Chapter 0:

Last Live

Love Live Encore

The gentle evening breeze that had entered the Kingsbury High School were disrupted by the loud music that came from the large sized speakers.Bookmark here

Entire school field were filled with students and other fans from London. All of them were here to see us The Mystic 7 perform their last live.Bookmark here

The atmosphere was intense; it wasn't like any other lives that we had performed before. This time we knew in our hearts this was going to be the very last time we ever performed together, after its over there won't be a next time. This was the end.Bookmark here

I looked at the crowd; I knew that I will never forget this scene for the rest of my life. As soon as we took our positions the place was filled with cheers accompanied with crying.Bookmark here

"Guys. These past three years has been an amazing journey for each and every one of us. We released our first album, toured Europe and even won the School live championship." I announced "And now we are at the end of the road. This live is for all of you who supported us in our journey"Bookmark here

Our last live together huh....Bookmark here

I took a deep breath. Positioned the capo and placed my picks on the strings.Bookmark here

I looked at Nathan and then Danny. And then the rest of us. They gave me the go signal.Bookmark here

'Together' I whispered. I didn't expected them to listen but they did.Bookmark here

3Bookmark here

2Bookmark here

1!Bookmark here


All of this happened a week ago. The seven of us had just returned from our UK Tour.Bookmark here

What happened was that out of our seven member, three members had failed the final exams and couldn't be promoted to the next grade.Bookmark here

And unfortunately it was me, Danny and Nathan who failed.Bookmark here

It wasn't a bad news for us all we had to do was repeat a year. However the Headmaster and my mom had different plans for us.Bookmark here

And after just twenty four hours we get a notice from school stating that:Bookmark here

From today onwards the Mystic 7 are hereby disbanded until after graduation of all its members and also the three of us are being transferred to a different school.Bookmark here

Another school won't sum it up. We were being sent off to another freaking continent.Bookmark here

Tokyo, Japan. That's where we are going. My younger sister studies there and is in her first year of High School and since I failed I was too going to be in the same grade as her.Bookmark here

But what in the world did I do to deserve such a harsh punishment. According to mom change of environment will beneficial for the three of us and we would focus on studying rather than music.Bookmark here

But still. Why Tokyo? She could have sent us to any other part of the world but no she had to choose the place I am so desperately trying to run from; my home town Tokyo.Bookmark here

However there was nothing we could do but oblige and that's how we got here our Last Live.Bookmark here

And tomorrow morning me, Nathan and Danny are supposed to catch the first flight to Tokyo.Bookmark here

Narumi Haruka
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