Chapter 1:


Alanza: Dawn after Demise

As I tilted my hand toward the right, I saw the statue of Kennedy Macpherson, the founder of the prestigious 'Clemont University ' located in the heart of Laurasia, the capital of the Nation of Southern Eldoria.

Huh. Guess this is where it begins. I, a recent high-school graduate with a 'B+' grade was at Clemont University, and I was a few minutes away from entering my class.

The University boasts a 90% employment rate in government jobs and services. Divided into 22 Departments, I am enrolled in the 'Department of Martial Arts and Combat'. Today is my first day at this university.

Southern Eldoria is known for training and developing the world's best combatants, mages and swordsmen. Our university puts a special emphasis on our department as the students of the nation's most esteemed university are normally expected to serve the state and are always the first set of choices. I was one of them.

Phew. Guess it can't be helped.

I let out a deep sigh and stared narrowly at the signboard placed at the top of the class.

I read 'Class I-B'.

To graduate from the university with a degree in hand, one must study here for four years and should ensure they don't fail in any of the examinations, both written and practical held thrice every year.

One who gets a score below the acceptable criteria will have to drop out of the university and could only study in the so-called 'second-grade colleges', that are considered inferior to the top-class universities situated in the metropolitans.

Each of the four grades was subdivided into four sections (or) sectors. Each sector has 40 students, twenty boys and twenty girls.

Students must reside in the specially designed dorms located inside the university. A set of dorms are referred to as 'blocks'. Each block accommodates about 20 dorms, which means a block is assigned for a single sector.

I was proud of myself for having researched the university for hours before stepping inside the gate.

But that doesn't matter anymore. From now on, this is my life and I decide how to use it. If anyone interferes, I don't care to exterminate them.

"Clemont, here I come!"

As I entered the classroom, all I could hear was heavy clamour around a study desk. Trying to figure out what the commotion was all about. I slowly walked towards the epicentre of all the commotion, the study desk. The scene I saw traumatized me.

"Please, I beg you! Leave me." The words came from a student who was threatened to be stabbed in the throat by another one who was pressing the former on the desk, holding a short knife in his hands. He was laughing.

"This classroom is under my control from now. Those who dare to oppose my regime shall be tortured to death until they voluntarily drop out from the university!"

After hearing his declaration, the classroom was filled with great noise from the classmates, and it appeared as if none would stand against this self-boasting bastard.

Well, it isn't like I'm going to stand up against him anyway. I slowly retreated from the desk to find my seat and sat there. Closing my eyes, I prayed to Taylor and Blair.

"May your souls rest in peace. I pray that Father shall take you both to heaven." I opened my eyes and as I turned right, I spotted my neighbour in the classroom.

Before facing her, I whispered to myself, "Though I'm not sure whether heaven or hell exists in this bi-dimensional universe".

I turned my head to the left to see my classmate surfing on her mobile. It was a girl. My first goal after entering the classroom was to befriend someone, regardless of gender.

I tried to spark a conversation with her with no second thoughts in mind.

"Hello. May I know what's-" Before could I finish my part; she gave me an ice-cold stare that threw me off.

"What do you want?" She interrogated me like how a policeman would question an accused.

"Nothing in particular. I just wanted to know better about my classmates who would likely be traveling with me for the next four years."

"I see. Then I wouldn't mind providing my name to my mannerless classmate who suddenly barges in to exchange your contact information with him."

"I'm sorry. If you don't particularly like it, we would better not-" As I was about to finish saying 'exchange our contacts' I could feel that another death stare awaited me. I thought it was dangerous to speak anymore. I turned back and retreated towards my place.

"Huh. This classroom is gonna be very troublesome." I had a sense of relief as I leaned against the desk on my chair. "This is heaven."

That was when I noticed a tall man walking towards the classroom. The clatter in the class immediately settled down within seconds as if they were prepared for his arrival.

All the students including me stood up and bowed towards the mysterious figure and greeted him with a "Good day, sir."

"Good day to all of you too, please settle at your places." Having said this, all the students sat at their respective places and waited for his next words.

"I am the Head Professor of the Class I-B. I am responsible for everything that happens in the classroom and what the class does. I shall quickly read you out the instructions about your stay in this university."

He took a sheet of paper that was held on the professor's table. He quickly read out the instructions.

"This class has a strength of forty students. There are equal boys and girls in the classroom. All students are supposed to reside in the dormitories assigned to them until they graduate or drop out. A boy and a girl are paired up as partners and they score points based on their performance in academics and applications of skills in combat. At the beginning of every month, a long-term challenge is provided, and it takes at least 25 days to complete the task-"

Before hearing him out completely or letting him finish his part, the students had already started to discuss the rules that were just read out.


"Paired up... with a girl?!"

"I want to get paired up with that blonde chick!"

As soon as the topic of girls came up in the class, the boys went crazy and started throwing out their sudden emotions and a loud chatter broke out in the class.

The Professor silenced the boys by thudding the class board.

"Silence. Let me finish this. The paired-up boy and girl are allotted adjacent dorms separated by a movable glass door. The glass door will be in a movable position until 7:30 pm after which the glass door's motion will be blocked for the next 12 hours and will be open to motion from 7:30 am. So basically, the glass door will be open for 12 hours a day. Group studies and task planning must occur before/after the class hours."

The class was filled with an unprecedented silence after his long speech.

"Forget to tell you the vitals. The class duration is from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm. Attendance will be taken without any delays at 8:50 am. Any entries into the classroom after the entry in the attendance will be not entertained. A single dormitory is allocated for the entire 1st-year students. Dorms are divided into blocks. Each Block accommodates one classroom's strength, that is forty hostel rooms. So typically, there are four blocks in the first year's dorm."

As the class was lending their ears carefully to the valuable info the professor was providing them, there wasn't even a single noise in the classroom.

"We decided on the pair-ups already two months ago when the admissions were confirmed. the pair-ups are..."

While saying this, the Prof. took a white chart paper and struck it to the board. While I was searching for my name on the list, I was filled with deep anxiety, an emotion that I thought was long gone from my heart. After a brief search, I finally found my name on the list and next to my name, there was someone else's name present there. It read...

'Kelly Krysta'.