Chapter 1:

Unequaled, Unrivaled, and Unrelenting!

Shin x Kyoko: Fraudulence Reborn

"All the nations of this world now bend to me, and have become my beautiful puppets."

I said these words to myself as I gazed out from beyond my Throne, and before me were wonderful and loyal subjects that answer to my every wish and command.

I soon looked over and saw another sitting on an exalted Throne only second to mine, and the one who sat on it shimmered like a magnificent burning azalea. She extended out 4 wide and majestic wings that were coated in embers, and she brandished a long draconic tail alongside her exalted Throne. She also wore an extravagant wine-red dress that exceeded her tail, and bore gilded lining alongside every edge. Furthermore she was adorned in many precious jewels, and wore an illustrious crown that harbored tongues of fire above every pillar.

After admiring her extraordinary beauty, I then asked her, "How is the view my Love? Is it to your satisfaction?"

She smiled passionately, and chuckled to herself, "Yes my Dear, it's everything I've ever wanted."

I was overjoyed upon hearing that, it was definitely a long and unforgiving road, but we eventually made it to the top.

As I gazed upon my own Throne room, I saw golden statues of every kind of image and idol, there were large gilded pillars that arrayed themselves towards the enormous door at the end. Then I peered at the walls that contained engraved murals and stories of every kind, and even contained magical lights and torches along every side. The entire place looked majestic and holy, unlike anywhere else in the world. There were even small plants, fruit trees, and flowerbeds in various areas to add onto the beauty.

And lastly I saw every court subject that aided me and my wife during the entire insurrection. There were people of every kind, beast-kin, undead, ghouls, goblins, demons, ogres, elves, gods, and even dragonkin! Altogether they numbered to at least 150 inside of the Throne room alone with much more on the outside, and despite all that, there was not one human amongst their ranks.

I raised a glass of wine to the air and announced to everyone there, "This toast is to our sacred dwelling place, and our everlasting covenant thereof! May our dominion last an eternity!"

My lovely wife raised a glass with me, and aided my call.

All the court subjects that witnessed it all cheered and clapped to our toast, the Throne room became quite loud as various people all shouted in glee. As we raised our glasses, I looked out and saw all our court subjects raise their own glasses of their own mimicking us, I admired this and then I took a drink which caused everyone else to drink.

As we drunk, the people began to chant and praise our names, "Long live the Sovereigns, long live the Liberation!"

I looked over at my wife and said to her, "Do you hear that my Love? It's the sweet sound of freedom."

Her heart jumped upon hearing my words, and so she happily replied, "Such a harmonious tune, my ears can listen to their praises forever!"

The Court continued to merrily drink as we sat upon our Thrones, and this persisted for many hours afterwards. However though, the enormous entrance door creaked open and caused everyone to look.

Before our very eyes were 3 dark humanoid silhouettes that stormed inside of the Throne room with many papers in their hands, and wielded a zealous fire in their eyes. My Court then stopped them with spears and swords before they got any closer, however I envied their bravery to do such a feat, and so I decided to reward them. 

With fire and zeal like that, I had no other choice but to call them forward to my Throne.

I stood up and called out in a loud voice, "Make way for our guests, allow them to come forth!"

My Court immediately cleaved unto my voice, and made a path leading directly to my Throne. The three mysterious people came forward, and stood before me without any hesitation. I then called out to them saying, "Such boldness, such audacity! To think stupid humans would approach my Throne in such a way, I am greatly impressed!"

As I said these things, some of my court subjects lightly clapped, and others made disgusted faces. The three humans paid them no mind, and decided to prompt me with a question in pure determination and courage.

"Oh great King, will you hear our lamentations? Our village is in great turmoil, and you are yet to fulfill your promise to us!"

I pondered a bit, I didn't recognize the three that stood before me, and so I immediately assumed they were some messengers sent by an outside human encampment. Nonetheless I was curious on what type of promise I made to them, and so I asked them this,

"Promise? What is this promise you speak of?"

They all looked at each other and nodded amongst themselves before kneeling down, soon one male came forward and opened a sealed document before me, "According to our agreement, you said if we helped gather pertinent information on certain military fortresses on the outskirts of the former capital, Sacrum Aurum, you would in turn bring rations and provisions for our people during the freezing Winter months. We met our end of the deal and even obtained your stamp of approval here on these documents, however we are yet to be sent any supplies and the Winter draws near to us. If we don't receive any provisions now, we may not make it to see the end of the year! Please your Majesty, you have to help us!"

