Chapter 14:

Impromptu Visit

Lovely kNight

My second encounter with Neptanie managed to sink my head beneath the waves of thought. While on the path to Urania, I’d nearly thrown my body over a table while caught up my own little world.

Since Celine had left the manor behind, I’d decided to seek Urania’s assistance to hear where I could find her. The alternative option being Plutia, that was out of the question. I’d just been freshly peppered in her study and with nearly everything else that has happened, I’d rather find another, less potentially turbulent avenue.

So I sit with Urania in her office. Elegant, refined and efficient, the room more than matches her character and all impressions I’d had of her since our first meeting. Tall book shelves line the walls on either shoulder and a tall glass window constituting the entire back wall lets light shine inside.

“I hadn’t expected such an impromptu visit at such an hour. But do not mistake that I am concerned or feel any displeasure in this visitation. What is it that you would desire discussing?” She is as clinical as before.

“I was curious about Celine. I’d like to visit her for some business, but I’m unsure as to where I could find her. When I’d checked through the manor, she’d already left it for the day.”

“I assume you desire to know her daily routine so to understand the places in which you have the greatest probability of meeting her?”

“That’s... correct. But it sounds a bit… questionable when phrased like that.”

I’m really starting to feel like some creepy stalker.”

“Ms. Celine is a student of the kingdom’s largest university. It is a prestigious facility where top minds study so to improve the welfare of Celestia. Celestia University.”

“A university student? I take it that explains the way she dresses most often.”

“You are correct. The uniform she dons is that of a current student. She is there to practice the arts.”

“An arts student? I didn’t have a clue that she would be studying such a thing. Then again, I know almost nothing about her.”

“She is enrolled into the university for theatrical studies and is a member of the theater committee. Other studies she has enrolled in include contemporary art, choir, and language courses.”

“When you list it out like that, it really makes me realize how hard of a worker she must be.”

“In the university she has been regarded as a peer to please and an image of a model student to follow. I would expect no less from a Celestial Maiden.”

“Figures.” I sigh. “So where would you say I should go to seek her out?”

“Given the current hour, if you were to walk to the university, by the time you would arrive, you would likely find her in the theater branch of its halls.”

“Thank you. That’s a tremendous help to hear.”

Without changing her expression a nanometer, Urania opens a drawer of her desk and begins rifling through a filing system within. She brandishes a small map and slides it towards me after opening it.

“This is the where the university is located.” She marks the coordinates on the map. “This is where you currently reside. If you are to make your way to the theaters, then you will go in this direction towards this building.”

Circles and sweeping directions with the marker draw out my path to take.

She closes the map and pushes it closer towards me. I take it into my hands.

“Seems simple enough. Then I’d best be off if I want to make it to her in time.”

“A small moment of your time longer, Khiron.” She halts me before I can begin on my own way.

Raising from her seat, she draws near to a small chest and opens it. Without a second to spare, she finds what she’s looking for and returns to the desk with it in hand. It’s a blue and white arm band with a bold font stitched into it reading, “Celestial Knight”.

“I had meant to meet with you tomorrow in order to continue our lessons as well as to give you this important article that you would benefit well to wear.”

“An armband?”

“This armband is coded with a special magic only utilized and studied in secret by the kingdom’s elite. This will act as your identification certificate for your position as the Celestial Knight while you walk the streets of the kingdom. With this, you will be able to act in the kingdom knight’s force as well as you will be permitted in places where others would not be allowed.”

She knits her fingers together on her desk while gesturing to me with her head to take the band.

“If you are to visit the university, this will be your pass to enter. The campus police will honor this sign of your position. To too will act as a special voucher for discounts at supply stores relevant to your work and will allow you access to the menus only opened for certified knights of any ranking.”

She pauses for a beat to readjust her glasses. A glimmer catches at their frame.

“This is a large responsibility that has been placed into your hands and with this you represent the kingdom’s finest. I trust that you will carry yourself with honor and will bring no shame to the knights of our order.”

I take the armband and slip it over my right.

“I’m a little shocked that something this extravagant would be given to me as graciously as it has. I promise I’ll only do justice to the knights of our kingdom. I’ll do my best to bring honor to yourself and everyone else.”

“I am elated to hear of your resolve. Then if you are prepared to be on your way, please take care during your travels and do not forget that I request your audience tomorrow. In time you will be given something which will remedy your issue of contact with others as the Celestial Knight. Work on this device has only now been concluded.”

“Something else will be given to me then as well? Of course I’ll be there for the lesson. Thank you for your time and assistance, Miss.”

“You may refer to me as Urania. Though I am perhaps quite professional, I am not a stickler for such rigidity.”

I nod to her and gather the map into my inner blazer pocket. I speak my parting for the evening and begin towards the university.