Chapter 18:

Part Three: Sisters — Prologue

Beyond the Borders Volume 1

The sound of footsteps echo throughout the empty chamber of the throne
room. It was normal for the Emperor to call for a soldier and promote
them to a rank higher then their current rank or even demote them but as
Layla knelt in front of the Emperor she wondered what would happen. She
had served the Kingdom of Sylveria for a few years and showed great
promise at the young age of ten.Bookmark here

By the time she had turned thirteen she had established a name for
herself. Among those was the name of The White Witch. Of course, the
nicknames people gave her meant nothing. She only focused on the task
that she was given. Results were all that mattered to her.Bookmark here

“Captain Veltress, due to your outstanding service in the name of our
great kingdom I have decided to promote you to the rank of Major,” the
Emperor said.Bookmark here

“Thank you, your grace.”Bookmark here

“I wish for you to create a new branch of military. A team if you will
of trained soldiers hand picked by you. You will lead it. Please bear in
mind though that your unit will still fall under the *Military Code of
Laws*.”Bookmark here

“I understand, your grace.”Bookmark here

“Very well, you are dismissed.”Bookmark here

Layla stood up and headed for the exit with a slight smile on her face.
She would finally be able to lead her own unit the way she wanted to.
Upon exiting the castle Layla noticed her little sister approaching her.
It was clear to her that her little sister was curious about what the
Emperor wanted.Bookmark here

“So, what did the Emperor want you for?”Bookmark here

“Apparently, I will be leading a new unit.”Bookmark here

“That sounds interesting.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I even get to recruit anyone I wish.”Bookmark here

“Basically, you have the final say?”Bookmark here

“Pretty much. The unit still falls under the *Military Code of Laws* but
other then that…”Bookmark here

Lylianna looked to sister.Bookmark here

“Have you decided who will be on the team?”Bookmark here

“No, and I am not letting you on it.”Bookmark here

The tone of Layla voice made it sound as if she hated the idea of her
own sister being on a team lead by her. Lylianna stopped in her tracks
as anger showed on her face.Bookmark here

“And why not?”Bookmark here

“You are still to inexperienced. Besides, I don’t need emotional luggage
weighing me down.”Bookmark here

Without warning Lylianna tried to use her power and punch Layla in her
face. Layla blocked the rage filled strike as if it was a punch thrown
by a child. Grabbing her wrist, Layla slammed her sister face first into
the grass, bending her arm behind her back. She held Lylianna’s arm in a
tight arm‑lock as spoke into her ear.Bookmark here

“Did you forget your magic won’t work on me, little sister.”Bookmark here

Thunder began to crackle in the far distance as dark clouds could be
seen in the sky. Layla continued to hold her sister down as guards on
the outer walls of the castle wondered what as going on between the two.Bookmark here

“Hey do you think we should stop the fight down there?” one guard asked.Bookmark here

“Nope. Not our problem. Let them do as they please.”Bookmark here

“Are you sure? The small one looks like she is only eleven—”Bookmark here

“Again, not our problem.”Bookmark here

Layla pulled back Lylianna’s wrist forcing her arm into an uncomfortable
position.Bookmark here

“You know, I could snap your wrist in half right now,” Layla said as she
twisted Lylianna’s wrist slowly.Bookmark here

Lylianna could not help but grunt at the pain as it continued to
increase.Bookmark here

“Maybe one day you can have your own unit, assuming you grow up.”Bookmark here

Without another word Layla released her grip on her sister and headed
off as the sound of thunder drew closer. Lylianna laid there with her
face in the grass as she thought about what her older sister said. Part
of her hated her, and yet part of her knew that she was right. If she
was going to have her own squad one day she would need to show that that
she was ready. Lylianna stood up as tiny droplets of rain began to pour
down. She made her way for her barracks with only one thing on her mind,
becoming better then her older sister.Bookmark here

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