Chapter 29:

Chapter Twenty‑Three: The Aeonian Cycle

Beyond the Borders Volume 1

The sergeant had a puzzled look on his face as he looked to the young
boy standing there at attention. He was no older then his own son and
had the chance to do anything other then join the military. Yet, here he
was…Bookmark here

Klryizer Kozyki, age sixteen, ready to join the Sylverian Army and serve
until his dying breath. The sergeant looked over to his commanding
officer, unsure of what to do.Bookmark here

“Are you sure you want to join the military boy?” the man asked as he
blew a puff of smoke from his mouth.Bookmark here

“Yes sir.”Bookmark here

“Very well.”Bookmark here

Within that moment Klryizer joined the military and began his training.
Even though he was young he did remarkably well for someone who had no
prior training. Unlike his peers he even managed to claw his way up to
the rank of Master Sergeant by the age of eighteen.Bookmark here

\* \* \*Bookmark here

Klryizer laid in his bed as he stared up at the ceiling. He wanted to do
more then partake in scouting and recon missions. Training new privates
also bored him to the point that he contemplated if suicide would be the
best way to end it.Bookmark here

Before he could think about any other ways to end his life there was a
knock at his door. Believing it was one of his friends Klryizer did not
bother to get dressed and decided to stay in his black boxer‑briefs.
However, when he opened the door he was surprised to see a woman with
long crimson flowing hair and red gleaming eyes. Her black tank‑top
clearly exposed her bountiful breast but showed no rank or name. She
wore an olive‑drab pair of cargo pants and black combat boots.Bookmark here

“So, you’re Master Sergeant Kozyki?” she asked as she removed the
cigarette from her mouth.Bookmark here

*Who is this girl*, Klryizer thought as he looked over the woman
standing before him. It was impossible to know who this girl was due to
her lack of a name‑tag. The only things that stood out to him were the
fact on her left hand she only had on a black finger‑less glove and the
skull tattoo wrapped in chains on her left shoulder. Even still, this
was not much to go off of.Bookmark here

“My name is Major Lyreh Nyaruk.”Bookmark here

Like a fast of lightning Klryizer stood at attention and saluted.Bookmark here

“At ease soldier. There is no need to salute me or any of that crap,”
she said with a nonchalant tone.Bookmark here

After inhaling another bit of her cigarette she blew a cloud of white
smoke in his direction.Bookmark here

“May I come in?”Bookmark here

“Yes ma’am.”Bookmark here

Lyreh entered the room as Klryizer wondered what this woman wanted with
him.Bookmark here

“I will get straight to the point Sergeant Kozyki. I have been watching
your progress for some time and I feel you would be a great member for
my squad.”Bookmark here

“What squad would that be ma’am?”Bookmark here

“I swear by the goddesses if you call me ma’am one more time I will pull
your cock out so hard that you have a permanent erection.”Bookmark here

Klryizer quickly went silent.Bookmark here

“You may have heard rumors of elite special forces groups that are apart
of the military branches, yes?”Bookmark here

“I have. I take it you are from one of these branches then?”Bookmark here

“That is correct. I am apart of the branch known as the Death Stalkers.
We are the special forces of the army branch.”Bookmark here

“Well, that is certainly a badass name.”Bookmark here

“Indeed. Now, I won’t force you to join but give it—”Bookmark here

“I will join you.”Bookmark here

Lyreh had a shocked expression upon her face.Bookmark here

“Are you sure?”Bookmark here

“Yes. I have waited and felt nothing but boredom as nothing interesting
happens day after day. I am tired of it.”Bookmark here

“Well, you won’t be bored anymore, I can promise you that.”Bookmark here

\* \* \*Bookmark here

After getting dressed Klryizer followed Lyreh down the city streets in
the mid‑day. Klryizer wasn’t sure where she was taking him but it was
clear that the location was far from the academy. Lyreh stopped in front
of a large wooden building that seemed like nothing more then a common
inn.Bookmark here

“This looks like an inn.”Bookmark here

“So it would seem,” Lyreh replied as she headed for the front entrance.Bookmark here

