Chapter 33:

Chapter Twenty‑Seven: Her First Time in the Army

Beyond the Borders Volume 1

The Priserra Academy was one of the best known military schools in the
capital for training students to join the Sylverian Army — or for any
other branch of the military. Students that got into the academy were
trained to fight in the army and although they were considered students,
they could still be called on to fight in the war if they were drafted.Bookmark here

Aryia stood in front of the Recruitment Building, now sixteen years of
age and ready to join the Sylverian Army. The building looked quite new
despite its age. It had hardly appeared as if the red bricks had even
aged ten years. Upon entering the building Aryia was impressed by just
how impeccable the building was. There was no dirt to speak of, white
walls as pure as snow; gold tile flooring free of even a speck of grime
or crack. Even the military personnel that walked by had uniforms that
were free of wrinkles and shoes that shined with a sparkle. Part of her
started to feel embarrassed due to her lack of formal attire. Aryia had
decided to wear a simple green shirt with a white hooded jacket over it.
Her green pleated skirt showed plenty of wrinkles due to carelessly
throwing them on the floor. While her black knee‑high socks managed to
look neat and form fitting her gray‑toned sneakers had seen better days
— in fact, the bottom of one had one‑fourth of its sole missing.Bookmark here

The true test was still to come. As Aryia walked up to one of the desk
in the main lobby she was greeted by a rather shy but cute girl. She
appeared to be in her early twenties. Her long black hair was a bit
curly and tied in a ponytail while her dark brown eyes gave her a warm,
inviting look.Bookmark here

“C‑Can I help you?” the girl said in a timid voice.Bookmark here

She was dressed in a white undershirt with a business suit over it that
was a beige‑tan like color. Complete with a matching miniskirt, tan
shear nylons, and dark black heels.Bookmark here

“I am here to join the Sylverian Army.”Bookmark here

“O‑Okay, you will have to complete two years of study at the Priserra
Academy before you can officially join the army, however, you may be
called on to serve in dire times, is that okay?”Bookmark here

“Yes ma’am.”Bookmark here

The girl at the desk blushed slightly from being called ma’am. She
pulled out a form at had various boxes and lines on it.Bookmark here

“Fill out this form and take it to the recruitment room down the hall
there. Number F6,” the girl said as she handed the form to Aryia.Bookmark here

Aryia looked over the paper as she filled in everything that was needed.
Once she was done she headed for the room that the girl had told her to
go to. Seeing that the door was closed Aryia decided to knock once. She
was met with the voice of a woman telling her to enter.Bookmark here

As she opened the door Aryia noticed the room was quite small then what
she thought it would be. Near the back of the wall and sitting behind a
wooden oak desk were two women dressed in cleanly pressed military
uniforms. One looked quite old for her age — possibly nearing her
fifties or so — while the other appeared to be in her mid‑twenties.Bookmark here

The older looking woman held a cigarette in her mouth as smoke flared up
from the end of the tip. She stared intensely at Aryia as she made her
her way over to the center of the room. Aryia handed her form to the
older looking lady as she looked it over within a quick second before
handing it to the younger lady beside her.Bookmark here

“Kozyki, Aryia. You’re sixteen and you wish to join the Sylverian Army,
correct,” the younger woman asked after looking up from the paper in
front of her.Bookmark here

“Yes ma’am. I want to hone my skills so I can serve my Kingdom.”Bookmark here

“What is it you fight for?” the older woman chimed in.Bookmark here

“What do you mean?”Bookmark here

“You know exactly what I mean.”Bookmark here

“I fight for the Kingdom of—”Bookmark here

“Don’t feed me that lie Aryia. You fight for something more then the
kingdom. It clearly shows in your eyes.”Bookmark here

Aryia was silence, unsure of what to say.Bookmark here

“You fight to avenge your father, don’t you?”Bookmark here

“How do you—”Bookmark here

“You don’t remember me do you? You were so young when I last saw you.”Bookmark here

It took Aryia a second to recall the girl that visited the inn when her
father died but she soon remembered her name.Bookmark here

“Major Lyreh.”Bookmark here

Lyreh smiled.Bookmark here

“Its Brigadier General now.”Bookmark here

Before Aryia could say anything there was a knock at the door.Bookmark here

“Enter,” Lyreh called out.Bookmark here

Standing in the doorway was a girl with long brown hair and gray eyes.
She was dressed in a simple white collared tee‑shirt and blue skirt.
Black knee‑high socks and brown leather‑skinned dress shoes made the
girl look as if she was from a private academy in Luporus.Bookmark here

