Chapter 34:


Beyond the Borders Volume 1

Aryia awoke from her deep slumber. She looked at her wristwatch taking
note that she had woken up a bit early. *I guess I have gotten used to
getting up early thanks to Lylianna*, Aryia thought as she got out of
bed. Aryia stared down at the white bandage on her knee. It was still
healing but she had managed to start walking on it a little.Bookmark here

*I should feed the prisoners*, she thought as she put on her Black
Knight military uniform. After grabbing a bowl of rice from the kitchen
she made her way down into the holding cell. The recruits were beyond
paranoid due to the psychological distress Melissa had put them through.
There bodies were riddled with scars and burn marks from head to toe.
Without saying a word Aryia placed the bowl of rice down for them to
eat.Bookmark here

As they gathered around the bowl each of them rationed and shared the
food with each other evenly. It was clear to Aryia that they had learned
a lot while being in a hold cell together.Bookmark here

Before Aryia could make her way out of the dungeon Lylianna entered, her
expressionless face showing no signs of why she was there. Aryia was a
bit surprised to see her.Bookmark here

“Major, why are you here?”Bookmark here

Lylianna did not answer as she stood in front of the cell the four
recruits were in.Bookmark here

“Its been one month now and none of you have given up. Stand to your
feet.”Bookmark here

Each of the girl’s tried to stand but lack of good food and water made
them tired, hungry, and thirsty. Overall, it was enough just for them to
be alive. Mari was the last to get to her feet as she clawed her nails
into the stone wall trying to get up. Lylianna pulled out the cell key
and unlocked the door.Bookmark here

“Follow me,” she said as she motioned with her head for Aryia to follow
her too.Bookmark here

All of them headed to the second floor of the Black Knight Headquarters
to a door that had a symbol of a white horse and a bed on it. Aryia
noticed that this door was right next to their own bedroom door. Opening
the door revealed a bedroom that looked about the same as the other one
in color and layout. There were five beds in the room, four of them had
uniforms laid out on them with berets. Lylianna turned to the four
recruits.Bookmark here

“Welcome to the Black Knights.”Bookmark here

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