Chapter 23:

Chapter Nineteen: The Aftermath

Beyond the Borders Volume 1

Several days had passed since the death of the Emperor. Amalthea was
watched day and night by Lylianna and the rest of the Knights. Part of
her could not believe she was now the Queen of Sylveria.Bookmark here

As Amalthea and her Knights walked down the hallways the aroma of
burning candles filled the air. The candles gave the stone gray toned
walls a sense of warmth, along with the soft crimson carpet with gold
leaf trim.Bookmark here

“You know, this doesn’t feel real,” Amalthea said with doubt in her
tone.Bookmark here

None of the Knights spoke as they continued to walk, keeping alert for
any danger. Lylianna stayed close to Amalthea’s side just in case an
assassin managed to get to close. Amalthea looked over to Lylianna with
a worried expression.Bookmark here

“Do you think they will return?”Bookmark here

“We will find them, my lady.”Bookmark here

As they entered the empty throne room everyone but Lylianna spread out
to cover more room. Amalthea took her seat on the throne.Bookmark here

“This feel so odd,” she said as she stared out at the almost empty room.Bookmark here

“It will become familiar to you in time, my lady.”Bookmark here

After a few minutes had passed a young girl entered the throne room from
the wooden door near the back. She was one year younger then Lylianna
and had long brown hair with beautiful hazel eyes. In her hands were
stacks of papers that appeared to be at least sixty centimeters tall.
Before the girl could get to close to Amalthea, Lylianna stepped in
front of her.Bookmark here

“It is okay Lydia.”Bookmark here

Lylianna stepped to the side at the order of Amalthea. The girl handed
the stack of papers to her as she spoke.Bookmark here

“My lady, here are the budget reports along with the current taxes and
wages of the city, along with the local areas.”Bookmark here

Amalthea looked surprised at the amount of papers she was holding in her
hands. The stack was quite heavy for someone as tiny as her.Bookmark here

“Miraizu… do I have to look over all of these papers?”Bookmark here

“Yes my lady, along with with the other reports involving the complaints
of the people.”Bookmark here

“I guess I can’t just ignore all of it, can I?”Bookmark here

“Technically my lady you could, however, I would advise against it as it
would make you appear to the people as lazy,” Miraizu said as she
adjusted her glasses.Bookmark here

“You’re right. It is time I be the responsible queen this kingdom
needs.”Bookmark here

“Don’t worry my lady, the Black Knights will help you as much as we can
until you get to where you can handle it yourself.”Bookmark here

Amalthea could not help but smile.Bookmark here

“I love all of you. Did I ever tell you all that?”Bookmark here

“You just did my lady,” Lylianna said with a smile.Bookmark here

Amalthea looked over the papers one by one to see what she would need to
do. As she read through them a thought came to her.Bookmark here

“Hey Lydia, have you thought about recruiting more soldiers into the
Black Knights?”Bookmark here

“I have my lady.”Bookmark here

“And how is Aryia doing?”Bookmark here

“She is doing well, my lady. However, she is still unable to walk
although I believe in a few more days she will be able to start walking.
That is what I believe anyways.”Bookmark here

“I was hoping to promote her to the rank of Sergeant. She was always so
sweet and kind. I think she has earned it.”Bookmark here

“If you feel that is the case my lady then you are free to do as you see
fit.”Bookmark here

“Do you believe she has earned the promotion?”Bookmark here

“My opinion does not give any objective view point on the subject matter
my lady.”Bookmark here

“I don’t care Lydia, I asked for your opinion.”Bookmark here

“Very well my lady. I believe Aryia has earned the promotion with her
service to the Kingdom and to you.”Bookmark here

Amalthea handed the stack of parchment papers back to Miraizu.Bookmark here

“I will take care of all these when I get back.”Bookmark here

“As you wish my lady,” Miraizu said as took the papers.Bookmark here

As Amalthea headed for the exit of the castle Lylianna and the rest of
the Knight gathered around her in a protective formation.Bookmark here

“Where are you going my lady?” Lylianna asked.Bookmark here

“Isn’t it obvious? I am going to go see Aryia and promote her,” Amalthea
said with a smile.Bookmark here

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