Chapter 0:

Lies, Deceit, and Falsehood!

Shin x Kyoko: Fraudulence Reborn

The Year is 234 of the Starless Rift, the stars have faded, and the Age of Humanity has finally came to an bloody conclusion!

The Everlasting War that persisted between Blight and Man has finally reached it's inevitable ending, and the Blight were the ones who reigned victorious! 

Furthermore, it was I, Shin, who lead the final charge and emerged victorious after defeating all of the remaining humans that took up sword and shield against me. It was a pointless struggle, but I still gave them a warriors send off.

After the War was finally finished, my Armies gathered up the remaining humans, plundered their spoils, executed the strong, and enslaved the weak to answer our every beck and call. They became aliens and fugitives in the land, some even went into hiding to escape our dominion.

Not long after I was then crowned King over the New World, and every knee bowed before me, and every Soul yielded itself to my will. However, I didn't do this alone. In matter of fact, I had a perfect helpmate that aided me in this conquest since the beginning; Her name is Kyoko, the Divine Dragon of Rebirth!

What started out as mutual help to one another would later go on to becoming a full fledged romantic relationship, and co-leading of the strongest Army of Blight this world has ever seen.

We eventually even got married, and united the Dragonkin to our ranks of Blight. Thus securing an everlasting peace on the world, as well as a diplomatic truce that swords would never be crossed again.

As for the remaining humans, they lived like slaves and beggars in the slums. They were treated like cattle, and had no worth in today's society any longer. Even though human blood runs through my veins, I could never feel remorse or even pity for them because of the sins they've committed during their reign.

Especially when they all lied and betrayed me in that Pit many years ago.

Anyways, the war was finally over and two thrones were erected; the first was my Throne and it represented true Peace and Tranquility amongst all the Denizens of this World. And the second Throne was accompanied by my beloved spouse, and it represented Rebirth and Almighty Power that all the World acknowledged and cleaved under.

However though, the people would later go on to find out that these Thrones were built upon lies and subterfuge.

"Lies upon lies, deceit upon deceit, and falsehoods among falsehoods."

These words continually echoed in my mind, and it brought a smile to my face.

I lost my humanity many years ago in that Pit, and since then it's like I've been reborn. Not as a man however, but as some sort of demon wearing sheep's clothes.

"Lies never die, they are only REBORN!"

From broken promises, false realities, and shattered dreams. I lied to all of them, every single being and entity that has trusted me. From my greatest War Generals, all the way to the weak underlings that bring me my wine.

I've deceived all of them, and I did it all for her. My beloved Queen, the Goddess of Dragons, the Divine of Rebirth, and the one who saved me that very day.

I've pledged my life and allegiance to her, and I don't regret any of it. Every lie I've spoken was for her, and every promise I spat on was to elevate her.

Nonetheless, the promised time draws near, and very soon all my sins will be revealed. All will witness it, and everyone will realize they've just been puppets in my little game, and they will be discarded like the stringed dolls they are.

And furthermore once they find out, it would already be too late.

Our Thrones have been established, our Might and Power has been honed, and our faithful Armies will crush all those who try to rise up.

There is simply nothing they can do anymore, this world is ours now and we don't plan on giving it to any useless puppet who can't even fend for themselves.

However that was what I thought was going to happen, instead life had other plans for us.

Unbeknownst to me, the Shadows of War still lingered in the dark corners of my Kingdom and my Endless Lies were already common knowledge amongst all the people. And so to prove our fraudulent ways, representatives were sent out from every nation to test us once and for all.

And this was the Beginning of the End, and yet I did not realize it till it was already too late.

"Lies upon lies, deceit upon deceit, and falsehoods among falsehoods."

I may have deceived them, but I had no idea they were already deceiving me!

Thus where our story begins; the Fraudulent King will now face the error of his sins, and the whole world will bear witness to it. However it won't go the way they planned it, because lies never die! They are only REBORN!

This is Fraudulence Reborn!