Standing at the doorway Klryizer noticed a young girl with orange hair
and pink eyes. She was dressed in a black strapless sweater, black pants
and shoes to match. While Klryizer wondered if the girl ever slept due
to the bags under her eyes, it was actually nothing more then eyeliner.Bookmark here

“Master Sergeant Klryizer, meet First Lieutenant Celeste Degullhert.”Bookmark here

“It is a pleasure to meet you ma’am—”Bookmark here

Celeste shot an angry glare at Klryizer as if to say *call me that again
and I will kill you*.Bookmark here

“Kid, you need to stop being so formal. Death Stalkers don’t need to
worry about rank unless rank is necessary,” Lyreh said as she entered
the inn.Bookmark here

Celeste entered afterwards followed by Klryizer. The inn looked just
like any other decently kept up inn. Polished wooden dark oak floors,
and pine oak wooden walls had a fresh scent to them. Lyreh made her way
up to the counter where a young woman stood in a maid outfit. Her brown
hair was tied into two pigtails and her gray eyes had a warm, calm
expression to them.Bookmark here

“Feel free to head downstairs Lyreh,” the girl said with a smile.Bookmark here

Lyreh motioned for Klryizer to follow as he seemed a bit confused as to
what was going on. They headed to the back and down a set of stairs
leading into an underground cave system. This took Klryizer by surprise.Bookmark here

“I had no idea this inn had such a cave system under it.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, as Death Stalkers we work better when people can’t find us.”Bookmark here

The three of them continued on through the dimly lit cave until they
came to a wooden door that seemed to be in great condition. Beyond the
door was a large room that appeared to be with technology that appeared
completely foreign to Klryizer. Near the back was a young girl who was
aiming a rifle at a paper target. With each shot of the rifle her blue
pigtails bounced from the force. Klryizer was surprised by the fact the
girl could fire off five shots without having to stop to reload the
weapon.Bookmark here

“Ellie, take a break for a second.”Bookmark here

“All right Major,” she said as she placed the weapon on the gun rack
beside her.Bookmark here

Ellie skipped merrily over to the others as Klryizer wondered just what
this room was.Bookmark here

“I am sure you have many questions,” Lyreh said as Klryizer looked
around the room.Bookmark here

“Yeah, just one or two.”Bookmark here

“First things first, this cheerful little pixie is Captain Ellie Iysa,
our medical expert and engineer.”Bookmark here

“Nice to met ya!” Ellie said with a cute smile.Bookmark here

“Likewise, I am Master Sergeant Klryizer Kozyki.”Bookmark here

“Now, I bet the biggest question on your mind is about this room
correct?”Bookmark here

“Well, it would be nice to know just what it is. Some of this stuff
looks rather… different, to say the least.”Bookmark here

Klryizer began to wander around the room taking note of all the new
technology he had yet to ever see.Bookmark here

“This room holds technology that is usually ten years ahead of the
times. We always need to be ahead of the times. Don’t worry, you will
get to used to and understand the equipment here.”Bookmark here

“I see.”Bookmark here

“Also you will be staying at the inn here. Your stay will be free of
course, just try not to destroy the place.”Bookmark here

“Understood.”Bookmark here

Lyreh showed Klryizer to his new room on the third floor of the inn. It
was a common room with nothing more then a soft bed and wooden table in
the corner.Bookmark here

“I will get someone to move your stuff here. For now, you should sleep.
In five hours we will be training.”Bookmark here

Without another word Lyreh left as Klryizer stood in the destitute room.Bookmark here

\* \* \*Bookmark here

Twilight fell upon the City of Priserra as Klryizer awoke from his
dream. He was a bit tired but knew he had to be ready for his first day
of training as a Death Stalker. Before he could get dressed there was a
knock at the door.Bookmark here

Lyreh stood at the door dressed in a black outfit that looked odd to
him. *Just what kind of outfit is she wearing*, he thought as he looked
over her whole body. In her hands was the same uniform she was wearing.Bookmark here

“Here. Put this on.”Bookmark here

Without another word Lyreh closed the door behind her. Klryizer laid out
the uniform on his bed piece by piece. All of the pieces of the uniform
were as black as the night sky. The only spec of color was a white skull
on the left shoulder of the dress jacket. *Black shirt, black jacket,
black cargo pants. These guys really love their black*, Klryizer thought
as he put on the uniform. Once he had the whole uniform on he made his
way out the door.Bookmark here

