Chapter 1:

In a Land Unknown.

Sengoku Project・戦国プロジェクト

"Darkness."I whisper out This is all i can say because,Somehow this is all i can see.
I open my eyes I think i can see a light.
Yeah that's right.This is the sun.
I get up and pat my skirt.
The land is beautiful,But Where am I?
I check my Bag my Teleport card is there,so i chant.
"The Distortion of time,Distortion of I,Release!"
I Take a deep Breath.
The Card Burns and I Hear somebody.
"Please tell me your destination"
I sigh So then I say
"I need my exact location."
The voice says
"Very well Ararani Chiyoko."
"Thou are at the land of two kings"
"also known as "Futari no ou no kuni"
I look surprised. Could this really be that i'm in the land of two kings?
It cant be. I thought it got destroyed in the war between Himitsu,The two children of the Previous king Grew up and went separate paths.
If that's true..
How am I here?!Bookmark here

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