“Mari? What are you doing here?”Bookmark here

“Well, I can’t just let my best friend join the army alone. You would be
lost without me,” she said with a smile.Bookmark here

“Marilyn Belzeir VI Fainalia de Celienya Von Reymilchstein Kozun, you
are the daughter of Priscilla Cievil VI Fayemeria de Selmia Von Rhyial
Kozun, right?” Lyreh asked as Mari handed over her paper.Bookmark here

“Yes ma’am,” she said as she stood next to Aryia.Bookmark here

“Your father was…”Bookmark here

Lyreh looked over the form only to give a surprised look as to the name
of her father.Bookmark here

“Why do all of you have such long names?”Bookmark here

“It is a tradition ma’am. According to my late grandmother the names
used to be even longer.”Bookmark here

“Right, well girls, the real question now is, are the two of you sure
you want to join the military? It can be quite tough.”Bookmark here

Both of them looked to Lyreh with determined eyes.Bookmark here

“I know I could die like my father did but even still, he fought for
freedom. Now it is my turn to fight,” Aryia said with passion in her
tone of voice.Bookmark here

“I also know the road will be hard but if I can help with what I am good
at then I will do the best that I can.”Bookmark here

Lyreh simply sighed and smiled.Bookmark here

“Nothing I say will change your minds. I just have one order. No dying
before my time is up, you got that privates?”Bookmark here

Aryia and Mari smiled. The two of them stood at attention and saluted
Lyreh.Bookmark here

“Yes ma’am!” both of them said in unison.Bookmark here

\* \* \*Bookmark here

The summer heat was hot enough to fry an egg. Aryia and Mari stood there
in their <abbr>BDU</abbr>s with the other privates that were attending
Priserra Academy. Aryia could feel the sweat building up in her socks
and shoes as they all stood there in a line waiting for the sergeant to
run them through their first day of training.Bookmark here

As they stood there a sergeant appeared at the time he was instructed to
on the dot. He stood in front of the group of privates he was meant to
whip into shape for their training.Bookmark here

“Troops, ATTENTION!”Bookmark here

Everyone snapped to attention at the man’s loud booming voice.Bookmark here

“My name is Sergeant Veldain De’furlo! Today we will separate the weak
from the strong!”Bookmark here

“More like Sergeant Loudmouth,” Aryia whispered under her breath just
loud enough for a few people to hear.Bookmark here

The sergeant quickly glared menacingly at where the snickering was
coming from. With fear in their eyes the group that was snickering
stopped like a rock thrown against a stone wall.Bookmark here

“Your training will not be easy. Some of you will break, others will
fall!” he continued as he paced back and forth.Bookmark here

“Now, we start your training with fifty push‑ups.”Bookmark here

\* \* \*Bookmark here

Aryia laid on her small bed in the barrack as she felt the pain go from
her feet to her arms. She realized that the training she went through on
her own was nothing compared to the training she was going through now.
After the pain had subsided a bit Aryia slowly tried to untie her boots
but failed to reach them. She continued for a few more minutes until she
was finally able to untie them and get them off.Bookmark here

“I fell like my feet are going to fall off Mari.”Bookmark here

“You are not the only one Aryia.”Bookmark here

Mari laid under the cover of her bed, her military uniform was thrown on
the floor beside her. Aryia looked over to her as she looked as lifeless
as a dead person.Bookmark here

“Are you naked under there?” Aryia asked, taking note that Mari’s
uniform was on the floor.Bookmark here

“Do you want me to be?”Bookmark here

Aryia blushed a bit, slightly embarrassed.Bookmark here

“Of course I am not naked Aryia. You have known me since childhood. I
sleep in my underwear.”Bookmark here

Aryia stared up at the ceiling as she started to remove her military
uniform, stripping to her black tank‑top and panties.Bookmark here

\* \* \*Bookmark here

A week had passed as Aryia laid back in her underwear on her bed. She
stared up to the ceiling and sighed heavily. The physical training was
becoming a bit easier for her but the academical learning was becoming a
nightmare for her or rather, boring for her.Bookmark here

“I am so bored.”Bookmark here

Mari was busy reading a book entitled *Mapography*.Bookmark here

“You are always bored Aryia.”Bookmark here

“I just thought that if I joined the army I would practice useful things
like… you know, fighting.”Bookmark here

“Learning about different subjects is important too.”Bookmark here

“How is math or history going to help me fight the enemy?”Bookmark here

“How is being ignorant of knowledge going to prepare you for battle?”Bookmark here

“Say what now?”Bookmark here

Mari sighed as she closed the book in her hands.Bookmark here

“You truly are hopeless without me Aryia.”Bookmark here

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