“Not bad kid, you look scary.”Bookmark here

“Thank you ma’am.”Bookmark here

Lyreh sighed heavily.Bookmark here

“I thought I told you to stop calling me ma’am.”Bookmark here

“S‑Sorry. What should I call you then?”Bookmark here

“You can just call me Major,” she said as she pulled the hood of her
jacket over her head.Bookmark here

The two of them headed down to the Death Stalker lair and down a long —
almost never ending — tunnel until they came to a ladder that led up.
How far up, Klryizer was uncertain. As the two of them climbed up the
ladder that appeared to go on forever they came to a wooden trapdoor.
Upon opening the trapdoor Klryizer was able to see the moonlight beam
down onto the ruins around him.Bookmark here

Standing against the ruined wall of what used to be a house Celeste and
Ellie looked as if they had been waiting for some time. They were both
dressed in the same uniform as him and Lyreh. Both of them held in their
hands a black rifle with a one hundred forty‑six millimeter pipe
attached to the end of the barrel.Bookmark here

“Welcome to the Death Stalker’s training grounds.”Bookmark here

\* \* \*Bookmark here

Klryizer looked up to the stars and thought about how far he had come. A
whole year had passed and he had managed to go on many *black
operations* as they were called. *Lyreh was right, it is never boring as
a Death Stalker*, Klryizer thought. As Klryizer laid back in the soft
meadow he was startled by Ellie looming over him. Ellie giggled as he
quickly stood to his feet.Bookmark here

“The Major wants to see us. She said it was urgent.”Bookmark here

With haste the two of them headed into the Death Stalker’s base of
operations where Lyreh and Celeste were waiting. In front of them was a
blueprint of a building that seemed familiar to Klryizer.Bookmark here

“All right, looks like everyone is here. Lets begin,” Lyreh said as she
blew a puff of smoke.Bookmark here

Klryizer and Ellie gathered around the table and looked over the map in
front of them.Bookmark here

“Terrorist have held up in a library here in Priserra. We believe they
are holding several hostages, however, their motive is unknown.”Bookmark here

“Do we know how many terrorist there are?” Celeste asked.Bookmark here

“From what the police could tell there could be as many as six.”Bookmark here

“And the hostages?” Ellie added.Bookmark here

“We are unsure but our guess is three or four. There is one confirmed
death however.”Bookmark here

“Rules of Engagement?” Klryizer asked as he looked over the map,
memorizing everything on it.Bookmark here

“Terrorist are to be killed on‑site.”Bookmark here

Without another word the team geared up in their trademark
<abbr>BDU</abbr> and readied their weapons. As they pulled up their
hoods they headed through the cave until they came up to the inn. Unlike
a normal soldier the Death Stalkers used the roof tops of houses to make
their way to the large library.Bookmark here

The four of them stood on top of a nearby rooftop as they looked to the
library a few meters out. Police surrounded the building on all sides,
their single‑shot rifles aimed at the building. People gathered at the
ends of street as other police officers tried to keep the crowd at bay.Bookmark here

“How do you suppose we enter the building Major?” Klryizer asked.Bookmark here

“We can enter through the roof hatch just there,” Lyreh said pointing to
the small building with a door on top of the roof.Bookmark here

“It looks like we will need to head through that tall building next to
the library to gain access to the roof,” Ellie said.Bookmark here

“Right, lets go then,” Lyreh said as she headed down a flight of stairs.Bookmark here

\* \* \*Bookmark here

Klryizer was the last to silently land on the roof of the library. The
team quickly spread out as they held their weapons at the ready — aimed
at the door ahead of them. With the sun beaming down it was obvious that
the Death Stalkers were out of their element, still, this was nothing
more then training to them.Bookmark here

Lyreh quickly gestured with a few hand signals for everyone to converge
on the door. Moving with speed and haste they made their way to the
sides of the door and waited for Lyreh’s orders. Ellie placed her hand
on the door handle and slowly tried to open it. After a few seconds
passed she waved her hand. Klryizer and the others knew from the signal
that the door was locked. Ellie — being an engineer — pulled out a
device used to pick locks. Within a few seconds she had the door
unlocked and opened. Rushing in with her weapon at the ready Lyreh made
her way down the small stairwell as the others followed behind her.
Everyone moved silently like a mouse down the stairs — their weapons at
a low‑ready position — until they came to a small room with a door.
Klryizer knew they were on the third floor now and recalled how the door
opened up to a large room.Bookmark here

