Chapter 27:

Part Four: The Beginning — Prologue

Beyond the Borders Volume 1

In the beginning there were four goddesses. Inyas, the Fire Goddess.
Hyria, the Water Goddess. Alyesna, the Wind Goddess and Yunaria, the
Earth Goddess. The four of them waged war with each other for centuries,
over what was anybodies guess. While the battle was long fought none of
them could truly die due to them being immortal. After much time had
passed it was clear to all of them that fighting with each other was
nothing more pointless.Bookmark here

The four of them looked around and saw the vast emptiness of an endless
abyss before them. All of them looked to each other and wondered what
they could do.Bookmark here

“Perhaps we could create instead of destroy,” Alyesna spoke.Bookmark here

The goddesses looked to each other and nodded. Yunaria created a large
spherical object made out of dirt. Within the dirt she formed mountains,
rolling hills and valleys. Hyria formed water into the deep valleys and
other lowlands. Once she was finished Alyesna formed a protective shield
of air around the ball of dirt and water to create what would later be
known as an atmosphere. Finally Inyas formed a large ball of fire far
from the ball the other three had created giving life to the new
creation called a planet.Bookmark here

“What should we call this ball of dirt, water and air?” Yunaria asked.Bookmark here

“Alvenfhiem,” said Hyria.Bookmark here

The others looked to each other. It was clear they were all in
agreement.Bookmark here

“And what of the ball of fire?” Alyesna asked.Bookmark here

“The sun,” Inyas said with a smile.Bookmark here

Once the goddesses were happy with what they had created they rested for
several days. Within those few days Inyas felt rather bored with nothing
happening on their beautiful new planet.Bookmark here

“We should create something to populate our world.”Bookmark here

“What do you propose Inyas?” Yunaria asked.Bookmark here

“Life. Living things that can see our creation.”Bookmark here

After a few minutes of silence the goddesses decided to each create two
living things in their own image. They all created two types of people
known as humans, which would be called male and female; man and woman.
The goddesses instilled each of their creations with their own magical
powers which showed clearly by the color of their hair. The eight humans
were the first magic‑users.Bookmark here

As the humans walked on the planet they were amazed by shear beauty of
the world they were in. The goddesses were pleased with their creation
and decided to rest. While they rested humans learned to create food,
and other resources they required. Many years passed as the humans
worshiped and worked. They praised the goddesses for creating them and
everyone lived in peace and harmony for many more years to come.Bookmark here

However, as humans learned to reproduce the population of humans began
to rise. Years passed until conflicting views between humans turned into
a war. Fire magic‑users killed water magic‑users, water magic‑users
killed wind magic‑users, and so forth until the goddesses finally awoke
from their slumber. They found themselves filled with sorrow and pain.
As humans continued to kill each other the goddesses decided to
intervene.Bookmark here

The four goddesses reigned down from the sky and took on human forms
like the other humans, however, it was clear they were beyond humans.
Inyas was of fair skin and dressed in an elegant red robe. Her long
crimson hair flowed in the wind as her angry cerise eyes glared at the
fire magic‑users she had created. Hyria was of pale skin and dressed in
a blue luxe robe. Her long blue hair tied into two twin‑tails while her
large voluminous breast bounced gently. Alyesna was of tan skin and
dressed in a green robe. Her long green hair was tied in a ponytail as
her jade green eyes menacingly stared at her own creation. Yunaria was
of dark skin and dressed in an citrus orange robe. Her medium length
hair was rather spiky then the others while her vivacious half‑moon
orange eyes stared at the humans in front of her that she had given life
to.Bookmark here

“Enough!” shouted Inyas.Bookmark here

Every human stopped dead in their tracks. They found it impossible to
move or even speak while in the presence of the goddesses.Bookmark here

“We have slept for many of millennial…” Hyria started.Bookmark here

“…and awake to a world of death and destruction…” Alyesna continued.Bookmark here

“…as we watched you all kill each other for no reason,” Yunaria
finished.Bookmark here

“As a show of our leniency we will give you one chance at redemption. If
you end up repeating your past mistakes we shall not interfere again,”
Inyas said.Bookmark here

The four goddesses used their magic to make one final creation. Together
they created two sets of humans. First was a male of fair skin and black
hair. Second was a female of pale skin and black hair. Third was of tan
skin and brown hair. Last was a female of dark skin and brown hair.Bookmark here

“This is our final creation. These humans hold no magic power and thus
they cannot defend themselves against all of you,” Hyria said.Bookmark here

“If you truly hold value to your own lives then all of you shall protect
these humans that are different then you,” Alyesna said.Bookmark here

All of the magic‑users looked to each other and realized that they
needed to learn to get along. Once the goddesses were finished they
ascended into the sky above, never to be seen again by the humans below.
Peace lasted for many years between the magic‑users and non‑magic users
as people worshiped the four goddesses for bringing about harmony once
again to all the people. As time went on stories were passed down from
children to children until the stories were finally written down in a
grand holy scripture called *Yon‑Megami Kyouten*.Bookmark here

However, as time went on and generations upon generations passed, there
were many questions left unanswered; many questions that needed answers.
There was one question on a few people’s minds that would only be
answered upon their time of death…Bookmark here

Were the stories of the goddesses even true?Bookmark here

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