Chapter 0:

Reincarnated Hero and the Star Ghost Party

Star Ghost Isekai Agency

My name is Naoko Matsuda. I was a military bodyguard tasked to protect Japan's Prime Minister. Bookmark here

Equipped with H&K pistols and bullet proof vests, I and my bodyguard squad got ambushed by an unknown terrorist group while escorting the Prime Minister on the sidewalk. Bookmark here

During the long firefight and outgunned by the terrorists' assault rifles, the military bodyguard squad held their ground and waited for reinforcements. Bookmark here

Soon after the reinforcements arrived, we were able to eliminate the terrorist group. Bookmark here

However, a terrorist pretended to be dead and at the right moment, he directly aimed at the Prime Minister with his pistol.Bookmark here

I quickly spotted him and then pushed the Prime Minister aside while taking a bullet to my chest. Bookmark here

Meanwhile, the body guards quickly eliminated the surviving terrorist.Bookmark here

Although, it unfortunately turns out that the bullet is a fatal armor piercing type. I started losing a lot of blood.Bookmark here

Knowing that I would die soon, the Prime Minister quickly went up to me and told his thanks.Bookmark here

"Thank you for saving my life. You did Japan proud." the Prime Minister commended in a sad tone. Bookmark here

"It has been my honor serving you and our country." I proudly replied as my final breath.Bookmark here

After my death, I eventually heard that I became Japan's decorated hero for protecting the Prime Minister's life. Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

"Where am I? I'm dead, right?"Bookmark here

"Yes, you are." a mysterious voice answered.Bookmark here

"Who are you?" I hesitatingly replied. Bookmark here

"I'm called the Angel of Death."Bookmark here

"What's going to happen to me?"Bookmark here

"Would you like a new life?"Bookmark here

Without any hesitation, I replied "yes".Bookmark here

"Okay. I'll have you reincarnated in another world and born to a noble family due to your selfless heroic action." the Angel of Death replied. Bookmark here

After the Angel's reply, I got reincarnated in another world as a noble family's baby. Bookmark here

Because of the Angel of Death's influence on giving a dream to the Silverfang family, my new name became Naoko Silverfang. Bookmark here

The fantasy world is called Arthia. In this world, there is an on-going war between the Phoenix Empire and Demon Lord's invading forces. It became known as the Great Demon War. Bookmark here

During my peaceful childhood years, I gradually recovered my previous life memories. I then grew up as a teenager and attended an adventurer academy. Bookmark here

Equipped with my previous life military knowledge, I quickly developed and became a well known promising prodigy within the Phoenix Empire. Bookmark here

Because of my prodigy status, I was given a legendary long sword weapon called the Flame Celestia. The weapon can shape-shift between its sword form and another form that the wielder desires. I chose its second form to become a revolver pistol. Bookmark here

Fortunately, guns such as semi-automatic rifles and pistols exist in this world which means I won't be questioned about my weapon's revolver pistol. But, guns are not very common. Bookmark here

After my graduation, I formed my own adventurer party with my three female friends and we dedicated ourselves to defeat the Demon Lord. Two of the girls are my academy friends and one girl is my childhood friend. Bookmark here

Our party is named Star Ghost.Bookmark here

During our adventures toward the final battle of the Great Demon War, we managed to defeat the Demon Lord. But, it came at a heavy price. All three of my party members got killed during the fight. Bookmark here

Since after the Great Demon War ended, I became the Phoenix Empire's Legendary Hero and the Star Ghost party name got recorded. However, I became lonely due to my deceased female party members. Bookmark here

Who I mourned the most was my close childhood friend named Siera Wellsong. We were supposed to get married after the war and have my other two female friends living with us.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

Years later in Japan, the Japan Self Defense has discovered an ancient crystal artifact that produces temporary portals to another world. Bookmark here

The military has sent an investigation team to visit the other side. Bookmark here

Meanwhile, the Phoenix Empire detected a mysterious anomaly. They deployed me and a military platoon to investigate it.Bookmark here

When both sides encountered and attempted to communicate with each other, I recognized the Japanese language and explained to them that I'm their reincarnated bodyguard hero. Bookmark here

A few months later and with my influence, the two nations peacefully agreed to become secret allies and have a joint military alliance. Bookmark here

They established a special agency that is equipped with knowledge from both worlds, and is tasked to indirectly protect Japan and the Phoenix Empire from any international threat. Bookmark here

Named after my heroic party and to continue the legacy, they are called the Star Ghost Agency. Bookmark here

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