Chapter 7:

Where is Meiko?

I am a magical boy and I find it boring

It was a beautiful morning with rain.
(Yeah, I think rain is beautiful)
I went to school with a new umbrella. I threw away the old black one, and bought a transparent umbrella instead.Bookmark here

When I entered the classroom, I sat down.
'Jun, have you done the German homework?' Nula asked me.
'Yeah, but at least wish me a good morning or something' I said monotonically while handing her the notebook.
As Nula went to her desk, I saw my reflection on the desk. My hair was a little wet, even though I had an umbrella with me.Bookmark here

Meiko wasn't in the classroom.
She usually entered the classroom before me, but today she was nowhere to be found.
'Maybe she is sick?' I wondered.
As I was thinking about Meiko, I heard Nula talk with some other girls.
'Hey, have you heard the rumors?'
'What, what?'
'They say that there is a person that knocks on your window at night.'
'I know, right? And they say he hypnotises you and kidnaps you.'
'Where to?'
'I don't know. Nobody does.'Bookmark here

'Oh come on' I thought. 'There's no way that's real. Where do girls read this stuff? They must be really retarded if they believe that.'
I was still waiting for Meiko to come (or Aristel at least).
But none of them was present. Were they both sick?
Then, I began to worry. 'Why are they not here yet? I don't want to believe those rumors, but probably they're true and...'Bookmark here

Suddenly, I see two people enter the classroom.
'Good morning Jun' Meiko greeted me.
'Whaaaa-' (That was so fast)
'Good morning Jun!' Aristel said to me.
'Oh there you are.' I said while sighing. 'I thought you would be absent today and leave me alone.'
'Sorry, I forgot my umbrella and when I got out of the bus, the rain started and I got soaked.' Meiko said.
'What about you?' I asked Aristel.
'Well, I didn't hear my alarm today. But hey, we're still early.' he said while chuckling.
'You guys!' I screamed. 'I thought you were kidnapped for a moment.'
'By whom?' Meiko asked.
'Never mind. I can't believe that I considered that.' I said while trying to fake laugh.Bookmark here

They both sat down on their seats.
Nula returned my German notebook.
Geez, she didn't even thank me. (That's so rude!)Bookmark here

****Bookmark here

That day, after finishing my homework, I decided to sleep.
I usually slept late because I studied a lot, but that time I felt oddly sleepy.
I gave a last look to my magic wand and said 'Goodnight' to it. I don't know why, but I felt that the wand could hear and understand me. Bookmark here

I went to bed and closed my eyes. When I opened them, it was still night.
'Well, at least I have still time before going to school. Sleeping early is so good!' I thought while closing my eyes again.
I slept for 5 minutes or so, when I heard a knock on my window.
I tried to ignore it, but the knock was very annoying.
'Stop it, whoever you are!' I screamed.
The person knocking continued to knock on my window.
'Shit, if you wanted to scare me you reached your goal! Now go away!' I said while getting off my bed.
When I saw through the window, there were two big red eyes. It was dark, and the eyes were the only thing I could see clearly.
'Not you again' I murmured while opening the window. 'What do you want?'Bookmark here

'You don't know me, but I'm the brother of the demon you defeated.'
'Oh, so he is defeated? He must have been really weak to go and die from the first battle we had' I said sarcastically.
'Listen, I'm here to take revenge. I will take that wand and I'll have no mercy. I know very important things about you, Jun. I have your precious friend Meiko and if you want to see her, you should come to the city tower and fight me.'
'Well, why would you want to fight with me, when you could have taken the wand right now?'
'I know that your room is messy as hell and it would be a bother to search it. Plus, I want to have a fair fight.'
'That's unbelievably suprising. Okay, so you should go ahead first, or what?' I said, confused.
'I'll go first to the tower. I'll be waiting for you. Don't play games with me. If you come late or not come at all, I will kill your friend and you'll never see her again.'Bookmark here

After saying these words, the demon disappeared into the distance.
I was so worried about Meiko. I took the wand and transformed immediately.
I started crying all of a sudden. Weird. I swear I was feeling confident a couple seconds ago. Bookmark here

Why was this happening? I didn't want to fight alone. Bookmark here

To be honest, I was terrified. This demon seemed stronger than the last one. I wish I had allies to help me. Fighting alone sucks!Bookmark here

I wiped the giant tears rolling down my cheeks.
And even though I wasn't feeling ready, I was going to fight until the very end.
I had no other choice, anyway.Bookmark here

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