Chapter 12:

Chapter Ten: The City of Mejorin

Beyond the Borders Volume 1

Aryia was shocked to hear the words that came out of Lylianna’s mouth.
She shook her head in disbelief. *There is no way that is true*, she
thought.Bookmark here

“Run that by me again Major.”Bookmark here

“I didn’t stutter Private.”Bookmark here

The news was a shock to all of them as they stood there.Bookmark here

“She couldn’t have gone far. Deadeye, check the West. Ryliah the South.
Melissa search around the capital. Aryia the North. I will head East.
Move out.”Bookmark here

Without another word Lylianna grabbed a communicator and left.Bookmark here

“She seems different,” Aryia said aloud.Bookmark here

“This isn’t the first time something like this has happened,” Melissa
said as she grabbed a communicator.Bookmark here

The others grabbed theirs and headed out, leaving Aryia alone with her
thoughts. She grabbed the lone communicator on the table, placing it
into her ear. Aryia headed North as Lylianna had instructed. After
traveling for a few kilometers through a pathway in a dense forest she
came to a clearing.Bookmark here

Ahead of her she could see a little girl standing there as if she was
looking out to the horizon. As she moved closer she realized that it was
the princess. She stood there near the cliff side that overlooked a
beautiful grassland of hills.Bookmark here

“Princess?”Bookmark here

Princess Amalthea turned around, surprised that someone was there.Bookmark here

“Oh Aryia, it is just you.”Bookmark here

Aryia stood next to the princess taking note of what she was looking at.
Before her was a small grave stone that had the name *Faethdella Laehiea
Serpth* on it. The wind howled as the two of them stood there, silently
staring out to the horizon.Bookmark here

“Your father is worried about you Princess.”Bookmark here

Princess Amalthea remained silent for a few minutes.Bookmark here

“My father never comes to visit her grave like he promised.”Bookmark here

“Well, your father is a busy man.”Bookmark here

“I know but still…”Bookmark here

“I wish I could say I understand but sadly I don’t know what it feels
like. I am sorry Princess.”Bookmark here

“Did something happen to your parents?”Bookmark here

“If it is all right with you Princess, I would rather not.”Bookmark here

“Oh, I am sorry for asking then.”Bookmark here

“It is fine Princess.”Bookmark here

Princess Amalthea looked to Aryia with a slight smile on her face.Bookmark here

“You act just like her.”Bookmark here

“Your… mother?”Bookmark here

The princess shook her head.Bookmark here

“No.”Bookmark here

Aryia was a bit confused as to who the princess was talking about.Bookmark here

“Anyways, I wanted to come here today to see her.”Bookmark here

“I understand Princess.”Bookmark here

The two of them continued to stand there as Aryia looked at her watch.
About ten minutes had passed and she knew that she would have to get the
princess home at some point.Bookmark here

“You know, my mother told me once that people with blond hair are rare.”Bookmark here

“I have always wondered why you and the Emperor have blond hair.”Bookmark here

“I don’t actually know why our hair is blond. The only thing I know is
that there is nothing special. In a way, we are no different then people
with black and brown hair.”Bookmark here

Placing her hand on Amalthea’s head Aryia smiled as the princess had a
confused look on her face.Bookmark here

“You should consider yourself lucky. It just means you are one of a
kind.”Bookmark here

Amalthea smiled.Bookmark here

“Thanks Aryia.”Bookmark here

“You’re welcome Princess.”Bookmark here

Aryia looked at her watch once more.Bookmark here

“I should radio the others and tell them you are safe.”Bookmark here

The princess merely nodded as Aryia turned on her radio.Bookmark here

“This is Aryia. I found the Princess, she is safe, over.”Bookmark here

Over the radio Aryia could hear Lylianna’s voice.Bookmark here

“Right, bring her back to the castle, over.”Bookmark here

“Copy that, out.”Bookmark here

Aryia turned off her radio and looked to Princess Amalthea.Bookmark here

“Well, Princess, are you ready to go home?”Bookmark here

With a slight smile she nodded. Aryia returned with the princess and
found herself promoted to the rank of Corporal by the Emperor. After the
promotion she — along with the rest of the Knights — was sent off to the
Rhyine Theater to help out with taking the City of Mejorin.Bookmark here

\* \* \*Bookmark here

Lylianna glared at General Pethella as the two of them stood there in
the planning room alone. She was reserved and cautious about what
information the General would give her.Bookmark here

