Chapter 1:

Nothing Important


Breathing heavily, I began to run as fast as I could. That shot almost hit me! Checking for ammo, I noticed nothing was left.

"Reveal yourself, you cursed fool."
I sighed. Had it really come to this? Am I going to be forced to use it?
"I'm right here." I said, surrendering. "But take one more step and I'll blow this place up right now."

My threat wasn't an empty one. In my pockets, I held a bomb big enough to wipe put my enemies, but the blast would kill me.
His reaction was what I would have expected when I showed him the bomb.
"Fool! You'll kill us all!"
"If thats what it takes to stop you, I'll even kill-"

"Kodai? Kodai. FUZA!"
"Eh? Oh, hey sensei. Whats up? " Kodai said, snapping out of his daydream of monsters and heroism.
"I have been telling you to answer number six on page two fifty-two. But it seems you are o page fourteen. Pay more attention next time."
The whole classroom Kodai was in began to snicker at his misfortune.
"Uh, sorry Broun-sensei, it wont happen again." Kodai apologized.
"It better not." said the teacher whose name appeared to be Broun. "Since Kodai here basically wasted like eight important minutes, six all the way to seventeen will be your homework."

The whole class turned to look at Kodai in disapproval.
He smiled sheepishly at everyone staring.
This continued a minute or two until the bell rang for the students to leave.
As they walked out, Kodai intersected with his friend, Otokora Shika, was in the same class.
"Nice going dude, you cost me my no-homework-anime night."
"Come on Shika. You haven't had that in about two years."
"So? I could've had it tonight."

Kodai and Shika conversated in their usual manner. Finally reaching the main entrance of the school, they spotted a girl waiting by the vending machine.

This girl had a peculiar look. And by that in no way means she was ugly or something. Her hair streamed down to her shoulders, glowing in a beautiful white color, with skin that resonated in the same color. And to top it off, her eyes has a faint, soft, purple glow to them.

"Yo! Akkio! Wait until you hear what Kodai did to mess up my evening" Shika said at the girl.
This girl, Akkio Belle, looked up and asked, "What he do?"
"He pissed the teacher off and gave us homework."
"Excuse me, 'he' accidentally went into a daydream because Broun-sensei's history class is boring." Kodai said, attempting to defend himself.
"Wow, okay then." Akkio said, kinda laughing.

They began making their way back home. The same old path. Speaking and joking in the same manner, as always. This was life here. Everyday was the same as yesterday. Boring, but yet, satisfying.

"No. It doesn't make sense. Why would she create a different universe just for her?" How'd she even get the power?"
"Didn't you see, Kodai? Her gem was stained with love, not despair. So, pretty much, she became extra powerful."
"You idiots still arguing about that stupid anime?" Akkio said, seemingly annoyed at the bickering between Kodai and Shika.
"Oy, this show ain't stupid. Its deep." Kodai replied. He shot her a look of disgust. Shika shot her a look of "I-don't-care".
"Whatever. Shika, you got my moms text about me having to crash at your place for a while?"
"Uh, yeah. Got it good and clear Akkio."
"Oooh! Sleepover! Maybe we can order sushi."
"Why not pizza?"
"We are in Japan. Don't bring your American food near me."
Kodai stared directly at Shika. "That's harsh dude."

Kodai and Shika often had these conversations. With Kodai bringing up ridiculous topics and Shika answering in his most no-nonsense type answers. That's just how it was.
Both Kodai and Shika were undoubtedly smart. They both held amongst the highest grades of their school. Their intellect was hardly ever questioned. But they both held major differences. Shika likes maintaining his image of well-educated and civilized, only speaking in sensical ways. As said before, no-nonsense.

Kodai on the other hand was as stupid as you could pretend. He despised being the school nerd, always saying what best popped into that pain-filled head of his. He always surprised his teachers by showing his intellect when his teachers believed him to be an imbecile. But yet, when the time came to be serious, he knew damn well how to get serious.

And Akkio, poor little Akkio. She's friends with two geniuses. While she struggled with basically anything with numbers and math, there was one thing she was better at. Being the extra athletic type. Sure, Kodai and Shika weren't what you would call 'out-of-shape'(maybe Shika), but she excelled greater than them. Her bookshelf was stacked with shoujo manga and athletics trophies.

Shika unlocked the door to his house.
"Ugh, homework to do, books to study, girls to text. So much work" Kodai said, lunging himself towards the couch.
"Boy, you know good and well no girls be texting you."
"Ow Akkio. That hurt. Now I'm depressed."
"Um, okay?" Shika said. "Well cook yourself some dinner, or order something, I don't care. I'm going to be upstairs working on a project. Bye." He ran up the stairs to go, of course, upstairs.
"That guy. Always so busy with work, haha." Kodai said.
"Maybe you should learn from him."
"Akkio, why must you continue to hurt me?"
"Because its fun."
Kodai laughed for a bit at that. Finally, once he stopped laughing, he began going to his room.
Akkio remained downstairs watching TV.

Kodai's room was as vague and undecorated as you could think. It only had a bed pushed to the side, some bookshelves holding manga and books were beside his bed. There was a desk with what you what you would expect to find on a desk on the other wall parallel to his bed. And beside that, there was a sad little closet.

He threw himself on his bed after he undressed and changed. He began to think:
'Another boring day. When will something cool happen? I want something like those anime Akkio watches to happen. Like that one with tentacles and red eyes. Oh man, I would love to be one of those! Well, maybe not. That show is pretty violent. Maybe O should buy a new figure. Haven't bought one of those since Izum-'
His thought ended there.
Gazing at a picture he had on his desk, it was decided to leave some things unremembered.

The day went by pretty quickly and boringly. The homework was completed in no time. Shika remained in his room for the majority of the time. Akkio also ordered some American food. Boy was Shika pissed. The ordinary routine followed, even to the next day. But what happened on that day was unaccounted for. So strange and unnatural it would lead Kodai, Shika and Akkio to a whole new life. Something Kodai wanted. Something downright impossible.
Thank you for reading the first chapter of Fukano. I'll try and get the second chapter up as so as I can.