Chapter 19:

Chapter Fifteen: The Snow Fairy

Beyond the Borders Volume 1

The Town of Arsen was a quaint town, known for its wood trade from
classic pine to dark oak. It was home to many woodcutters and carvers,
along with established traditions passed down from generation to
generation. While the town was rich in wood and workers it was also
known for a talented sword‑smith.Bookmark here

Her name was Yuimeru Snowfell, the mother of Yukki Snowfell.Bookmark here

Yukki enjoyed watching her mother create swords and practice her
swordplay but soon found herself wanting to understand the human body.
She was fascinated with herbs and medication, why some things cured
people and why others things didn’t, and what the human body could take.
Seeing her interest in such things her mother tried to teach her what
little she knew along with buying a book on the human body. Yukki
continued to study the book until she had the whole thing memorized from
front to back. Before long she got her hands on other books and studied
them until she knew everything in the books.Bookmark here

In her free time Yukki played with her best friend Ryliah. She always
watched her practice the different sword techniques she had learned from
her parents. Yukki was lucky to have a friend like Ryliah. The two of
them cared for each other almost like sisters.Bookmark here

By the time she turned thirteen she had made up her mind to join the
Sylverian Army and study at the Priserra Academy. Even though she knew
they didn’t allow anyone under the age of sixteen she was hoping they
would make an exception. Her mother asked her to wait at least a year
and to study the art of swordplay so that she could protect herself.
Yukki decided to listen to her mother and learn what she could about
using a rapier. When she wasn’t practicing with her mother Yukki would
train with Ryliah and would always seem to lose.Bookmark here

Once a year had passed Yukki headed off to the Capital of Priserra in
hopes of getting into the academy there. If she could, it would be
possible for her to continue her education in the medical field and gain
her experience should she ever be needed to serve her kingdom. As Yukki
made her way into the capital she realized that she didn’t have any idea
where to go.Bookmark here

Yukki continued to walk the crowded streets of Priserra trying to
understand where things were at. Unlike her somewhat small town the city
was large and seemed more congested then anything she had ever seen.Bookmark here

A few hours passed as Yukki continued to look for the academy. However,
she soon found herself watching a young girl fall to the ground. Yukki
noticed the girl was bleeding from her stomach. Without thinking about
it Yukki ran over to the girl and turned her over on her back. She could
tell the girl had been stabbed and only had minutes to live. People
began to gather around wondering what was happening.Bookmark here

Without a second to spare Yukki pulled off her coat and tied it around
girl’s wound tightly, trying to keep pressure on it. She pulled out her
bag and looked through it for a needle and some thread. Yukki began to
sew up the wound after cleaning it quickly. The thread would not hold
for long but at the very least it would keep the girl alive until she
could be taken to a hospital.Bookmark here

After Yukki was finished patching up the girl she felt a hand on her
shoulder. Standing before her was a girl that was at least two years
older then her.Bookmark here

“You should come with me,” the girl said with a serious tone.Bookmark here

“But I—”Bookmark here

Before Yukki could finish her sentence the girl dragged her by the wrist
as the sound of sirens became louder. Yukki was confused as to what was
going on.Bookmark here

“Wait a minute, just who are you and where are we going?”Bookmark here

The girl turned to Yukki and smiled.Bookmark here

“I am Major Layla Veltress and I am going to take you to the Priserra
Academy.”Bookmark here

\* \* \*Bookmark here

*Look at how far I have come*, Yukki thought as she wondered through the
hallways of Area 666. *Spying on my own kingdom in order to save it from
a tyrant*. Yukki stood in front of a closed door with a nameplate
wielded onto the door that read *Doctor Rina Ruzyuki* in large bold
letters. After knocking on the door Yukki entered Rina’s room. As
always, she was busy writing down complex notes on a piece of paper.Bookmark here

Laying beside Rina was her pet wolf Liyuna with her eyes fixed on Yukki.
The black wolf laid her head back down as Yukki headed over to Rina.Bookmark here

“You appear to be busy.”Bookmark here

“Rina is busy working out the atomic equations to create a
hypo‑thermometric explosion from a very high elevation.”Bookmark here

Yukki didn’t understand what Rina was talking about but she concluded it
was important.Bookmark here

