Chapter 2:


One Thousand Mornings: Chapter 2: Rebirth

     Sitting behind his desk, Kawamura twiddled his pen between his fingers, slightly swerving his chair left and right; lost within thought. The lights were off, and the room filled with contemplation. A warm hue of sunlight glowed through the window behind him, casting long shadows across the floor that shifted ever so slightly as time ticked on by. The entire world was moving in slow motion, as if echoing Kawamura’s thoughts. He looked over his desk towards the cabinets sitting right beneath the hanging Chinese scroll. Still sticking out the drawer was that same piece of paper. He eyed it diligently, as if it would disappear if he dared to look away. Without even noticing, his chair stopped swerving and he now held his pen firmly in his hand.Bookmark here

     Eventually Kawamura placed his pen down on his desk and stood up from his chair. He grabbed his jacket off the coat hanger and walked towards the doorway. Stopping in front of the cabinet, Kawamura took another look at the piece of paper that was hanging partially out of the drawer. Switching his jacket to his left hand, Kawamura reached over for the drawer and pulled it slightly open. The paper slid deeper into the drawer, cascading most of it in shadow. A small portion that was still visible stopped Kawamura as he went to push the drawer closed. Unintentionally reading out the words to himself, “It’s not her”. It was written with intensity as though someone’d quickly jotted down a note to themselves for future reference. Kawamura glanced back up towards the scroll hanging just above his head and found himself lost within its artistry for a few moments. Slamming the cabinet drawer shut, Kawamura swung his jacket over his shoulders and made his way outside of his office, leaving the room eerily vacant.Bookmark here

     Lights flashed back and forth across her eyes as a muffled voice mumbled on without her caring to make any sense of it. As the light pulled away and her vision returned to normal, Chiasa continued to stare forward, completely ignoring the woman clad in all white scrubs attempting to make dialogue. The door slid open and the nurse peeled backwards to catch a glimpse of who it was. She immediately dropped her tools onto the cart and walked over towards the doorway, removing herself from Chiasa’s view and leaving nothing but the conjoined edges of the wall in front of her.Bookmark here

     “She still may be experiencing a bit of shock,” the nurse whispered to Detective Kawamura. Nodding his head, the nurse then made her way outside the room as Kawamura took his time walking over towards Chiasa’s bedside.Bookmark here

“Good to see you still in one piece,” Kawamura uttered, taking a seat on Chiasa’s righthand side. She hazily kept looking forward as if lost within a completely different realm. Just as Kawamura opened his mouth to say something, Chiasa interjected, “Why am I always the one left behind?” Kawamura couldn’t carve out a means of regrouping Chiasa’s torn mindset, but nonetheless felt it best that he kept talking to her. “You have to try and see the benefits to the outcome of a situation. You’re alive, which means you can still move forward.” For a moment, a swift change in Chiasa’s aura struck the atmosphere within the room; allowing Kawamura as well to feel a bit more relaxed. Bookmark here

          “We’ve reached your mother. . . She’s been hospitalized.”Bookmark here

Kawamura waited for a response from Chiasa, but almost as if it was to be expected, she said nothing. “It’s the second time this week.Bookmark here

          “Did you know about this?”Bookmark here

Yet again, Chiasa’s only answer was mum. She even refused to look in his direction. But as the seconds ticked by, Chiasa finally bore a willingness to open up.Bookmark here

          “I was dreaming. . . while I was asleep. And it was­—-weird. It was so real I couldn’t. . . It felt like I was really there. Like I was living within that world. But I can’t remember anything about it. Other than the fact that it felt real; nothing else sticks.”Bookmark here

          “To be honest, that’s the least strange thing that’s occurred in your life since the day I met you.” Bookmark here

Chiasa lowered her head slightly, staring into the palms of her hands. “I have to find her.”Bookmark here

          “I know; trust me, finding her is our top priority. And to make sure we get to do that; we need to make sure that you’re safe.”Bookmark here

     Chiasa turned to look at Kawamura and shook her head slowly from side to side. Tears welled up in her eyes, and her expression told of a lack of perseverance. She was riddled with doubts. Broken by fear.Bookmark here

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