Chapter 0:

Season #1 - Opening

The Crown Princess - Aphasia

There will come a time when I can no longer protect you. 
Darkness will swallow our precious land, destroying all you hold dear.
Amid the dark, flames of vengeance and hatred will roar. Bookmark here

And my fears of watching them consume you will manifest once more.
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There will come a time when you will no longer dream joyously. 
You will see visions of death and hellish nightmares in their stead. 
Weep not into the empty abyss, my darling.Bookmark here

I will not be there to comfort you then.Bookmark here

There will come a time when the world hungers for content. 
The rains of spirit will no longer fall, and the lands will go dry from perjury.
Unease will lay barren the lands for seeds of doubt, and in turn, sow plants of restlessness and violence.Bookmark here

When the world betrays common sense, you will be the voice of reason in a chorus of disharmony.Bookmark here

There will come a time when I am too weak to act.
They will worship vices in my stead, but you must not anger.
They are pitiful creatures lured by false security.

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My darling, you must become the shepherd to guide the straying sheep.Bookmark here

There will come a time when they will spit curses in your face. 
Lay claims of heresy and call you a fool.
They will say I have forsaken them when they've forgotten me.Bookmark here

They will say I am wicked and cruel when they brought this upon themselves.
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My darling, there will come a time when you will mature and grow cunning.
Face hardships and grow wiser, challenges that will make you stand tall.
Use your wit and talent to protect those closest to your heart. Bookmark here

And when the time for action comes, know that you stand on the side of righteousness.Bookmark here

There will come a time when I no longer stand beside you.
Though I lack a body, my spirit is with you. 
The universe may anger, but I stand beside you. 
If you lack direction, my heart will guide you.Bookmark here

There will come a time when you will stand atop the highest summit. 
The world will be yours then and you, the strongest of all.
Your destiny fulfilled, and your soul, complete.
You will be loved and hated. 
Feared, revered and worshipped as it should be.Bookmark here

You will stand proud of your accomplishments, and I will be proud of you. 
My darling, at the end of it all, my only wish is for you to remember one thing.Bookmark here

I will always love you.
Ana Fowl
Darien Merriett
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