Chapter 0:


Cybercity New Era

About 10years ago when i was 16 a new life-changing technology was invented and it was called ZYPHER and it was amazing it saved a- lot of lives and at the time earth was about to become a grave for humanity because we were destroying the environment but the new technology was cheaper than anything else and it was good for the environment it was even used in all forms of vehicles it completely stopped the process of us destroying the environmentBookmark here

but then the government payed scientist to make new weapons out of it and they succeeded and the weapons were a great success but only people with money and power can get their hands on it and once they did get it all of us normal people without a lot of money to spare we become the bottom in human society not even the law did anything to stop the powerful from killing us and stealing all our stuffBookmark here

So i decided to put together a group to put an end to this era we are called the UNKNOWN so i found alot of capable people i could trust there's me Zane im usually the guns blazing guy and there's Akane shes a real badass let me tell you that much shes a master of bypassing security and stealing information or assasinating targets and then there's Shinjiro the man himself is a legend at taking out enemies from a far with his insanely over powered sniper rifle there's alot of pressure on him hes our cover our lifes depend on him giving us information about the enemies location and if possible take as many out as he canBookmark here

Me Zane i have short black hair and purple eyes Bookmark here

Akane she has long brown hair and brown eyesBookmark here

Shinjiro he has short white hair and blue eyesBookmark here

We have our own UNKNOWN uniforms is a black bullet proof shirt with a grey T shirt over it and black pants with a pistol holder if we run out of ammo on our main weapon or it gets broken Bookmark here

We have our own hideout in the top of one of the tallest buildings in cybercity we only have the top floor tho but it's more than enough it is huge we have a mini shooting range and we each have a room with our bed and a closet to put our bags of equipment and clothes in and we can go to the roof and look at the beutiful city that was once our homeBookmark here

The weapons shoot light sharp enough to penetrate allmost anything it's a good thing that we stole some of those weapons aswell and the color of the light depends on how the weapon was madeBookmark here

We are taking down the government one by one and we wont rest till we get our city back to what it once was!Bookmark here

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