Chapter 15:

Chapter 15: Cornered Rat

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I look at the unconscious man lying near my feet.Bookmark here

[Looks like you pull it off human, although you're already running out of magia.]Bookmark here

"Huff…. Huff…. Huff…. Shut…. Up…"Bookmark here

It's a close call. Honestly, I only beat this guy by the skin of my teeth. Though I agree with this Demon King that he is a third-rate, defeating him is not easy by any means. My spell {Bright Light} played a critical role in the outcome, but that spell is not deadly by any means. It's simply an improved version of the "Conventional MSA" called [light] which basically just conjures a ball of light. And since it's a pure spell yet to be converted into an MSA, casting it manually consumes a lot of magia. Yes, I improve and develop the spell myself, but even if I register it, I'm certain it will also be categorized as a "Conventional MSA" given its effects.Bookmark here

[You've displayed such good combat instinct and battle tactics yet you get drained out with just this much. What a waste.]Bookmark here

"Yeah I know….. You don't have... To rub it off my face..."Bookmark here

I look at the still sleeping Alisha and walk towards her.Bookmark here

"…. Looks like… she's genuinely in a magia stasis state…. she's sleeping… like a log."Bookmark here

[And looks like the effect is wearing off, there's little amount of magia leaking out of her body after all. So, what will you do now, human?]Bookmark here

I catch my breath. ".... Why are you acting like it's not your problem anyway?"Bookmark here

[Cause it's not.] The Demon King replied with a cold voice.Bookmark here

After checking Alisha's condition, I realized that she really needs to be put back up in a magia stasis machine.Bookmark here

Her condition is getting worse by the minute.Bookmark here

[What? You're just gonna stand there human?]Bookmark here

"Will you shut up already?!" I scowled at him.Bookmark here

What to do now? Since I can still feel they're magia, I'm sure those two are still fighting. Which means bringing back Alisha back in there is definitely a no no. This is a straight path, so going back means I will inevitably cross paths with those two monsters. Wait, if I remember correctly, this path should directly lead to the parking area of this building, and I'm pretty sure I saw an exit leading to that same parking area from the northern building where I'm staying. Guess strolling around do me some good huh?Bookmark here

I look ahead, "Guess I have no other choice." I mumble to no one in particular.Bookmark here

I push the wheelchair ahead to the direction of the parking lot. For some reason though, the Demon King is keeping his foul mouth shut for now. Though this is a good thing; I wish he always stays like that.Bookmark here

I will bear with it a little longer, since when I reach the northern building, I will be able to entrust Alisha's care to the staff there. Unfortunately, my expectations betray me.Bookmark here

"Wha!!" Is the first thing that came out of my mouth when I reached the parking area.Bookmark here

[Yeah, I thought that was a really bad idea.] The Demon King chimed in. Unfortunately, I have no room to reply to that.Bookmark here

In front of me are the guards supposed to be guarding this place. They are sprawled to the ground, not budging an inch, I can't even tell whether they are simply unconscious or already dead. Just a little distance away, five men are wearing full combat suits. Judging from this scene, I'm absolutely certain that they are the ones responsible for this mess. In short, the nurse and that man have other accomplices.Bookmark here

"Shit!" I unconsciously let out.Bookmark here

I've been naïve. I thought that those two were the only people I have to worry about. I didn't even consider the fact that they may be other accomplices besides the man I defeated. Does the fact that I defeat that man make me careless enough to not consider other possibilities? Did I overestimate my own capabilities just because I managed to win once? No, this is not the time to wallow in my mistakes! I need to do something! We need to get out of here, fast!Bookmark here

I briskly turn the wheelchair around. There's still time to flee; they haven't noticed me yet!Bookmark here

Unfortunately, my reaction came relatively late. One of the men detects me as I'm trying to flee. The moment his eyes meet mine, he shoots an {Magia Spear} in my direction. I put up an {Anti-magic Barrier} to defend, but the direct impact from the attack shook my body to the core. The next thing I knew, I'm back inside the building, lying face down on the ground with my mouth filled with the taste of blood.Bookmark here

My body is in pain, littered with cuts. Grinding my teeth, I push my body to the limit and manage to stand back up.Bookmark here

When I looked upfront, I was greeted by the sight of a {Thunder Bolt} flying straight to my chest. I tried to cast another {Anti-magic Barrier} but it came too late.Bookmark here

"AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!" Excruciating pain assaults my body, it then becomes numbed, and once again, I fall faced down on the ground.Bookmark here

"That girl is our target. You there, take her!!" One of the men shouts.Bookmark here

"A-are you sure?" The other one asks.Bookmark here

"Stop asking questions and just take her already!! Do you want to experience the madam's wrath?!"Bookmark here

