Chapter 1:

Episode One: Over the Moon

A Religious Witch?! How Incredible!

“Let us bury this woman with the leaves that fall from its trees.” The man of the cloth announced to the grieving crowd. Lilith Moonfell did her best to not let her sadness overwhelm her but she wished her older brother Emery was there. Lilith didn’t quite understand the circumstances - the only thing she knew about it was it took her brother and other young men of age away. Everyone...but this man of the cloth, the man who spoke at her mother’s funeral as though he knew her. “I realize that you witches don’t celebrate this religion of mine - I am only giving my condolences and an attempt to reach an olive branch to you in this time of grievance.”Bookmark here

Then he stepped down from the podium he hijacked. A lot of Lilith’s family members jeered at him and told him to leave and wanted him to step off.Bookmark here

“Go away! You’re not of this family! You’re not even a witch!”Bookmark here

“How dare you!”Bookmark here

“Does your religion not know respect?! Go away!”Bookmark here

“You dishonor her!”Bookmark here

Aunts and uncles, as her grandparents wept, jeered in their place. Her father especially was quiet but that’s when Lilith knew not to do anything - anytime he was quiet, he was angry. This man may have tried to extend an olive branch but he merely made the situation worse. However, Lilith may have been the only one who noticed his smile as he tried to blend into the crowd. There may have been a moment that slowed down long enough for them to meet each other’s eyes. Her pink eyes met blue ones and curiosity was planted in her mind about who this man was and why he tried to speak for her mother… and a man who smiled when he failed.Bookmark here

Family members kept booing him and Lilith could feel only her curiosity grow as they tried to shield both her and her little brother. She wanted to know why he decided to come to her mother’s burial. It wasn’t their religion in this cold town of Frostkin and more than anything, as a representation of a growing religion, he wasn’t good at that either. The majority of this town were witches. There were generations of families who lived and loved without it and didn’t seem to mind the new religion when they built a church there. They were quiet and they kept to themselves until this one moved in. He decided to try to recruit others and to some extent, it worked.Bookmark here

Her father, when he wasn’t busy, warned Lilith not to go there. Henrik, Lilith’s younger brother, was like Emery - he wasn’t as adept at magic so he had to work with his father as much as his little body could do. Lilith was the only one who was considered a ‘proper’ witch in this immediate family. Even though she would rather help this poor family, poorer now without her mother, her father fought to ensure that she studied and to gain a proper education. This child of ten years old only could wait two more years until she could apply for a mentor. Until then, Lilith was to study in the family library.Bookmark here

And that’s where Lilith ended up in the days after they buried her. There was no choice but to move on. It was hard to focus on her studies even though it’s imperative as a witch - she had to learn the moon phases and understand its relevance to her power. She found herself thinking about the man in the cloth, one of the few young men that stayed behind.Bookmark here

She remembered the conversation she had with her father. She really wanted to understand the man’s point of trying to take advantage of these people’s grief to convert them. Lilith would still agree with her family that it was not his place - but rather, she wanted to understand why.Bookmark here

“Don’t bother with trash like him, child,” her father stated. “Focus on your studies and we will get you a proper mentor.”Bookmark here

But that wasn’t an answer. Luckily, when her father and little brother worked, they were far enough away where Lilith could leave the house and come back without them knowing she left. At times, this is what she did when she wanted to take a break from her studies - sneak out and walk around Frostkin. She had some coins in her pocket that she would receive from her father or change from going to the stores that she saved up from before to spend on things she wanted or snacks that she craved sometimes.Bookmark here

When she glanced at the clock before her, it’s about lunchtime. Perhaps it would be good to take a break and maybe see what that man of the cloth was up to. She hated that her curiosity took over her so quickly and so hard - but it couldn’t be helped. If she didn’t listen to it, she wouldn’t be able to study as much as she could.Bookmark here

Lilith looked around the house to make sure that there wasn’t anyone there. Once she gained that confirmation, she felt relieved and grabbed her traveler’s cloak. It was the last gift her brother gave her before he left for the war. It was almost a dark red cloak that she always wore even in town. In a way, it was like her brother held her hand as she traveled around. Somehow, she could feel his essence warm her body up. The cloak almost reached the ground, but it could have Lilith been shorter, but her traveling shoes were almost worn.Bookmark here

Once she left her home, she tried to remember the church’s direction. At one point, everyone in the town was invited to the grand opening when she was much younger. She tried to push the thought out of her head. That was a time when her mother was alive and she was way more open-minded than her father.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

But because she had become sad, she decided it best to just ask someone for directions. They were kind enough to tell her and Lilith managed to find it quick enough. She stood in front of it and was taken in by its beauty. It hadn’t been there for long and certainly; she would’ve remembered the noise construction made. Had a grand building like this always been there? Lilith was so taken in, she didn’t notice the man that she saw a few days ago staring out to her, with quite an unsaintly grin.Bookmark here

Ana Fowl
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