Chapter 26:


Beyond the Borders Volume 1

Layla stared out to what appeared to be an endless sea along the
horizon. The boat was headed for the Southern land mass of Delmesia, a
kingdom that was not apart of the war in anyway. It was considered a
neutral kingdom to many a refugee trying to flee the war.Bookmark here

Yukki looked over to Layla as she leaned against the railing.Bookmark here

“I am sorry Major.”Bookmark here

Layla simply smiled as she turned to her.Bookmark here

“There is no need to be sorry. Everything is going as planned.”Bookmark here

“I still don’t like it,” Neki interjected, “I say we should have looked
for the Princess and killed her too.”Bookmark here

Reki sat down on top of a large wooden crate as silent as the wind.Bookmark here

“In due time Neki. We crushed a major part of Sylveria and its Kingdom.
Princess Amalthea will fall just as her father did. It is simply a
matter of time.”Bookmark here

The sound of the loud boat horn could be heard as Layla looked behind
her. A large stone city came into view that shined like gold. Unlike the
cities in the other kingdoms Delmesia’s stones had a twilight golden
texture to them making them stand out among the rest.Bookmark here

After a few minutes the boat docked at the port as passengers started to
unload. Layla and her team walked off the boat and were almost awestruck
by the true beauty of the city before them.Bookmark here

“Welcome to our home away from home girls, the City of Cenderian.”Bookmark here

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