Chapter 28:

Chapter Twenty‑Two: A Rose Lost in Time

Beyond the Borders Volume 1

The sounds of hooves clattered against a poor made cobblestone road.
People were quite happy going about their lives in the City of Ezorn.
While the sun shined brightly down on the city the market was a buzz
with chatter and the talk of many things throughout the land.Bookmark here

Kayame held a fine woven basket she had made herself to better help with
carrying food she planned to buy. As she went from stall to stall
picking out the cheapest of food she overheard a few ladies talking
about the state of Sylveria.Bookmark here

“I heard that next year taxes would increase by one whole percent.”Bookmark here

“My word, how do they expect people to live if they keep raising the
taxes?”Bookmark here

“If you ask me,” another lady chimed in, “the Emperor needs to do a
better job.”Bookmark here

The women continued on with their conversation as Kayame bought the last
of what she needed and headed home.Bookmark here

\* \* \*Bookmark here

As Kayame entered the house she removed her shoes at the door, as was
the tradition of their family. Her husband — Zonorito Kozyki — was busy
sitting at the dinning room table, a newspaper in hand. Kayame placed
the basket of food on the wooden table and make her way over to the
sink. Within a few minutes she had prepared some tea for her husband and
placed it on the table in front of him.Bookmark here

Without looking up from the paper he grabbed the cup and took a slip.
She could tell he was reading something interesting which was usually a
bad sign. After a few minutes of read through he put the paper on the
table.Bookmark here

“It appears that relationships between Rhyine and Mejorin are not the
best they could be. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were riots.”Bookmark here

“Is that so?” Kayame asked as she sat down next to her husband.Bookmark here

“Things are not going well for our kingdom.”Bookmark here

“No surprise, seeing as how taxes are starting to rise. In fact, I over
heard a few ladies talking about how it would go up one whole percent.”Bookmark here

“That isn’t to surprising,” Zonorito said taking a sip of his tea.Bookmark here

“We could always move.”Bookmark here

Zonorito looked over to his wife and gave her a perplexing stare.Bookmark here

“Do you really want to deal with all of that?”Bookmark here

“Yes. I believe it would be for the better.”Bookmark here

“Well, if you want to go through with it then we can move.”Bookmark here

“I think our little boy will be happy too,” Kayame said as she rubbed
her stomach.Bookmark here

“Oh you mean that thing you keep in your fat belly?” Zonorito smiled
wryly.Bookmark here

“Just for that comment you can do all the work.”Bookmark here

“Yes dear…”Bookmark here

\* \* \*Bookmark here

The City of Priserra seemed no different to them as they ate their bowl
of soup. They had managed to move to their new place which was rather
nicer than the other house they were in and was slightly cheaper. Just
like Ezorn, Priserra was as busy — if not busier — as the city they once
called home. To them it felt as if nothing had changed.Bookmark here

While they sat there enjoying their soup there was a sudden knock at the
door. As Zonorito answered the door he was not to surprised by the man
standing at his door. Part of him knew this day would come. The man was
rather tall and had an eye patch over his right eye, along with a scar
that could be seen. He was dressed in a bland olive‑drab colored
military uniform that held many stripes and pins. Without saying a word
the man handed Zonorito a letter sealed with the crest of the Emperor.Bookmark here

He didn’t have to open the envelope as he knew exactly what this meant
but none the less he opened it, revealing a faded piece of parchment
folded neatly into thirds. It was as he thought.Bookmark here

Zonorito looked to his wife as she looked back with sadness and pain.
They both knew what was coming. Before he packed up and left he kissed
her passionately until it was time for him to serve his kingdom once
more.Bookmark here

\* \* \*Bookmark here

Dark clouds flew overhead as no more then thirty thousand troops lined
up to face the opposition. No one wanted to do this, but there was
nothing to be done. Orders were orders.Bookmark here

Zonorito stood there with his single‑shot rifle. Everyone that stood in
line like a large wall — shoulder to shoulder — knew that the person
next to them could die in this war. Across from them was an army that
was possibly nearing the hundred thousands. They showed no sign of fear
as they stood in rank and file with their weapons at their sides.Bookmark here

The sound of rain pouring down was heard as soldiers continued to stand
in the large open meadow of roses as hooves echoed in the distance.
Riding upon a white gallant steed was General Hyatame. His military
uniform was drenched from the rain but he continued to ride down the
line of soldiers, his head held high.Bookmark here

“Death is not to be feared,” his voice rang out.Bookmark here

His steed continued forward until it stopped in the middle of the
troops.Bookmark here

“We may die here today men but we shall strike fear in the heart of our
enemies!”Bookmark here

With a pull of the reigns he faced the massive army before him. Pulling
out his sword he pointed it at the enemy.Bookmark here

“Charge!!!”Bookmark here

Without a shred of fear every soldier ran forward. Zonorito ran at the
astronomical crowd of troops in the distance. As they closed the
distance between them shots started to ring out. The charging soldiers
quickly fell limp as Zonorito watched the person next to him drop
without a sound. Zonorito continued running until he was almost four
hundred meters away from his target. He aimed his rifle with haste,
ready to pull the trigger. One soldier was locked in his sights.Bookmark here

The world around him suddenly went black.Bookmark here

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