Chapter 5:

Encounter with another enemy

I am a magical boy and I find it boring

The next morning, Meiko asked me to accompany her again to the bus station.
I wanted to say no, but I wanted to overcome my fear of Isas. I wanted to prove to myself that I was courageous, that's why I agreed to go with her. That's what friends do, right?Bookmark here

I was nervous while walking. I remembered the way I felt the other day and I wanted someone to protect me. Even though I was a guy, (a magical boy, what's more) I wanted someone to guard me. Then I realised: I needed friends. Normal friends are fine, but I wanted to meet other magical boys/girls.
'Maybe there are persons like me,' I thought. 'Persons that understand the way I'm feeling. Persons that want allies too. Persons that want to create a team.'Bookmark here

As I was lost deeply in my thoughts, Meiko entered the bus and saluted me.
How weird. Was the road always this short? How much time did I spend thinking? We didn't even exchange a word.
Did Meiko notice I was worried and daunted?Bookmark here

Meiko was always shy. She was even more shy than me, so I had to start the conversation first.
I would always ask her about the anime she watched at the moment or about the songs she liked. But this time, we said nothing.
I feel guilty for not talking with Meiko. Maybe she had something important to say to me, but she didn't because she was too shy? I should have given her the chance to express her feelings. A simple 'How are you?' would be enough, but all I did was thinking about Isas and my magical allies - if there are any.Bookmark here

I took the long way home. I wanted to breathe some air, before going home and doing my never-ending homework and studying.
I passed by a library, a barber shop and a hospital. I wasn't far from home. (I could see the hospital from the window of my house.)Bookmark here

All was going well, until I heard a big explosion and stopped walking. I covered my face hearing people scream in fear. That must have been the biggest and loudest explosion I've ever heard. Bookmark here

There was smoke and dust everywhere. I coughed some times, before the view before my eyes became clear. I saw a dark silhouette on the roof of the hospital.
'Is this a demon's work?' I asked myself rhetorically. 'That means I have to transform and do something.'Bookmark here

I went to a corner and I realised I couldn't transform without my wand.
'Oh, shit' I thought while running home as fast as I could.Bookmark here

When I entered inside my house, my parents were not there.
I went upstairs and opened the door of my room. I went to the big pile of clothes and found the wand. The moment I touched it, my black hair and my brown eyes became mint green. And instead of my school uniform, I was wearing that ugly costume.Bookmark here

I heard another explosion, which was louder than the first. I didn't have time to go down the stairs and exit from the door. Instead, I opened my window, and jumped. Bookmark here

I landed safe and sound. 'This was fun' I thought.Bookmark here

I rushed to the hospital, where the two explosions came from. The demon was still on the roof. Bookmark here

He saw me with his big red eyes.
I tried to go the roof by jumping, but I couldn't jump that high.
'This sucks' I said angrily, while opening the front door.
But the doctors wouldn't let me go upstairs.
'We have to evacuate the patients' a young doctor said.Bookmark here

'Ain't nobody got time for that!' I said while pushing through the crowd.
I wanted the patients to be safe and sound, but it was obvious that if I didn't go up there to fight, the red-eyed demon would cause another explosion.
I hurried through the stairs. There was smoke everywhere and I couldn't see clearly, but I had no other choice, but to continue running up the stairs.
As I progressed to higher and higher floors, I started to notice that there were a few patients left. When I got to the highest floor, I was free to run with full speed, with no one able to stop me.Bookmark here

The roof was a big open area. There was no door to push.
It was the perfect place for a fight.
I wasn't afraid at all. Bookmark here

In fact I realised I was more afraid of normal people than of demons.Bookmark here

When I got there, I waited for the demon to notice me, but he was just looking down.
The wait was so awkward, so I decided to talk first.
'Umm, is this your doing?'
He didn't reply.
I tried asking louder.
'IS THIS YOUR DOING?'Bookmark here

Then he turned around.
'Oh, there you are. I thought you were still on the street. I was waiting for you'
'Why were you waiting for me? What do you want from me?' I yelled.
'You know, I want that wand. I know you have it. I...' Bookmark here

The demon stopped talking. He was gazing at me.
'Wow, your legs are so hairy!' he said in suprise.
'Oh seriously? Come on, there's no need to make it that obvious!'
'So you've never shaved before?'
'You should trim it at least.'
'Shut up!' I said and I didn't even notice I was blushing. (His words made me hate my costume even more)Bookmark here

'So, as I was saying, I want your wand' he continued.
'Hell no! You destroyed this hospital and you want my wand? I don't trust you. I can see that you are evil and selfish.' I exclaimed dramatically.
Wow. I was talking like those magical girls in anime. I was protecting the oppressed and fighting for justice and stuff. Bookmark here

'Then I'll take it by force' the demon said.
'So this is my first fight? Cool!' I thought. 
I wasn't nervous. At that moment I felt strong and confident.Bookmark here

 Like, really really confident.Bookmark here

The demon created a sword out of nowhere. He ran really fast, so all I could do was to squat down while he swung the sword above my head. When I got back up, I did a swirl to confuse him and pushed him with all my strength.
The demon fell and when I went down to look what happened, he was nowhere to be found.
'Well, that was pretty easy' I said while laughing. 'This has to be the shortest fight ever!'Bookmark here

I wanted to jump from the roof (the same way I jumped out the window) but I was afraid I would have the same ending as the demon.
So I ran down the stairs. When I got out of the hospital, I saw some reporters and some firefighters. There were many other people too, but no one thanked me for saving them.
'Didn't they see the demon that fell?' I thought confused. 'Well, it's not that I want to be famous or anything. I guess it's better this way.'Bookmark here

I had to turn to normal again, but I left my wand home, so I had to go in my room with that costume.
Still, people weren't that aware of me. I thought I would stand out, but probably they were thinking I was cosplaying .
I went home. The door was opened. That meant my parents were inside.
I opened the door closely and went upstairs. I tried walking as silently as I could, but I still heard my mom say 'Jun, is that you?'
'Yeah' I screamed while running up the stairs. I entered my room, clasped the wand and voilà... I was wearing my school uniform again.Bookmark here

Suddenly, my mother came in. Bookmark here

'Jun, I was so worried about you. Where have you been?'
'I'm sorry, Mom.'
'I heard about the explosions at the local news. I thought something bad happened to you!'
'Shh, don't worry. See? I'm fine' I said, while faking a smile.
'Don't ever scare me like this. Please try to come home as soon as you finish your classes!' she told me with a serious face.Bookmark here

So this was my first encounter with a demon, and definitely not the last.
I tried making the fight better, but this is the best I could come up with. (Don't kill me) Bookmark here

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