Chapter 8:

Chapter Eight: The House Doctor

Beyond the Borders Volume 1

Aryia had a surprised look on her face as she watched Melissa pile
medical supplies into a black med‑bag. It was quite impressive to her
just how much equipment she could fit into just one small bag.Bookmark here

“Do we really need all that stuff?”Bookmark here

“Yeah. You never know when we may need it. Besides, better to be
prepared.”Bookmark here

After thinking about it for a brief second Aryia realized she could not
argue with that logic.Bookmark here

“I guess you are right.”Bookmark here

Melissa simply giggled as she packed the last bit of supplies into
another medical bag.Bookmark here

“Say, do you want to go with me to see the Princess? I need to make sure
I have all the relevant information on her medical record and give her a
bit of a check up to make sure everything is up‑to‑date.”Bookmark here

With a nod the two of them headed out for the castle. They had no
trouble getting through the guards as Greg greeted the two girls with a
smile which was a bit surprising to Aryia after what they went through
with the Emperor.Bookmark here

“Just how much power do the Black Knights have?” Aryia asked as they
made there way up some stairs.Bookmark here

“Honestly, we don’t have much. The rank of Black Knight holds almost no
merit on a person’s current rank.”Bookmark here

“So, basically, the Black Knight rank is virtually pointless?”Bookmark here

“Pretty much.”Bookmark here

Melissa knocked on the wooden door of the princess’s room. After a few
seconds Princess Amalthea opened the door. She stood there in a
strapless dress top and a short frilly skirt both as white as snow. The
short skirt revealed her pale bare legs and small petite feet.Bookmark here

“Greetings my lady. Sorry to drop by so late.”Bookmark here

“Melissa, Aryia! Come in please. It is no trouble at all. I was just
busy looking at all the financial budget papers for the trip.”Bookmark here

Aryia was quite surprised by Amalthea’s room. The room was covered in
cute stuffed animals and had a feminine pink and white motif that was
obvious to the naked eye. Princess Amalthea jumped into the comfort of
her large bed.Bookmark here

“So, are you here to preform a medical evaluation Melissa?”Bookmark here

“Yes, my lady.”Bookmark here

“You are always so formal to me,” Amalthea said giggling.Bookmark here

As Melissa put her bag on the floor next to the bed Aryia stood against
the wall. Amalthea could tell Aryia wanted to sit down but was too
afraid to sit anywhere.Bookmark here

“Aryia feel free to sit down if you wish,” Amalthea said.Bookmark here

“T‑Thank you Princess.”Bookmark here

Aryia sat down in a wooden chair across from the princess as Melissa
pulled out a needle from her bag.Bookmark here

“I am going to need to get a vial of your blood my lady, so please try
to relax for me.”Bookmark here

Princess Amalthea held out her arm as Melissa carefully stuck the needle
into her arm, slowly drawing some blood. It surprised Aryia just how
sweet and gentle Melissa was being with Princess Amalthea.Bookmark here

“Aryia, you appear to have something on your mind,” Amalthea said with a
curious look.Bookmark here

“I‑It is nothing, Princess.”Bookmark here

“Aryia, you are free to speak your mind with me. Treat me just like any
other normal person.”Bookmark here

“I assume you will be staying at the Liquescent Inn, correct?”Bookmark here

“Yes, why? Is there something wrong with that inn?”Bookmark here

“I just have a bad feeling about it. I am sure Deadeye feels the same.”Bookmark here

“Then what should I do?”Bookmark here

After finishing up the examination Melissa placed her things in the bag.Bookmark here

“Princess, please keep in mind that it is nothing more then a feeling I
have. There is no need to change your plans just because of what I say.”Bookmark here

Princess Amalthea stood up from her bed and made her way over to Aryia.Bookmark here

“Aryia, I trust the Black Knights with all my heart. All of you mean
more to me then you realize. None of you are tools in my eyes. My father
may see all of you as tools to use, I however, see all of you as human.”Bookmark here

It was a shock for her to hear that come from Amalthea’s mouth. *She is
such a kind and caring person*, Aryia thought.Bookmark here

“So please, if you have an opinion then speak it.”Bookmark here

“Very well, Princess… I believe that staying at that inn will possibly
lead to your death.”Bookmark here

\* \* \*Bookmark here

Aryia and Melissa headed back to the Headquarters. There was a lot to
think about and still much more to do. As the two of them stepped inside
Lylianna ordered them to meet her in the planning room.Bookmark here

“Listen up, we will be discussing the contingency plans for the
Princess’s trip to Luporus. Nothing leaves this room, do I make myself
clear?”Bookmark here

“Ma’am, yes ma’am!”Bookmark here

“Right, first I want everyone to give me a sit‑rep. Mel, report‑in.”Bookmark here

“I have everything packed, but I still need to test Princess Amalthea’s
blood for any other medical conditions.”Bookmark here

“Very well. Ryliah.”Bookmark here

“All guns, ammo and gear is packed and ready to go.”Bookmark here

“Deadeye, Aryia.”Bookmark here

Lylianna noticed the worried look on Aryia’s face.Bookmark here

“If you have something to say then say it Private.”Bookmark here

Aryia took a second before finally deciding to answer.Bookmark here

“Very well Major… I believe the Princess will not be safe at that inn in
Luporus.”Bookmark here

As she continued to explain, Lylianna’s expressionless face did not
change. She turned to Deadeye.Bookmark here

“Do you agree with this Lieutenant?”Bookmark here

“Yes Major.”Bookmark here

Lylianna laid out a map of the city as Deadeye pointed out possible
sniping points. Aryia reported everything she saw inside the inn and how
much it would cost.Bookmark here

“Major, if I may, I have an idea.”Bookmark here

“Go ahead then. We are all ears.”Bookmark here

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