I continued to ponder his words, that indeed sounded familiar, but there was one thing I wasn't so sure of.

I looked at him keenly, and answered him back saying, "Bring forth the promises, I'll verify if they're real or not."

The three humans all looked at each other again, and soon the same male came forward.

I walked off from my Throne and stood before the man, and there I saw unimaginable fear building up in his eyes as he stared back at me.

"You can't fool me with those contradicting eyes..."

I reached out and grabbed the papers out of his hands before heading back to my comfortable Throne. As I sat down, I began to read the documents verifying everything he claimed, and even saw my stamps of approval at the bottom of every page.

And so the final conclusion I came to was this, "Blasphemy! These documents here are forged, and not legitimate! How dare you present this to me!"

As they heard this they immediately wallowed in fear and trembling, and all my court subjects became outraged at them. They all started to clamor and cry out full of fury, and this caused the humans to panic.

Soon a female human stood up and challenged my verdict, "You liar! Those aren't forged documents, you placed that seal of approval yourself! I was there when you did it!"

I shook my head, "I don't ever remember signing such a document, especially from pathetic humans like yourselves!"

Soon backlash from the other human male sounded as this was said, "You're a human too! How could you do such a thing to us, especially after all we've done for you!"

When I heard these words, an unnerving fury sprung up inside of my heart and it completely blinded me with rage.

"Human? Did you just call me a human?" I slowly asked.

The humans knew they messed up when they heard my tone, and immediately bowed their faces to the floor. The female human soon replied back, "Please forgive us your Majesty, we didn't mean to anger you. We just wanted to fulfill our promise together, and bring supplies for our village! Please reconsider your judgment, you know those documents are real!"

My mind was already made up, and my heart was set in stone. I then interrupted her saying, "I rejected my humanity a long time ago, and now you come into my courts and call me the very thing I hate the most!?"

They were all overwhelmed in fear and distress, and soon hung their heads in shame. I held the stamped documents in my hand, and crumbled them in my palms. My wife seeing my unrelenting fury, then shot a beam of fire that sought the documents with haste.

In the matter of moments, the once orange pieces of parchment were now just a pile of ashes at my feet. My wife then replied back saying, "Oops, my hand slipped. What documents were they talking about my Dear?"

I looked at her with such a deep and overpowering love that I nearly ran over there and kissed her.

"I am so in love with you right now..."

Meanwhile the three humans jaws dropped to the floor once they saw their only salvation go up in smoke, and so the female replied back saying, "We betrayed all of humanity for you! We left everything behind because you promised to spare us! How could you do this to us!?"

I then looked back at her with a chilling stare, "What are on Aria are you talking about? I don't even know who you are?"

One of the males (the first one who spoke) soon stood up and called out to me, "You damn lying bastards! I will f###### kill you!!!!!"

Soon that male stood up and rushed at me with killing intent emitting from his very soul, I simply looked down at him as I watched my loyal guards intercept him from the back.

Soon a spear pierced right through his heart followed by other spears and arrows till his whole body looked like swiss cheese. He choked on his own blood, and his other comrades began to shout and scream at the horrific sight before them.

His final dying breaths muttered only hatred and contempt for me, "You... damn... liar... karma will... get you... someday..." and his spirit yielded to death. Once his lifeblood spilled over, I looked at the other two and saw their frightened faces.

And so I monologued to the both of them,

"There's nothing more disgusting in this world than humans deceiving one another for their own personal gain, and as long as I rule, it will never happen again."

My lovely draconic wife then interjected into my monologue saying, "So what will you do my Dear? How will you deal with these treacherous liars?" 

I looked around at the crowd and reflected deeply on how to execute a befitting judgement on them, and after a few moments it came to me.

I raised out my hand and turned my back on them, "Get these humans out of my sight, and feed them to the Vampire's Den. They'll serve a greater purpose as human cattle instead of lying garbage!"

My wife then interrupted me and asked, "And what about their village?"

"Just leave them be, they'll be dead by the Winter anyways," I replied back.

The two remaining humans nearly passed out when they heard this, soon my guards jumped and incarcerated them with bindings and shackles. As they were bringing dragged out, I heard the female cry out once more to me, "Your f###### lies will come back for you one day, and you'll burn in Hell with them!"

I looked back at the two one last time, and declared boldly above their curses and spite.

"Just wait for me then, and we'll burn in that Hell together!"