Lyreh looked to her team. Her left hand moved quickly, yet her team knew
exactly what she was saying. *Spread out and clear the floor; move on to
the next floor only when everyone is ready*. To an outsider these odd
waves of the hand looked like nothing but to the Death Stalkers it was
like a secret code or language they could speak in. Once she was
finished Lyreh ordered everyone at the ready.Bookmark here

Three… two… one…Bookmark here

Within a fraction of a second Lyreh opened the door to the main room and
rushed in, covering the front. Ellie stormed in from the right side as
Celeste crossed over to the opposite side. All three of them covered
their arcs of fire as Klryizer followed soon after providing covering
fire if the team needed it. Lyreh signaled for everyone to move out and
clear the area. Each of them stalked down the bookshelf aisles with
their weapons at the ready. If any terrorist were here it would be to
late for them to know what happened.Bookmark here

Once they had cleared all the aisles everyone moved down the second
story stairwell, quickly but quietly. They repeated the same tactic as
they had before once they got to the second floor. Klryizer stalked one
of the aisles as he held his rifle at the ready. No target. At the end
of aisle he made a sharp turn and headed down the one juxtaposed to it.
One terrorist came into his field of view. Like a bolt of lightning he
squeezed off one round into the head of the unsuspecting man. The gun
made almost no sound as the bullet pieced through the man’s skull and
dropped him to the hard tiled floor. Without stopping Klryizer continued
on, walking over the man’s body as if nothing was there.Bookmark here

Two more bodies hit the ground with a subtle thud. *So, three terrorist
on this floor*, Klryizer thought as he continued to clear the rest of
the aisles. *That means there should be three left*. Celeste stood at
the stairwell leading down to the first floor, covering it in case
anyone made their way up it. Once the floor was clear everyone converged
on Celeste’s location. Before the others could regroup Celeste noticed a
shadow heading up the spiral stairs just below her. As the figure came
into view she noticed it was a young woman. Even though she wore a mask
over her face it was clear by her body that she was to slender to be a
man. Before the girl could react Celeste fired off one round into the
girl’s head. Her body quickly fell limp onto the hard stairs, however,
her ragged body started to tumble down the stairs creating a loud and
obvious noise.Bookmark here

Lyreh ordered everyone to get down the stairs immediately. With extreme
haste everyone rushed down the stairs just as the door to the first
floor was being opened. Ellie fired off two bullets into the man’s heart
as the squad continued into the room. They aimed their weapons on the
final terrorist who was smart enough to use one of the hostages as a
human shield.Bookmark here

The first floor of the library was a large open space. There were no
aisles and the only notable object was a wooden desk off to the side
were the librarian would sit. Three hostages sat against the walls with
their wrist and ankles bound with tape. Most of the girls appeared to be
young, possibly in their early to mid‑twenties. What was odd to Klryizer
was the fact that each of the girls didn’t have any shoes on and their
pants were pulled down to their ankles.Bookmark here

The final terrorist held his pistol against the young girl’s head.
Everyone trained their weapons on man, hoping for a clear shot. Even if
they were Death Stalkers of an elite special forces they too had to
follow the *Military Code of Laws*.Bookmark here

“It’s over. Turn yourself over to the police and end this game,” Lyreh
demanded.Bookmark here

The man laughed as the young girl started to pee on herself due to the
fear. Within a split second the man fired off a shot that hit Ellie.
Klryizer had but a fraction of a second to react. One squeeze of the
trigger forced the bullet on a path into the man’s hand forcing him to
not only release the hostage but also drop the gun. As the young girl
fell out of the way Celeste and Lyreh fired off only one round each.
Neither of the shots were heard as the man dropped to floor like a log.Bookmark here

“Klry, release the hostages.”Bookmark here

“Roger.”Bookmark here

Klryizer pulled out his dagger and freed each of the hostages as quickly
as he could.Bookmark here

