Chapter 10:


Beyond the Borders Volume 1

Aryia awoke at 0500 hours and put on her <abbr>BDU</abbr>. She had
slowly gotten used to waking up early, and functioning off of as minimal
sleep as possible. *What would it have been like had I not joined the
Black Knights*, she thought as she headed out the door.Bookmark here

Outside on the training field the other Knights were dressed and ready
to go. Lylianna looked to her squad as she pulled out a map.Bookmark here

“We run one‑hundred kilometers in two hours or less, without using
magic.”Bookmark here

The first time Aryia had to run for that long she recalled how she
almost dropped dead near a hillside. However, she pushed through it with
her willpower. After a while she had managed to get used to it until
running one‑hundred kilometers was nothing more then child’s play to her
now.Bookmark here

Once all of them had finished their run they proceeded to practice
hand‑to‑hand combat training without so much as a break. Aryia faced off
against Lylianna who always won due to her magic’s ability to stop time.Bookmark here

Hours passed until it was nearing 1800 hours. Aryia fell onto her bed,
face‑planting into the soft pillow. Lylianna merely sighed as she sat
down beside her.Bookmark here

“You should learn to remove your uniform before you sleep.”Bookmark here

“But Major, I am so tired after today.”Bookmark here

In truth, Aryia did have a bit of energy left but she could never let
her know that. Lylianna removed Aryia’s clothes and grabbed a simple
sleepwear outfit from the closet. Once she had taken care of her,
Lylianna removed her own clothes and laid down on her bed. She was
pretty tired after all the events that had happened and was glad she
would get a chance to relax for a few days at the very least.Bookmark here

The next morning Aryia was awaken by Melissa, who sounded worried.Bookmark here

“Aryia the Major wants us all to gather in the mess hall now. Get
dressed, come on.”Bookmark here

Aryia quickly sat up, taking note that it was 0100 hours. *What could it
be*, she wondered. After getting dressed in her uniform Aryia made her
way down into the mess hall. Everyone appeared to be worried. While
Lylianna appeared to be calm it was clear, deep down she was more
worried then anyone else in the room.Bookmark here

“So, what is this all about?” Aryia asked.Bookmark here

Silence…Bookmark here

Lylianna looked over to Aryia.Bookmark here

“Princess Amalthea is missing.”Bookmark here

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