Bookmark here

I don't want to go into details of my bullying. Bookmark here

Isas made fun of my family, he stole my supplies and even though I did his homework everyday, he never thanked me. Bookmark here

He would gossip about me. Once, I told him I was talking with a girl on Facebaak and he told everyone that I was dating her. I mean, that's not a big deal, but I felt sad that he so easily exposed my secrets with others. Bookmark here

I hated him so much. I was sure I didn't do anything to hurt him.
'Why was he bullying me?' That's the question that still echoes on my mind. Maybe he had family problems or had mental problems, but I was 100% sure that I was innocent.Bookmark here

I know I am probably annoying you with my story so I'll cut short - I decided to cut all ties with him. It was hard. I was hoping he would break up with me instead. Bookmark here

I tried being annoying and not talking at all. I tried being boring and hoping he would find other friends (to bully, heh) Bookmark here

But he still would force me to hang out with him. Even though I didn't want to, I would go out because of fear. It's seems like a such a dumb thing to me now. But back then, I was terrified.Bookmark here

Isas wasn't physically violent, but his words would make me overthink for days or months depending on the intensity of the words and tone. 
Bookmark here

I don't know how I found the courage. It was a sunny day in June. Bookmark here

I was at a hair stylist.
It was a small room with two big mirrors and a transparent glass door.
As I was trying to avoid eye contact with my reflection on the mirror, I glanced outside the door.
He was out there. Waiting for me.
Isas didn't even say a word, but I felt the butterflies inside my stomach.Bookmark here

I got out. Bookmark here

He said abruptly: "Jun, you don't want to hang with me anymore, don't you?"
I don't know how he realized that. I was so scared, but I frankly replied 'Yeah, you're right. I don't.' Bookmark here

I listed all the reasons why I wanted to break up with him. I practiced saying those reasons in my head EVERY DAY. I imagined talking with him the way I was talking that moment. Bookmark here

'I will come again to discuss this properly some other time' he said.
'There will be no other time' I told him coldly, while entering at the hair stylist's again. I watched him slowly leaving.Bookmark here

That day, when I got home, I was so happy. Bookmark here

"I finally did it!" I thought.
It wasn't that hard! I can't believe I let him bully me for so many years. I was always a coward, but not anymore. I felt proud with myself and went to sleep thinking about this important, life-changing decision that I made.Bookmark here

-I wrote Facebaak instead of Facebook on purpose. Just so you know it's not a typo.
(The same way Japanese studios put WcDonalds instead of McDonalds, you know 😅)Bookmark here

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