“T‑Thank you,” said one of the girls.Bookmark here

“No problem. Get out of here, okay,” Klryizer said as he sheathed his
dagger.Bookmark here

Lyreh and Klryizer gathered around the body of their fallen friend and
teammate as Celeste held her in her arms. No one said a word as she
cried in Ellie’s lifeless chest. Water magic could heal cuts and numb
some pain but not even water magic would be able to bring back a person
that took a bullet to the head. This was the first time Klryizer had
watched a friend of his die in front of him.Bookmark here

\* \* \*Bookmark here

As he laid their in his bed Klryizer wondered if he could have saved
Ellie that day. It had been one month since he had lost his friend. The
thoughts continued to eat away at him as he laid their in nothing but
his boxers, drinking the strongest beer he could get his hands on.
*There had to be something I could have done*, he thought.Bookmark here

Before he could drink himself to death there was a knock at his door. He
didn’t have to open the door to know who it was but he did anyways.Bookmark here

“Klry, do you ever wear pants?”Bookmark here

“Do you ever stop smoking?”Bookmark here

“Fair enough. To get straight to the point, you did all you could so let
it go. Ellie would not want you to do this to yourself.”Bookmark here

“You’re right Major… its just hard…”Bookmark here

“I hope you don’t mean the thing between your legs.”Bookmark here

Silence…Bookmark here

“I guess your not in the mood for jokes.”Bookmark here

“No, now what do you want Major?”Bookmark here

“Come down to the cave.”Bookmark here

“I would rather stay in bed.”Bookmark here

“That wasn’t a request,” Lyreh said with glaring eyes.Bookmark here

“Yes ma’am.”Bookmark here

Lyreh glared an evil glare but decided to let it go as she headed for
the stairs. Klryizer proceeded to get dress and made his way down to the
cave system under the inn. Upon entering the room where her first met
Ellie he was surprised to see a young girl with her blue tied into
pigtails like Ellie, however, her eyes were not like hers. The girl that
stood before him had forest green eyes and dressed in a light blue
military suit.Bookmark here

“Klry, allow me to introduce you to Captain Alysha Tokimiku. She was a
medic for the Seamen Guard. Captain Tokimiku this is Second Lieutenant
Klryizer Kozyki.”Bookmark here

“Wait Major, you can’t just promote me on a whim.”Bookmark here

“I can, I did, so take it and shut up,” Lyreh said with a smile.Bookmark here

Klryizer waved his hand as if to say *fine, fine*. Alysha simply smiled
that the two of them with their banter.Bookmark here

“Anyways, starting today she will be the medic on our squad.”Bookmark here

\* \* \*Bookmark here

A few days had passed as Klryizer ate his meal alone. He was in his
boxers as always eating a plain sandwich like most of his days. Before
he could finish his second sandwich there was a knock at his door. *What
does the Major want now*, Klryizer thought as he got up from the wooden
chair.Bookmark here

“What do you want now Maj—”Bookmark here

Before he could finish his sentence he stopped as he realized that the
person at his door was not Lyreh.Bookmark here

“Oh, Alysha, what brings you by?”Bookmark here

Alysha had a shocked look on her face as she stared at him. Klryizer
suddenly realized he was in his underwear in front of a girl that wasn’t
Lyreh.Bookmark here

“Sorry about that. I am just used to being… well, like this. I can put
on some pants.”Bookmark here

“No, it’s fine. I was just taken by surprise,” she said slightly
blushing.Bookmark here

“Feel free to come in,” he said opening the door.Bookmark here

“Thank you.”Bookmark here

Alysha made her way inside as Klryizer closed the door behind her. She
removed her shoes by the door and placed a bag she had been holding in
her hands for some time on the wooden table.Bookmark here

“I came by to offer you some food,” she said with a bewitching smile.Bookmark here

“That was nice of you, but I was just about to finish this sandwich and
then go train out in the field a bit.”Bookmark here

“Even though its our day off?”Bookmark here

“It is important to stay in shape.”Bookmark here

“I understand. It is a shame that I have to let all this food I made go
to waste.”Bookmark here

“Wait, you made all of it?”Bookmark here

“Of course. Don’t you make your own food?”Bookmark here

“Nope, I just buy whatever is cheap at the store and be done with it.”Bookmark here

