Chapter 20:

Chapter Sixteen: The Fall of Sylveria (Part I)

Beyond the Borders Volume 1

Layla stood there in her office dressed in a white tank‑top, panties and
knee‑high socks as she stared at the map posted on the wall in front of
her. She could tell that the battlefield would be knocking on the front
door of Ezorn within the coming months. *Perhaps its time to implement
the plan*, Layla thought as she traced her finger along the map. As her
finger stopped on the Town of Arsen there was a knock at the door.Bookmark here

“Enter.”Bookmark here

Standing at the door was a beautiful young girl. Her pale skin
contrasted with her white dress hoodie and sky blue tee‑shirt, along
with a cherry red‑checkered skirt, red knee‑high socks and black
high‑heels.Bookmark here

“Ah, Yukki. I figured you would be arriving sometime today.”Bookmark here

“Sorry for being late Major. I had to help an old friend.”Bookmark here

Layla walked over to Yukki and placed her hand on her head, petting her
like a puppy.Bookmark here

“My helpful little medic is always so kind to people.”Bookmark here

Yukki smiled gently as Layla continued to pet her.Bookmark here

“Major I have many things to report.”Bookmark here

“Lets hear it then.”Bookmark here

“First, the assassin we sent in to kill the princess failed along with
the other backup assassin.”Bookmark here

“I see,” Layla said as she turned to her map.Bookmark here

“It also seems as though the Sylverian Military is working on creating
bombs that can be dropped from a plane. Basically, they are grenades
that explode when they hit the ground.”Bookmark here

Layla did not speak as she continued to look over the map.Bookmark here

“I guess its time to begin *The Fall*.”Bookmark here

“Are you sure we should continue with the plan Major?”Bookmark here

“Of course, once he is dead the people of Sylveria will be free until
the princess takes the throne, however, dealing with her will be easy
once we get my little sister out of the picture.”Bookmark here

“There is one more thing to report Major.”Bookmark here

“What is it?”Bookmark here

“I have only heard rumors so I have no evidence to prove it is true but
it seems the City of Mejorin has fallen into Sylverian hands.”Bookmark here

Layla grabbed a marker from her desk and drew the Sylverian Kingdom’s
symbol over where the city was on the map.Bookmark here

“We should assume it is taken until proven otherwise. It looks as if
they are getting closer to our front door faster then I thought,
wouldn’t you agree Yukki?”Bookmark here

“Yes Major, it would seem so.”Bookmark here

“When Neki and Reki get here tell them to gear up for our covert
operation.”Bookmark here

After saluting her Yukki started to make her way for the door.Bookmark here

“Wait,” Layla said as she turned to Yukki.Bookmark here

Yukki turned to Layla with a puzzled look on her face.Bookmark here

“We might not make it out alive.”Bookmark here

Layla made her way over to her and slowly brushed her azure colored
bangs to the side, revealing her precious silver eyes. Yukki was unable
to hold back her blushing.Bookmark here

“M‑Major—”Bookmark here

Before she could finish her sentence Layla placed a finger over Yukki’s
lips.Bookmark here

“No talking. Tonight I reward you for being such a great spy.”Bookmark here

Without any warning Layla pinned Yukki’s wrist against the wall. As her
lips pressed against Yukki’s it was hard for her to suppress her
moaning. Layla’s hands began to explore Yukki’s body as she slowly
removed her clothes. Within a few seconds Yukki found herself stripped
down to her underwear and unable to move as Layla pinned her on the
wooden desk. Pens and pencils scattered onto the floor as chills ran
down Yukki’s spine.Bookmark here

Biting down on Yukki’s lip forced her to moan a bit louder then before.
It was clear to Layla that Yukki was enjoying this. Layla began to run
her finger slowly down her stomach as Yukki’s back started to arc back.Bookmark here

“You appear to be loving this to much.”Bookmark here

“Y‑Yes Major.”Bookmark here

Layla smiled as her tongue began to explore more weaker areas on Yukki’s
body.Bookmark here