"!!!"Bookmark here

"ARRGGHH, DAMN IT!" I try to get up but my body isn't heeding my command, although I manage to escape death because of the anti-magic barrier, my body still got severely damaged from the electricity that leaks in. I managed to barely raise my head and saw one of the men pushing the wheelchair close to their car, most likely, that is their getaway vehicle.Bookmark here

"Also finish that guy off!" The man added, looks like that guy is the leader of this group. Obeying the order of their alleged leader, the man who assaults me leisurely walks toward my position. Flashing a sadistic smile, the dagger in his right-hand glows ominously.Bookmark here

SHIT SHIT SHIT!! I screamed internally and forced my body up trying to get up on my feet, but my numbed body refused to listen to my command and I once again fell face down on the ground. As I desperately incline my head to look upfront, a voice calls out to me.Bookmark here

[Hey human, I have a proposal.] Declared the voice resonating directly in my head. Honestly, it irritates me that I'm starting to get familiar with that voice even though it hasn't been that long since that godforsaken app got stuck in my magi-phone.Bookmark here

I ignore the voice, but seeing the scene in front of me shocked so much that I ask in reflex. 'Wh-what happened?!' In front of me are the kidnappers frozen like a statue, no it is not that they stop moving but they are moving very slow like a video playing in super slow motion, and not only them, everything is moving at a snail-pace even the smoke coming from the electricity burnt rubber from the sliding door.Bookmark here

[Don't worry, human; this is my Secret Magic Art.] The annoying Demon King declares with pride.Bookmark here

I try turning my head to look into my magi-phone's screen, but like everything else the movement of my head is snaillike.Bookmark here

[Oh yeah, the movement of your body will be the same as everything else since {Accelerated Thought} only accelerates the thought process, not the body itself.] He explained.Bookmark here

Hearing that, I push my eyeball to the limit and in the corner of my vision is a notification displayed on the screen of my magi-phone.Bookmark here

[Secret Magic Art Shared: {Accelerated Thought} Activated]Bookmark here

Seriously, that's cheating!!Bookmark here

[Get it now?] With a prideful voice, the cheeky Demon King asked. Ignoring his remark, I calm myself down collecting my disarrayed thoughts. 'So, what's your proposal?' I ask with the most composed tone I can muster.Bookmark here

[Good, looks like we can still communicate using telepathy. Anyway, my proposal is, surrender your body's control to me and I will save your life and that girl from those men.]Bookmark here

Wait, something's wrong with that statement; it feels like this guy knows this would happen.Bookmark here


[Huh? How is that my fault? That's your fault for not realizing it yourself, I did say it's not my problem, didn't I?]Bookmark here

'DAMN IT!!' I hate admitting it, but the bastard is right. It's my fault for not noticing, and I've got no one else to blame for this but myself.Bookmark here

[So, how is it gonna be BRYSON?] The Demon King asks with a devilish voice clearly enjoying this situation.Bookmark here

I've got no other choice at this point so clearly this guy is just trying to rile me up and it's working like a charm damn it!Bookmark here

Mustering every composure in me, I ask. '...Tell me, can you also do something about Alisha's disease?'Bookmark here

[Hmmmm... I can't heal it completely, but I suppose I can pacify her raging magia for a while.]Bookmark here

For hundreds of years, doctors and researchers haven't found a way to cure or delay the effect of magia burn, and yet this guy is saying he can do something about it?! It's suspicious but in this situation what choice do I have?Bookmark here

…. He indeed got me cornered huh.Bookmark here

'For how long?' With no other choice I asked.Bookmark here

[If I have to guess, about a year.]Bookmark here

Seriously?!Bookmark here

[So, how about it? And just to remind you, time is still flowing, albeit slowly for us. Also, it seems like you can only remain in this state for about 5 seconds, you just waste 3 seconds, so make a decision now.]Bookmark here

It's so suspicious, but the way I see it I have no other choice.Bookmark here

'How can I be certain you're gonna fulfil your promise and that you're telling the truth?' I asked despite knowing I've got no other choice; it's pathetic, but this is me showing my last bit of resistance.Bookmark here

[Don't worry, despite my nature; I honour my promises. Besides, you're gonna die either way, so why not gamble and use your life for something meaningful?]Bookmark here

I bet this guy's showing an evil smile right now.Bookmark here

'Fine, but on the condition that you won't hurt my sister and you will not only save Alisha but also heal her disease.' I said resigning myself to my fate.Bookmark here

[It's a deal then! Okay, so, when the accelerated thought fades, a notification will appear on the magi-phone's screen, and you merely have to press YES.]Bookmark here

After saying that, time turns back in its natural flow, when I look at my magi-phone a notification appears.Bookmark here


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