Chapter 3:

That strange wand that came from the Moon

I am a magical boy and I find it boring

Summer vacation was over.
I broke up with Isas.
We are no longer friends. We don't even go to the same school.
I am in my second year of high school. I guess he is in his second year too. (We were in the same class even though we didn't have the same age)
I said 'I guess' because I'm not sure if he goes to school anymore. He probably failed since I'm not there to help him cheat anymore.

I like to feel I'm important.
I like to think that I can help other people and that without my help, they can't achieve what they want.
I know it sounds pretty narcissistic, huh?

The year I got into high school, I was nervous.
I was praying that I would have lots of friends and that I would not be bullied.
I go to a not-so-famous high school. None of my older classmates are here. And that's the reason why I chose this high school. 

I wanted to make a fresh start. I wanted to find new REAL friends that would support and encourage me.
I am glad to say that my wish has come true.

I have two friends, but they're all I need. They are very precious to me and I am thankful for being in the same classroom as them.
The first one is called Aristel. He is a corpulent guy with brown eyes and frizzy hair. He likes anime too, but he watches shounen and horror only, so we don't have a lot of favorite anime in common. 

My second friend is a girl. She is called Meiko.
She has long hazelnut hair and she often keeps it in a hair bun. She likes magical girl anime too and it's a blessing to be with her.
I am the most talkative of the group. I like recommending anime to my friends, even though they never watch it.
Meiko listens carefully and rarely talks.

Now, let's get to the present...
I am a magical boy. (I should have said that earlier) Since when, you say? It happened when I expected it the least. 

I always wanted to be a magical boy. In the anime shows that I watched, possessing magic powers seemed cool and interesting.
When I was bullied by Isas, I would wish everyday to become a magical boy. I didn't care about saving the planet and about that justice stuff. All I wanted was to teach my bully a lesson and make him suffer.

Then, one night as I was studying Math, I looked outside the window. I liked gazing up at the moon and acting mysterious. That night, there were no stars.
It was so silent and dark. There were no cars passing by and this made my tinnitus worse. 

Silence always scared me. I closed the window in a hurry, giving a last look at the moon.
Suddenly, something broke the window. It was a wand. Not a shiny wand, just a brown old one.

I got even more scared. I wanted to get out of my room and stay with my family members. I tried running, bBlut I couldn't.
There was something that wouldn't let me breathe freely. I gasped for air and felt weird. 'Is this sensation asthma?' I asked myself.

I reached for the door, but something instantly caught my leg.
At the time my thoughts were full of panic 'Is a demon doing this? I haven't done anything wrong. I don't deserve to suffer this way.'
I turned to see the mysterious 'demon' that grabbed me by my leg. It was the wand. That brown old one.

Confused, I wanted to get out of the room even more. But the wand wouldn't let me even try.
As it was getting harder and harder to breathe, I asked the wand with my dry voice 'W-What... do you... want from... me?'
The wand continued to pull my leg. I still don't know how the wand did it. It had no hands, but it could still drag me.

Then I realised it: the wand was begging me to touch it. It wanted me to take it in my hands. I had no other choice, but to accept this strange wand that came from outside the window.
I took it in my hands before passing out.

When I woke up, I was on the floor of my room. The magic wand was lying on my hand. My breathing was back to normal. I went to see my face at the mirror.

Then, I saw it.

 I saw the answer of my wish. I was wearing a white shirt with a V-neck and white shorts. My hair and my eyes were mint green.
That moment I wanted to scream.
I wasn't happy. I wanted to be a magical boy so bad, but not now. I had an exam I needed to study for.

'I don't need these powers anymore' I thought.
And what's worse, I was wearing shorts! I wanted a magical boy costume, but this one was very exaggerated.
'Whoever made this costume is a pervert!' I said to myself.
I never wanted to wear shorts. I was embarrassed by my leg hair. Even in the summer, I would go out with jeans because I didn't want people to stare.

But now... I was wearing tight shorts above the knee and that made me uncomfortable. 

Suddenly, I heard my mom shouting: 'Jun, time to eat dinner!'

'What do I do?' I said out loud trying desperately to find a way to return to my normal clothes.
The answer was rather easy: all I had to do is to touch the wand. I could transform and return to normal only by clasping the magic wand.

I went downstairs to eat dinner, but I was lost in thoughts.
Needless to say, I failed my Math exam the next day.

-I know the title of this chapter might seem like something ripped off Sailor Moon, but I swear it's not the same story, haha. I am inspired by Precure, Sailor Moon and Boueibu, but this novel is my original idea. Sorry for any similarities.

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