“I didn’t understand any of that.”Bookmark here

“To put it in simple terms it is like a grenade that goes BOOM! They
will be called bombs.”Bookmark here

“Well, that sounds cool, and top‑secret.”Bookmark here

“Oh it is, so don’t tell anyone. Rina is trusting you, okay?”Bookmark here

“Don’t worry Rina. I would never tell anyone,” Yukki said with a smile.Bookmark here

Rina continued to explain what the bombs were and how they would be used
to allow for taking out key targets buildings with specialized planes to
carry them. After a few hours Yukki had learned a lot about bombs and
some other secret weapons Rina was working on. Before long Yukki left
Area 666 with more information then she could have imagined. *Now, I
just need to get all this info back to the Major*, Yukki thought as she
headed for the City of Luporus.Bookmark here

\* \* \*Bookmark here

A few days had passed as Yukki made her way into the port town of
Velmor. The Town of Velmor was quite large despite it being a town. It
stood out with its immaculate street paved out of the smoothest stone
while the houses were mostly made of strong bricks. Most of the
residents walking the streets were fishermen and masons, along with
traders selling their commodities.Bookmark here

Yukki continued to walk down the streets until she came to a red brick
house. After knocking on the door and waiting for a few seconds two
girls came to the door. Both girls were of dark skin and had
twilight‑golden eyes. One was calm and wore a black tank‑top along with
a simple pair of black panties while the other wore the same thing but
of a cute pink color tone.Bookmark here

“Glad to see you two are enjoying your off time,” Yukki said.Bookmark here

“Yeah, it is nice to relax for a few days.”Bookmark here

“Do you two want to head to capital with me?”Bookmark here

“We will join you later.”Bookmark here

With a simple nod Yukki left for the City of Ezorn. As she traveled
along the path through the Velmor Forest the sounds of birds chirping in
the distance could be heard. However, upon walking a bit further Yukki
saw what appeared to be a young girl sitting on the side of the pathway.
As she came closer she noticed the girl was bleeding from her leg.Bookmark here

The girl had long red hair with crimson colored eyes. With her white
tee‑shirt and pink skirt Yukki figured the girl was nothing more then a
simple traveler who had a bit of bad luck.Bookmark here

“Are you all right?” Yukki asked as she bent down next to the girl.Bookmark here

“Aside from slowly bleeding from being mauled by a bear, completely
fine.”Bookmark here

Yukki noticed the girl’s leg was covered in blood along with her left
arm.Bookmark here

“Let me see what I can do.”Bookmark here

Yukki used her magic to help heal the puncture wounds and bite marks.
However, the bite on her leg would need more work then simple water
magic. As she looked through her bag Yukki pulled out a needle and some
thread used for sewing up wounds.Bookmark here

“What happened?”Bookmark here

“A bear attacked me from out of nowhere. Luckily, I was able to defend
myself with my fire magic.”Bookmark here

Once Yukki had patched up the girl the best she could, the girl thanked
her.Bookmark here

“What is your name?”Bookmark here

“Moritsu, Moritsu Hartfell.”Bookmark here

“Wait, Mori… Ryliah’s older sister?”Bookmark here

Yukki was surprised she hadn’t noticed the girl before. *I haven’t seen
Mori in years*, Yukki thought.Bookmark here

“Do you know my sister?”Bookmark here

“In a matter of speaking. But why are you here in Versyian territory?”Bookmark here

“I was tried of the way the Sylverian Army did things. They were nothing
but slaves. So, I went beyond the border over to the Versyian Republic.”Bookmark here

“So, you’re fighting for freedom?”Bookmark here

“Pretty much. I want my sister to know what it is like to be free.”Bookmark here

“Well then this news will stomp on your heart. Your sister is with the
Sylverian Army.”Bookmark here

“What do you mean?”Bookmark here

“Let me rephrase, she is apart of a special forces unit that reports
directly to the Emperor.”Bookmark here

“How do you know this?”Bookmark here

“Do you recall a girl by the name of Yukki Snowfell?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, she was my best friend. I even gave her a cute nick… name… wait…
Snow Faerie?”Bookmark here

Yukki smiled.Bookmark here

“In the flesh.”Bookmark here

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