Alysha couldn’t help but giggle a bit.Bookmark here

“You men would be hopeless without us women, huh,” she said with a wink.Bookmark here

“What do you mean?”Bookmark here

“Nothing. Why don’t you sit and eat. We have a lot of food to eat up.”Bookmark here

“Right.”Bookmark here

The two of them ate the food in silence for some time. Klryizer was
beguiled by the food that Alysha had prepared that he could not help but
stuff his face. Alysha seemed to enjoy the scene of him eating until his
stomach was full. He soon headed over to his bed and laid on his back,
unable to hardly move.Bookmark here

“That was too good.”Bookmark here

“And I didn’t even have to remove my clothes,” Alysha giggled.Bookmark here

Klryizer could not help but laugh at the horrible joke as he held his
stomach that looked as if it was about to pop. Alysha sat down beside
him.Bookmark here

“I need to go and run for fifteen kilometers.”Bookmark here

“As a doctor I might be able to help you.”Bookmark here

“Do whatever you like but I need to be up and out there in thirty
minutes.”Bookmark here

Alysha gently placed her hand on his stomach and slowly began to rub it
gently. Klryizer found himself closing his eyes and drifting off to
sleep within a short span of five minutes. A few hours passed until it
was nearing nightfall. Klryizer awoke from his sleep taking note that
Alysha was still there.Bookmark here

“I guess that training will have to wait,” Alysha said with a smile.Bookmark here

“I take it I slept longer then I had planned?”Bookmark here

“Just a bit. You also seemed to be under a lot of stress.”Bookmark here

“What makes you say that?”Bookmark here

“Well, considering I could see your boner through your boxers and the
stuff that came out. No pun intended there.”Bookmark here

“That’s embarrassing…”Bookmark here

“If it was someone else, yeah, probably, but I am a doctor so I have
seen many things, trust me.”Bookmark here

Klryizer stood up from the bed and stretched a bit. He knew he would
have to make up for all his missed training.Bookmark here

“Meet me outside on the training grounds in twenty minutes,” Alysha said
with a smile as she left.Bookmark here

Klryizer grabbed his military dress uniform and headed for the showers
to get clean. As the warm water fell onto his body he wondered about
Alysha and what she meant by her comment. Was he really stressed over
what had happened to Ellie? After a few minutes of soaking in the shower
he dried himself off and proceeded to get dressed. Without any further
delay Klryizer headed out to the training field. He noticed that the
moon was up and it was nearing 2200 hours according to his watch. *I
should have used that alarm feature on this thing to wake up on time*,
Klryizer thought as he walked down the street.Bookmark here

Alysha stood there out in the open meadow of the training field as she
looked up to the night sky.Bookmark here

“I hope you didn’t wait long,” Klryizer said walking up to her.Bookmark here

“Not to long,” Alysha said turning to Klryizer with a smile.Bookmark here

“All right well, lets start.”Bookmark here

Alysha giggled like a school girl.Bookmark here

“What is it?”Bookmark here

“You just seem so serious about training. Its cute.”Bookmark here

Klryizer scratched the back of his head, slightly embarrassed by the
comment. Without another word the two of them began to do push‑ups and
sit‑ups managing to do two hundred of each in less than three minutes.
Klryizer showed off by doing his push‑ups with one hand switching to the
other between one hundred sets.Bookmark here

Once the two of them were finished they both lined up, ready to run for
twenty kilometers.Bookmark here

“Twenty kilometers here and back, winner has to buy drinks,” Alysha says
getting ready to run.Bookmark here

“All right. Three… two… one—”Bookmark here

Before Klryizer could say go Alysha ran ahead.Bookmark here

“Hey, that’s cheating!”Bookmark here

“Hehe, I guess you have to catch me then.”Bookmark here

The two of them ran for twenty kilometers and turned back the same
direction they had came. *Hard to believe this girl can ran faster then
me even though we are the same age*, Klryizer thought as he continued to
fall behind her. Alysha chest jiggled with each stride she took. It was
clear to Klryizer that he would have to use his magic to cheat. Without
another thought he quickly gathered his magic and used it to dash closer
and closer to Alysha.Bookmark here