“I am glad to see you are safe. I heard about what happened and I am
sorry about all that.”Bookmark here

“It is fine, however, I would like to know just who sold us out.”Bookmark here

“To my knowledge no one would ever do that. I was the only one who knew
of that… outpost…”Bookmark here

General Pethella grew silent for a second as she realized what that
implied.Bookmark here

“I know you would never sell us out Pethella. However, if I am going to
help you with this mission then I need to know who sold us out.”Bookmark here

“Lylianna as your friend, I should say that maybe it is possible that
the people who set up the trap knew you would be sent to that outpost.”Bookmark here

Lylianna didn’t speak. She wanted to believe her but found it hard to
believe that her own sister would know just what outpost they would
raid.Bookmark here

“Look, I know what war can do to people. I don’t blame you for being so
paranoid that you believe you were set up. But believe me when I say
that we were the only two that knew you were going to storm the
outpost.”Bookmark here

The room was silent soon after as Lylianna stood over the table in front
of them. On the table was a large scaled map of Mejorin. Pethella took a
slip of her coffee as she watched Lylianna stare at the map in front of
her.Bookmark here

“So, this is Mejorin?”Bookmark here

“Quite a big city isn’t it?”Bookmark here

“With a big city like this, there is bound to be a large food supply,”
Lylianna said as she looked up to Pethella.Bookmark here

“A soldier without food cannot fight.”Bookmark here

“Trained soldiers can fight without food,” Lylianna said as she took an
aerial photo of the city on the table.Bookmark here

Without another word she left the room and headed to where her squad
was, busy relaxing with what little time they could.Bookmark here

\* \* \*Bookmark here

Aryia laid on the hard cold bed in a superposition state of being asleep
and awake. She was bordering on sleep deprivation due to her lack of
decent sleep. Of course, she was trained to handle it even if she didn’t
like it.Bookmark here

“Listen up, we will be doing a bit of sabotage. We need to be swift and
silent.”Bookmark here

She handed an aerial photo to Melissa.Bookmark here

“This is the City of Mejorin. I have marked in red what we will be
destroying.”Bookmark here

Lylianna looked at her watch as Melissa handed the photo to the other
members.Bookmark here

“We leave tomorrow night at 23:30 hours. Same teams as always. Melissa
you take the food storage to the far East, we will take the one to the
West.”Bookmark here

“I might be able to set up a sniping position to cover the more exposed
areas,” Deadeye said as he looked over the map.Bookmark here

“All right, silent weapons, night‑vision goggles and charges. When you
plant them set them for five minutes and be ready to haul ass to the
extraction point.”Bookmark here

“Yes ma’am!” the rest of the Knights said in unison.Bookmark here

Aryia gathered her gear thinking about what she would need. After
grabbing a standard issued rifle from the weapon rack she screwed on a
silencer to the barrel of the gun. Once she had everything she needed
she geared up in her Black Knight <abbr>BDU</abbr> for nighttime
operations.Bookmark here

An hour had passed as Aryia checked and doubled checked that she had
everything she needed. Last thing she wanted was to forget something
important. Once she was ready she headed out with the rest of the
Knights to a cargo plane ready to take off. Everyone was dressed and
ready as they formed up with Lylianna.Bookmark here

“So, how are we jumping tonight Major?” Melissa asked.Bookmark here

“We are going in low tonight.”Bookmark here

Lylianna loaded up her weapon and signaled for everyone to board the
cargo plane. As the plane took off Aryia began to feel a bit anxious
like before. The plane continued to ascend to roughly ten‑thousand
meters. *At least I don’t have to worry about trees this time around*,
Aryia thought. Melissa could tell Aryia was reliving her failed dropped
the first time she dropped behind enemy lines.Bookmark here

“Hey Aryia.”Bookmark here

“What is it Melissa?”Bookmark here

“Aren’t you glad you won’t have to worry about trees this time around?”Bookmark here

“Ha‑ha, very funny.”Bookmark here

After some time had passed the red LED on the wall turned green.Bookmark here

“If everyone is ready, lets end this mission quickly and go home in one
piece,” Lylianna said.Bookmark here

One by one the Knights jumped from the plane. After passing the
one‑thousand meter mark Aryia pulled the rip cord of her parachute.
Slowly descending near to the West side of the city Aryia could see
where Lylianna had landed. Aryia landed softly onto the roof of a
slightly tall building.Bookmark here

