Chapter 1:


Make me yours

Khalid and Kara sit holding their hands. They have been friends since little.

Kara, a short girl with pink lips. She is wearing a black top with a red jeans. She has a red long hair. 

Khalid, a tall boy with long leg. He is wearing a cap and a red shirt and black pant. 

"Khalid, let's watch AURELIA." Kara say. 

"I don't like the movie. It is all action, Nothing more." Khalid say. 

"But I still like it." Kara say. 

"I suggest we watch Mummies." Khalid say. 

"Alright." Kara say. 

Khalid changes the channel to MUMMIES. 

Kara draws close to Khalid wrapping her hands on him and he pulls her close. 

"I guess you like it." Khalid say and she nod. 

"Yes I do. Except for the Zombies." Kara say. 

"Don't be scared. They won't hurt you. They are in the Television." Khalid say and Kara nod.