Chapter 0:


Akari the Despicable

Life is empty and mundane.

My name is Akari Luceria. I’m 20 years old. I’m the daughter of Amon Luceria. He’s the CEO of Luceria Corp. They hold a monopoly on every consumer product in the world. Many call him a god. Many call him evil.

I call him dad, but he’s been absent for most of my life. Is he still considered my father?

I was sent to Seoul University, forced to purse a bachelor’s degree in business management. I hate it. I don’t want to be involved in anything related to business at all. Honestly, I have no idea what I want to do in life.

I do love guns though, maybe I’ll join a military. Even if they aren’t as powerful as they used to be.

Every day, I stick to a routine to maintain my sanity.

I wake up at 4am in the morning, no one is awake at this time. I run 3 miles around my house wearing a backpack filled with weights up to 60 lbs. I’ve gotten faster, only finishing the run in under 20 minutes.

At 5am, I make myself a light breakfast. An omelet with spinach and milk, sometimes with toast if I feel like rewarding myself. I head to the basement, and I practice shooting for 2 hours in my basement range, which is soundproof so that no noise reaches outside my house. My shots are always on target, whether the target is stationary or moving. When done, I clean the range of lead dust, brass, and other hazardous materials.

My own recreation of the KRISS Vector submarine gun: The Akari model 7, shortened to the AM7, outshines its predecessor in terms of weight, reliability, and maneuverability. It uses 5.56x45mm rifle cartridges and 30 round magazines. The selector switch offers just two options: semi-automatic and safe. Automatic fire won't work with the AM7, it'll just constantly jam with the 5.56. Personally, I love the semi-automatic mode, as I’m more accurate when firing one shot at a time.

My younger brother, Tobias, wakes up at around 7am. After cleaning my AM7, I prepare his breakfast of choice, after which the driver takes him to high school, and I walk to my first class.

I’m always greeted as soon as I enter the university. I can’t tell who is who. I don’t really care. I’m only popular because of my father and my excellent academic performance.

My classes wrap up by 7pm, and I follow that with a three-hour study session at the library. Once I'm done, I head back home to prepare dinner for Tobias and I before turning in for the night.

And the cycle repeats…


Today is the second to last day of finals week.

Thankfully, I’ll be able to enjoy 3 months of summer break after tomorrow. I just want to be freed from the restraints of being a university student. I hate business. Even if that’s the reason my family is successful, I absolutely despise it. This professor, just like everyone else, treats me better than the other students solely because of my father.

“Good morning, Ms. Luceria. I hope you have spoken kindly about me to your father?”

I respond with the brightest smile I can show.

“Yes, he is very happy with your teaching methods. He can tell from my grades that you are an excellent teacher. He is truly grateful.”

“Thank you, Ms. Luceria!”

Pathetic. I never told my father about this pitiful excuse of a professor. I don’t even know any of my professor’s names.

“You all have 3 hours to complete the exam.”

Why 3 hours? I can finish in half an hour. That’s one thing I don’t get about this place, they give us too much time. I’m always the first one out in an exam.

“Ms. Luceria, enjoy your summer break.”

“Thank you for taking the time to teach me about the fundamentals of accounting, professor. I won’t forget it.”

“Of course, Ms. Luceria!”

As I hand my test and walk towards the exit.

“I hope this isn’t too much to ask but, would it be possible to arrange a meeting with your father?”

“Definitely! I’ll talk to him tonight.”

“Thank you. You were my favorite student.”

I leave the classroom.

I’ll never see that professor’s face again. What a complete waste of four months learning something I will never use. I guess I can feel a little good knowing that I gave her false hope. I wish I could see her after she realizes that she’d actually never meet my father.

I already know that I’m going to pass all of these pointless tests, why can’t I just graduate already? I might as well study for the last test tomorrow. Being a perfectionist can be a pain.


Leaving the library, I'm planning to cook steak and fries for Tobias. Three minutes of walking through the dimly lit streets, and I start to feel the presence of five men following me. They’re getting closer, the street a barren expanse devoid of any signs of life. Suddenly, I recoil as I sense an unwelcome touch, a grope directed at my backside.

“Hey gorgeous! Come play with us for a bit.”

Suddenly I’m surrounded by thugs. Finally, an opportunity for fun…

“Sure, let’s go somewhere private first. Follow me.”

The gang of thugs follow me into a secluded alleyway. Without delay, one of them gropes me again.

“Good girl, now get on your knees and give us a good time.”

“Anything for you. Let me grab my toy to make things more exciting.”

With swift reflexes, I snatch my AM7 from my briefcase, unfolding it in one fluid motion.

The thugs eyes widen, their grins fade into fear.

"Wait, what the fu-“ 

In an instant, I rapid fire until the magazine is empty, each shot finding its mark. They die quickly, leaving them no opportunity to utter a scream. Like a row of dominos, they collapse to the ground one after another, their forms folding into the pavement.

An intense sensation courses through me as I relish in the pooled blood beneath my feet, saturating my loafers. The distinct aroma of gunpowder and blood infiltrates my nostrils, inducing a euphoric state beyond my wildest imagination.

I put my AM7 back in my briefcase. I take one last deep breathe and take in the beautiful sight of bodies lying before me.

Oh shit, I almost forgot I need to feed Tobias. I burn my shoes and walk home barefoot. Today was actually a good day, I find myself looking forward to the possibility of employing my AM7 once more.

Perhaps I’ll add a piece of toast to my breakfast tomorrow.