Chapter 3:

Maki’s First Time (Nico × Maki)


My life was over. Staring at the white sheet of paper in red ink I could
feel the stress of what would come today. It was one thing to fail an
English test; another to fail an open‑book test. I couldn’t help it.
Ever since I joined μ’s my time had been been taken up from the after
school practice, not to count when I did have time I would pass out. It
was all draining to say the least.Bookmark here

Still, that didn’t change the fact that I would have to deal with the
hell that would follow. I must have been lost in thought because I
started to feel something tapping me on the shoulder. Hanayo and Rin
stood there looking at me with a worried look upon their faces.Bookmark here

“Are you okay Maki?”Bookmark here

“Don’t worry Hanayo, I’m fine.”Bookmark here

It was a lie, however, I did not want them to worry about me. Since μ's
was formed with all nine members we had grown close. So close in fact
that Nico and I had our first kiss. It was odd how it happened. At the
time both of us were practicing on the roof of the school. We were alone
and Nico wanted to show off her new idol pose she had worked on. In the
end she fell on top of me; her lips connected with mine. That was the
start of our relationship.Bookmark here

Of course, the two of us kept the relationship a secret from the others,
including our classmates, and parents. Neither of us knew just how they
would take it. While lesbian relationships weren't odd, we figured our
parents wanted us dating guys and all that fairy tale princess story
with a happy ending.Bookmark here

"Let's get going to practice Maki!" Rin said trying to get me out of my
chair.Bookmark here

After packing up my school supplies I followed behind Hanayo and Rin to
the girl's restroom. All of us changed into our practice clothes and
headed for the roof. The second and third‑years were already out of
their school uniforms and stretching as a warm‑up. Usually, I was able
to focus on practicing our songs but this time my mind continued to
wander.Bookmark here

"Hey princess, get your head out of the clouds," Nico yelled placing her
hands on her hips.Bookmark here

Even though I knew she was keeping up her act, deep down that was her
way of saying *I'm worried about you, what's wrong*. Practice continued
on until it was nearing the late afternoon. Everyone headed for the exit
until Nico and I were alone.Bookmark here

"Okay, so be honest with me. What's going on with you?" Nico asked as
she sat down next to me.Bookmark here

I remained quiet for a second as stared at the ground. Pulling out the
exam paper I handed it to her. She looked it over for a brief second and
then handed it back to me.Bookmark here

"That's rough."Bookmark here

"Yeah. My parents will be angry."Bookmark here

"I wish I could help you," she said wrapping her arm's around me.Bookmark here

It was hard to hold back my blushing face as I turned away.Bookmark here

"You could help by coming back to my place."Bookmark here

My face turned a bright red. I can't believe I said that out loud.
Turning my head to meet Nico's cute idol stare, I noticed she too was
blushing heavily.Bookmark here

"I‑If you want me to I can..."Bookmark here

"O‑Okay..."Bookmark here

That was all I could say as I stood to my feet. Grabbing Nico by the
hand I helped her up.Bookmark here

"We can walk to my place together," I said with a smile.Bookmark here

μBookmark here

Lucky for me no one was home as Nico and I removed our shoes. Putting
down my school bag on the couch I turned to Nico who seemed like a girl
lost in wonderland. This was the first time she had been to my house. It
must have been a shock with how big it was compared to her own home that
was far to small to be considered a house — at least as far as I knew.Bookmark here

"Your house is so big?"Bookmark here

"Is it?"Bookmark here

"Yeah."Bookmark here

"Well, I am going to change out of these clothes real quick feel free to
sit in the living room."Bookmark here

"You don't want Nico‑Ni to be with you?"Bookmark here

"I... I mean... If you want to..."Bookmark here

What was I saying? Was Nico becoming more of an aphrodisiac for me? I
headed into my room as Nico followed behind me. At this point she almost
felt like a dog on a leash. Maybe I should put a collar and leash on
her. Wait, why am I thinking of kinky things like that? Was I secretly a
sadist? After changing into a simple white tank⁵top and short yellow
skirt I threw on a yellow jacket.Bookmark here

I wonder if Nico would be into stuff like that. As I turned to face Nico
I noticed she was slowly playing with the tips of her adorable pigtails.
It can't hurt to ask I guess.Bookmark here

"Hey Nico..."Bookmark here

"Yeah?"Bookmark here

"How would you like to be my slave?"Bookmark here

μBookmark here

Nico's face was so red that I swear I could see steam coming from the
top of her head. Still, I was positive my face was just as red as I
tried to stand firm in my conviction.Bookmark here

"I‑If you want Nico‑Ni as your slave I will do as you command."Bookmark here

Wait, was she serious?! Nico was going to be my slave? I could feel my
heart flutter at the thought. She was mine to command? There is no way
she meant that. Right? Sitting down on my bed I held out my barefoot.Bookmark here

"Your princess commands you to lick her foot!"Bookmark here

"A‑As you command princess."Bookmark here

It threw me off for a bit as Nico knelt down on the floor at my feet and
held the heel of my foot in the palm of her hand. Was she actually going
to do it? Words fail to spring from my mouth as I watched Nico's tongue
slowly glide across the sole of my foot. Nico's face was flustered red
as she licked up my soles to my toes. I was honestly surprised but
somehow also liked it.Bookmark here

For once, I was in control of what happened. Nico continued to use her
tongue to lick all around my foot. Sticking out my other foot I looked
to her with an icy stare.Bookmark here

"Lick the other one, now slave."Bookmark here

"Yes princess."Bookmark here

I couldn't help but smile slightly as Nico began to lick my other foot.
I guess she did enjoy being submissive. Now the two of us had something
to enjoy together.Bookmark here

"Do you enjoy it when I tell you what to do slave?"Bookmark here

"Yes princess. Your commands make me feel wanted and needed."Bookmark here

Is that how Nico truly felt?Bookmark here

"Well, I like being in control so this works out for the two of us."Bookmark here

Using a bit of force I pushed Nico down onto her back and looked over
her enticing beauty. Even though everyone says she looks like a
grade‑schooler, I personally always thought she was true perfection. Her
body, face, skin, everything screamed petite idol. She could have made
it big if she had been able to continued with her last school idol
group.Bookmark here

Then again, had they not abandoned her she would have never found μ's —
or me. In a way, I am glad her dreams didn't come true because they led
her to me.Bookmark here

"Princess, may we do something more... intimate?"Bookmark here

I straddled Nico's hips and pinned her arms down against the floor.Bookmark here

"It's my first time though..."Bookmark here

"M‑Me too..."Bookmark here

Seeing Nico blush like this was somehow more cute than before.Bookmark here

"You know, I am learning to be a doctor so I can take over the family
business."Bookmark here

"So, will you be my doctor princess?"Bookmark here

"I plan to. You will get a thorough physical examination."Bookmark here

Nico blushed heavily as my lips began to lock with hers. With my fingers
interlaced with hers I knew this was love. She was my girlfriend; my
partner. Nico was now the light in my world and someone who would be
there for me when I needed it. She was everything. She was my Nico‑Ni.Bookmark here

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