Chapter 1:

1. Two Fragments of A Heart

Wings Without Lights

About half an hour has passed since sunrise. There was thirty minutes left before classes begin at Rajahamsa High School. A girl with long hair wearing a gym uniform walked towards the 11th grade of 2nd science class while carrying a notebook. In the hallway she met two girls she knew who were also wearing gym uniforms. She heard them joking and laughing.Bookmark here

"Hi Rika, hi Ani," the girl greeted with a smile and friendly tone. But the two girls did not respond well. They immediately stopped laughing.Bookmark here

Then Ani responded in a flat tone, "Hello Kiki."Bookmark here

"By the way, how's the choreography for your aerobics performances? Are your class's groups done yet?" Kiki asked.Bookmark here

"Yes, we have done them," Rika answered coldly.Bookmark here

"Oh, see you later then," Kiki said as she walked toward the classroom door. In the classroom, the voices of several students and students who joined conversations could be heard, except for a boy with glasses who was sitting on a chair and reading a book.Bookmark here

Kiki approached the boy with glasses who was usually referred by the name Darza by his classmates.Bookmark here

"Here's the mathematics note you lent me, Dejan. Thank you." Kiki returned a notebook to the boy.Bookmark here

"You're welcome." Darza took the book and put it in his bag.Bookmark here

"Dejan, did you have breakfast? If you haven't, I got a bread with me," Kiki offered.Bookmark here

"No need, just keep it for yourself, Kiki," Darza said. Darza didn't say much to Kiki, but what she did with the girl was different from what Rika and Ani did. The boy had a calm and quiet nature. That was the Darza who was known by Kiki since they were still in kindergarten.Bookmark here

"Dejan, why do you look sad?" Kiki asked worriedly.Bookmark here

"It's nothing," Darza denied.Bookmark here

"Are you being bullied again?" Kiki asked once more.Bookmark here

Darza was silent. He pretended not to hear the question from his childhood friend. As his best friend, Kiki could find out what Darza meant without hearing a word coming out of his mouth.Bookmark here

"Calm down, Dejan. I won't leave you in pain. Until whenever it is. I promise," Kiki muttered, smiling broadly.Bookmark here

###Bookmark here

The aerobics show began. The students gathered to watch the group performance from 12th grade 2nd social class. They all cheered for a student who was famously handsome in the school. His friendly personality and his ease to blend in the society turned into more attraction for the girls. His name was Banyu.Bookmark here

"Kak Banyu is really handsome, don't you think?" Rika said to her friend.Bookmark here

(Kak = a word people use in Indonesia to call an older person)Bookmark here

"Rika, you have been talking like that all the time. Did you think that the more you say that he's handsome, the more possibility that he will go out with you?" Ani joked.Bookmark here

"Well there's still a possibility, he doesn't have a girlfriend," Rika said.Bookmark here

"Rika is always dreaming high," Ani said.Bookmark here

Behind them, Kiki walked without caring about Banyu and his fans.Bookmark here

Rika saw the girl. She then called Kiki.Bookmark here

"Kiki!" Rika called.Bookmark here

Kiki turned her head. The girl approached Rika and Ani. "What's the matter?" Kiki asked.Bookmark here

"Are you going to the cafetaria?" Rika asked again.Bookmark here

"Yes. Is there something you wanna buy?" Kiki asked.Bookmark here

"After this group's performance is our group's turn. Can you please get the flags for us, or can't you?"Bookmark here

"No problem. Please wait a minute," Kiki said as she headed towards the cafetaria.Bookmark here

Kiki bought a bottle of tea, then walked towards the back of the cafetaria where the warehouse was located. He was surprised to see a student punching and kicking Darza. Kiki walked over to the student. "Hello. Are you Darza's friend? Can we have dinner together? The three of us?" Kiki asked with a grin.Bookmark here

The student looked at Kiki in confusion.Bookmark here

"We will cook your meat," Kiki said, smiling broadly. Kiki kicked the student's stomach before she slammed his body to the ground. The student got up and ran away in fear. Darza watched the scene without saying anything.Bookmark here

From behind a bush, several words came out of an ave's beak. "Hmm, that's interesting."Bookmark here

Ana Fowl
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