Chapter 9:

Tears of Gold

Aether: Sin

It’s impossible to say I have never cried.

Even if I cannot remember myself ever crying.

Showing my emotions isn’t something that comes easy to me.

Nor is it something I want to change about myself.

People may find me boring because of that.

Most already find me strange.

What do you think of me?

…oh, right…

You don’t exist.

It was that very same day. Noontime. Prayer time.

Aurelia gathers with her other Flare Aids inside the center of the temple, as they all kneel down and look up towards the giant golden statue of Sol. The Flare Aids all kneel in silence, as the faeries each walk up to the center stage, where the golden statue of Sol resides. Across the floor surrounding the statue was a pool of golden liquid that covered the feet of the faeries as they each walked up to the statue and place their right palms on it. Everyone remains quiet as Daradriel, whose face was covered in a veil, walks up slowly to the face of the dragon statue, holding her staff in a horizontal position. As she reaches the face of the statue, she places the staff carefully into the mouth of the dragon god, causing a ray of light to disperse from the statue.

A spectacular scene of light emanates from the statue, causing the newbies to marvel in the wondrous sight. The light from the statue makes the golden liquid surrounding it begin to sparkle, causing tints of gold to dance in the air. The staff in the mouth of the dragon turns into a golden serpent that begins to swim across the lake of gold surrounding the area, and the eyes of the dragon beam upwards into the sky, as the sun stands directly above the temple. The temple had become a spectacle of wondrous beauty for all to see from afar, as everyone in Floritian looks toward the Temple in awe. But for those inside the temple, it was an even greater spectacle, as Aurelia and the other inductees couldn't help but begin to cry tears of joy. 

Aurelia: “...amazing…”

Daradriel then looks towards the snake as it slithers carefully through the lake of gold below her feet, and jumps directly towards her. She catches the snake mid-air, and bows gently before the face of the dragon statue. 

Gratzi dupe,”

The rest of the faeries then take their hands off the statue simultaneously, signaling the Flare Aids to stand up quickly, and bow before their god Sol along with the other faeries.

Everyone simultaneously: “Gratzi dupe!


“That was incredible!”

Alita pretends to faint as she walks out with Aurelia, Anna-Mae, and Kami. Anna-Mae catches her, as Alita lets out a long sigh.

Kami: “Haha, it sure was. We’ve always seen it from afar, but to see it up close is much more special.”

Aurelia: “That was honestly my first time ever seeing something like that,”

Anna-Mae: “Oh, that’s right, I keep forgetting you are not from here. You always look as if you belong here…more than any of us, in fact.”

Aurelia recalls the stares and heaps of unwanted attention she received earlier when she snuck off to the parade, and hides her face as she pouts.

Aurelia: “ sure doesn’t feel that way,”

Kami softly grabs Aurelia’s hands, and smiles to cheer her up.

“They were not all staring at you because you are not wanted. It’s quite the opposite, actually.”

Alita pokes herself in between the two.

“Besides! YOU are the one who went out of your way to be there. We barely made it back in time!”

Anna-Mae smiles.

“Quiet down, now…we don’t want even more stares, do we,”

“Which one of you all is Aurelia?”

As the voice boomed from across the white halls of the Temple, all of the Flare Aids walking suddenly turn behind to see who was asking. They all gasp softly in awe, as the War Faery Ophiel holds out her gold and blue staff to signal she was speaking.

Aurelia pokes her head out from the bunch, and smiles brightly. Her face suddenly seemed full of excitement once again.

“Me? Me? Me?”

Ophiel: “...are you asking if it is you?”

Alita groans. “No, it’s really her. She’s Aurelia Yuki, my lady,”

Ophiel turns and waves her hand.

“Then come with me. The Priestess calls for you.”

Moments later, after saying goodbye to her friends, Aurelia enters the same central room they were all in once more. As she looks to her left and to her right, she is greeted by the intrigued expressions of all the faeries.

Temaine, the Truth Faery, exclaims in excitement, “See? It’s just as I said, she is a beaut! Dari-boo saw her first, though.”

Ophiel, the War Faery, tilts her head at Aurelia as she inspects her properly.

“Yeah, she’s pretty alright. You sure she’s from Texdan?”

Diana, the Wise Faery, glares directly at Aurelia.

“Texdan or not, she’s already caused a hassle amongst the Flare Aids. Beauty with no brains, how original.”

Niko, the Health Faery, glances at Aurelia carefully. On top of Niko’s shoulder, a falcon-like spirit is perched, with its large wings spanning across her back.

“Your hatred for humans just gets worse and worse, Diana. Have some decency.”

Diana kisses her teeth and covers her mouth with a fan, ignoring Niko’s words entirely.

“She’s gorgeous…but I can’t help but wonder how interesting she will prove to be…”

Aurelia glances into the extremely clear eyes of the speaker, as Asenna, the Trick Faery, smiles  deviously. Aurelia then glances into the dull eyes of Rabia, the Blade Faery, who didn’t seem to be interested in her at all.

Daradriel: “Enough,”

Aurelia’s eyes finally reach Daradriel, who positions herself beside her new staff. Across the staff was the shape of a snake, wrapping itself around it tightly.

“I want to show you something.”

Daradriel motions Aurelia towards the golden statue of the dragon god Sol, as the other faeries gather to watch what happens.

“As you know, the gods Sol and Lunarias are the creators of our wonderful world. Sol is the one who gave birth to our world through the Aether Key, and Lunarias birthed the first humans from around the time we faeries were formed alongside the feratus. One day, after teaching us all how to coexist, the gods decided to live respectively in the core of the moon and the core of the sun, knowing that their essence would ensure that our world could last for all eternity. I have no doubt they knew that the sun and moon were not due for too long, so they sacrificed themselves for the sake of their creation. We, as the beings of light under the same heavenly realm that Sol created, do our duty to pay homage to his essence during every solar eclipse that occurs four times a year. This is when the sun’s power is at its weakest, and in need of our help. La Prima Osu.”

Aurelia stands in awe of the bright statue in front of her, and can’t help but smile. Daradriel nears closer to Aurelia, and continues.

“I can’t explain it…but the same light I am to bear for others…is the same type of light I see in you, Aurelia. You are not only sharp, and beautiful beyond comparison amongst humans…”

Daradriel softly grabs Aurelia’s hand and places it on the head of the statue.

“...but I believe you are also a gratuitous light unto our path. One in which I believe our Lord Sol would love to see firsthand.”

The statue glows brightly once more, and beams the same direct ray of light towards the sun above. The faeries become stunned as they had never seen a human interaction with the statue produce the same results as when they as faeries touch it.

“Calm down.”

The other faeries turn to see Diana, looking up at the ray of light still unimpressed.

“It’s because Daradriel is holding her hand. No point in getting so flustered.”

Ophiel: “Pardon our expressions, madame killjoy,”

Diana: “I know you aren’t talking, ape. Shouldn’t you be busy watching more humans getting slaughtered right about now?”

Ophiel becomes ticked off. Very ticked off.

“Watch it, Dia-”

Suddenly, the beam of light stops, regaining the faeries’ attention. As Aurelia slowly lifts her hands from the golden statue, Daradriel smiles softly.

Diana: “And there you have it. Nothi-”

Diana freezes. The rest of the faeries freeze in place along with her.

Aurelia’s eyes widen in shock.


In that instance…for reasons unbeknownst to the faeries….and to Aurelia…

The left eye of the dragon statue begins to slowly drip tears of gold.