The roof of the building was quite spacious in size. In the corner of
the roof appeared to be a small entrance‑way into the building below.
Aryia quickly readied her rifle as Lylianna made her way over to the
doorway. Lylianna signaled for Aryia to open the door slowly as she
readied her weapon on the door. In a way, this mission reminded Aryia of
her training.Bookmark here

Opening the door slowly Aryia made her into the dark room that was
minuscule in scale. She noticed a stairwell and slowly made her way down
the it as it twisted downwards in a spiral. Lylianna followed behind
her, her weapon at the ready‑low position. The two of them continued
down until they came to a long hallway. Aryia hugged the left side of
the wooden wall as if it reacting by instinct.Bookmark here

As Aryia held her weapon at the ready she noticed a figure moving out of
one of the left side doorway. With her finger resting on the trigger she
aimed her rifle at what appeared to be a woman’s head. Even with
night‑vision goggles it was hard for Aryia to see just what the woman
was pulling from her pocket. She didn’t think as she squeezed the
trigger. Like a ghost the bullet made no sound as the round hit the
woman square between the eyes. Her body fell to the floor like a rock.Bookmark here

Aryia noticed as she took a closer look at the corpse of the woman that
the woman held in her a simple room key for her door. *What have I
done*, Aryia thought.Bookmark here

“Don’t think about it. Continue the mission,” Lylianna whispered.Bookmark here

Lylianna continued down the hallway as Aryia stood there. *I… I killed
an innocent person*, she thought. Aryia bent down next to the girl and
searched for any identification as to who she was. While Aryia continued
to search Lylianna made her way down into to the area where crates of
food were held. Lylianna set a small square shaped charge for five
minutes. The charge was meant to blow up a few of the wooden crates,
however, it would engulf the whole food supply in flames within a matter
of minutes.Bookmark here

Aryia held in her hands a locket with the name *Anna* engraved onto the
back of the locket. She looked as if she was nearing her twenties. As
Aryia began to feel guilty for what she had done Lylianna rushed over to
her and pined her to the ground.Bookmark here

“If we don’t go now we will both join this girl. Get it together
Corporal, that is an order.”Bookmark here

Tears began to fall down Aryia’s eyes as Lylianna helped her up. The two
of them quickly made their way out of the building and heading for the
extraction point. After a few minutes the others rendezvoused at the
extraction point. Within a few minutes a helicopter touched down. The
Knights quickly got on board.Bookmark here

Aryia began to feel sick. The thought of her killing someone who
possibly had a family made her feel as if she was going to throw up.
Melissa could see it in Aryia’s eyes what she had done.Bookmark here

The queasy feeling became stronger as Aryia bent over. *I am about to
throw up*, she thought.Bookmark here

“If you throw up on me, I will throw you out of this helicopter.”Bookmark here

Lylianna glared as Aryia swallowed. After the helicopter landed safely
at the City of Priserra, Aryia bolted from the helicopter and found
herself on the ground, her body convulsing as she threw up on the grass.
The rest of the Knights continued on as if Aryia wasn’t there. After a
few minutes had passed Aryia made her way into the Black Knights HQ and
up to the bedroom. She needed many things, a priest, a soft bed to rest
in and water, just to name a few.Bookmark here

“Major… what will happen to me?”Bookmark here

“What do you mean?” Lylianna asked as she grabbed a book from her shelf.Bookmark here

Ryliah and Deadeye left from the room while Melissa stayed behind. As
Lylianna opened her book — entitled *The End of Magic* — Aryia tried to
find the right words.Bookmark here

“I shot… no I killed… murdered an innocent civilian tonight.”Bookmark here

“So?”Bookmark here

Aryia was taken about by Lylianna’s unsympathetic nature for innocent
lives.Bookmark here

“So? Is that all you have to say Major? I killed someone who didn’t even
have a weapon on them. They could have me put in front of a firing squad
or life in prison.”Bookmark here

Tears started to form around Aryia’s eyes.Bookmark here

“Aryia, people die. You killed a person you believed had a weapon on
them. You just have to live with it. Did you forget that as Black
Knights we don’t comply with the standard military code and laws?”Bookmark here

“So we can just kill whoever we want and get away with it?”Bookmark here

“Technically, yes. But what makes us different is our self‑discipline to
hold back.”Bookmark here

Aryia didn’t have anything else to say.Bookmark here

“Look at it this way Aryia, would you rather be dead in the ground?”Bookmark here

“No ma’am…”Bookmark here

“Then get over it.”Bookmark here

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