Chapter 0:


Maid Café to Another World

Running a maid café in the prefecture of Akihabara is hard work, running a maid café in another world is even harder. Still, I can’t complain. I live to make my customers happy — both human and nonhuman. While I fail to recall exactly when my maid café started to serve customers of nonhuman descent, I admit that it is no different than serving my human customers, at least for the most part.Bookmark here

Everyday on the midnight of Saturday — known in the other world as *Styrivera* — a door appears randomly in parts of the other world. I still don’t understand it to be completely honest however what I do know is that I alone have to serve my nonhuman customers the same why I serve my human customers. Many nonhuman races have passed through my door into this café, many find it shocking the first time around but after some time, they get used to being served by a cute maid.Bookmark here

Just like the fantasy creatures in many roleplaying games and books, the creatures I interact with once a week are — at least most of the time — polite in nature. Even though they have strange magical powers or the strength of five hundred men, they dare not lay a finger on me, less they destroy the only way to get elegant food and drink down their pallets. There are times, yes, when a heated argument breaks out between customers who — shall we say don’t see eye to eye — ready their swords, bows, and spells. However, I only need to project sternly the simple phrase of: *if you wish to continue dinning at this café then settle down or I will cease to feed you ever again*.Bookmark here

It is that sentence alone that destroys the soul of large beastmen, cunning wizards, and even all-powerful dragons in the guise of humans — forcing any that were ready to fight to merely sit down in defeat. My food is considered a divine treasure to most of the customers in this other world. Of course, I am not one to brag about my culinary ability, even if it sounds like I may do it. My goal is nothing more then to simply please my customers in hopes that they will enjoy the service and the food.Bookmark here

Hopefully, every master and princess can feel at home in my café, *La Rose*.Bookmark here

Ana Fowl
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