\* \* \*Bookmark here

With a soft yawn Layla awoke from her peaceful slumber. A few days had
passed since she shared a romantic night with Yukki. She stood up from
her bed and headed for the restroom to take a shower. As the warm water
trickled down her body many thoughts ran throughout her mind. There was
no going back.Bookmark here

Hours passed late into the evening as Layla looked at her watch. *Neki
and Reki should be here by now*, she thought as she stared out the large
window of her home, overlooking the city. A sudden knock at the door
jarred Layla from her deep thought of the world. Upon opening the door,
Layla was greeted by her team.Bookmark here

“We are ready to begin whenever you are Major,” Neki said.Bookmark here

“Gather at the planning room. I will be there in a bit.”Bookmark here

The three of them nodded and headed out for planning room. Layla looked
to her watch once more noting the time. It was 2100 hours and the sun
was just setting below the horizon. With the twilight sky fading Layla
headed a few meters East just outside the city. Among the dense woods
and brush was a well hidden trapdoor.Bookmark here

Layla made her way down the narrow corridor being careful not to fall
off the ladder. Upon climbing down about three and a quarter kilometers
the cave system became a sprawl of complex tunnels, like a labyrinth.
This place was known to only Layla, her team and a few trusted
scientist. It was nicknamed the *Cave of Shadows*.Bookmark here

After heading down a dim‑lit stone corridor Layla opened a door that
lead into a large square room. Neki, Reki and Yukki stood around a
sizable rectangular wooden table with a map of Alvenfhiem. Off to the
side of the room was a couch with a woman laying there.Bookmark here

“Doctor Hokoru, did you sleep here again?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I was trying to work out how we could better use those concepts
of bombs to create something more… powerful.”Bookmark here

Doctor Rikou Hokoru was a mature woman of fair skin and long brown hair.
She wore a long white lab coat over her black tank‑top, along with a
pair of army cargo pants. As she stood up from the couch she slipped on
her black high‑heels.Bookmark here

“As it turns out,” Rikou said as she adjusted her glasses, “I can
possibly create a more powerful explosion.”Bookmark here

No one said anything as Layla made her way to the end of the table.Bookmark here

“Right, well, you continue working on that. All right listen up team,
our covert operation will take place in a few hours. We will drop behind
enemy lines and set fire to the Town of Arsen here,” Layla said as she
pointed to the town on the map.Bookmark here

As Layla continued to explain the plan Rikou decided to make a cup of
coffee for everyone.Bookmark here

“Once we set fire to Arsen we need to move quickly across this mountain
pass and hitch a ride on a boat that will take us to Luporus. After that
we blend in with the common folk and prepare for the next phase of the
operation.”Bookmark here

“Yes ma’am!” everyone said in unison.Bookmark here

“Get your gear and get ready to move out. Dismissed.”Bookmark here

\* \* \*Bookmark here

The cargo plane flew silently twenty thousand meters and into Sylverian
territory. Everyone remained silent as they all thought about what they
had to do. It was possible they would die, possible they would have to
kill someone close to them. However, all of them knew the risk; all of
them wanted the same thing.Bookmark here

Layla stood up from her seat and looked to her squad. She could tell
Yukki was more nervous then the others as Arsen was her home.Bookmark here

“Listen up, I know all of are scared about what we are doing. We could
all die, however, remember that we are fighting for the freedom of the
people.”Bookmark here

The dim red light on the plane started to blink.Bookmark here

“This time we will carry out our plan with pride and with honor. We
shall go down in history as heroes.”Bookmark here

After a few minutes had passed Layla lowered the plane’s cargo hull and
stood at the edge. The night air blew ferociously, blowing Layla’s bangs
away from her left eye. A few seconds passed until the light turned
green. The others stood up and looked to Layla.Bookmark here

“Lets free the kingdom,” Layla said as she jumped from the plane.Bookmark here

The rest of her squad jumped from the plane with haste as they all fell
through the clouds. Once they were at an altitude of about two thousand
meters they pulled their ripcords and landed into the nearby woods of
Arsen. After everyone regrouped with Layla they made their way to outer
edge of the forest. With the town in sight it was time for them to
commencement their plan. Layla looked to her squad with a smile on her
face.Bookmark here

“Lets burn this town to the ground.”Bookmark here

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