Alysha was close to the finish line from where their race had started as
Klryizer slowly closed the gap between them. Before she crossed the
finish line Alysha turned around which threw off Klryizer. So much so
that he slammed into Alysha with a strong force. The two of them tumbled
against the grass until they finally came to a stop. He was on top of
her; she was underneath him.Bookmark here

“It looks like we both crossed the finish line,” Alysha giggled.Bookmark here

“It would seem so. I wonder who buys the drinks.”Bookmark here

She smiled as his face inched closer to hers.Bookmark here

“Maybe you could buy two drinks and I could stay in your room for a
night.”Bookmark here

“I think I would like that.”Bookmark here

Klryizer’s lips pressed against hers. He felt a spark of love between,
as did she.Bookmark here

“Something big is poking my leg,” Alysha said as she looked at what was
poking her.Bookmark here

“That’s just my penis.”Bookmark here

She couldn’t help but laugh at his direct comment.Bookmark here

“So it is. I don’t do blow jobs on a first date.”Bookmark here

“I didn’t ask you to,” Klryizer said as he kissed her again.Bookmark here

\* \* \*Bookmark here

The sun beamed down on the coastal beach due North some kilometers out.
Klryizer sat there in nothing more then a pair of camo‑patterned cargo
shorts. Alysha sat beside him in a jaded green swimsuit that looked more
like a dress, her boots and socks removed as she dug her toes into the
sand.Bookmark here

It had been close to two month since they had started dating and both of
them were quite happy with each others companionship.Bookmark here

“Hey babe, where do you see yourself in the future?” Alysha asked
looking to Klryizer.Bookmark here

“I never think about the future all that much.”Bookmark here

“Do you think we should get married one day?”Bookmark here

Klryizer smiled as he kissed her forehead.Bookmark here

“I would love to. We could have a kid, most likely a son.”Bookmark here

Alysha smiled as she grabbed him by the wrist and pinned him down
against the sand. She straddled his hips and kissed his lips while he
returned the tender kiss with a gentle bite.Bookmark here

“I would love to have many kids but if we only had one, it would have to
be a girl.”Bookmark here

“Well, you are beautiful. I guess a daughter will be fine,” Klryizer
said with a smile.Bookmark here

“Babe… your poking me again.”Bookmark here

“You started it.”Bookmark here

“At least my clothes are covering it up. One day I am going to give you
an injection to control those erections,” she said with a wink.Bookmark here

“Or you could just touch it.”Bookmark here

“You would like that, wouldn’t you?”Bookmark here

“I would like for you to kiss me.”Bookmark here

Without another word Alysha kissed his lips gently. After a few months
had passed the two of them got married and shared one room at the inn
together.Bookmark here

\* \* \*Bookmark here

The new year sun greeted Klryizer as he laid there in his bed. Alysha
laid there next to him in nothing but a pink pair of underwear. Klryizer
looked over to the girl in his bed who has now his wife and pregnant
with their daughter. She was given an honorable discharge from the
military while Klryizer had been allowed a few months off with pay.Bookmark here

As Klryizer slowly played with Alysha’s hair she opened her eyes to see
her husband smiling at her. With a soft smile she laid her head on his
chest as he continued to play with her hair.Bookmark here

“Do you have to leave tomorrow?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, you know how the military is.”Bookmark here

She slowly ran her hand down his stomach as she smiled wryly.Bookmark here

“Where are you exploring?”Bookmark here

“Oh, just seeing what is downtown,” she said with a wink.Bookmark here

Alysha slowly removed her bra revealing her voluptuous breast as she
straddled his hips.Bookmark here

“I’ll be right back,” she said pulling the covers over his lower half.Bookmark here

After a few seconds she giggled in a cute giddy tone.Bookmark here

“Oh my, it looks like you are standing at attention for me.”Bookmark here

“Well, you are half‑naked.”Bookmark here

Suddenly, Klryizer could feel Alysha removing his boxers as her finger
traced the most sensitive area on his body.Bookmark here

“You know, if the gun starts firing there will be splash damage.”Bookmark here

“I don’t mind a bit of friendly fire. Just be sure to finish the job.”Bookmark here

“If you keep that up I will.”Bookmark here

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