Chapter 1:


Cybercity New Era

We were sitting by the dinning table and getting a cup of coffee and then Zane says "we are going to steal information about a secret project i have been hearing about and it's locked in a government base down south at the edge of Cybercity Everybody gear up and meet me on the roof in 10minutes i got a surprise for you guys before the mission starts" Bookmark here

While Shinjiro and Akane are walking up the stairs Shinjiro says "if i know Zane right he probably got his hands on something big because hes not the type to wait showing something"Bookmark here

They walk on the roof and Akane says "NANII HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET A MILITARY CHOPPER" Zane answers "well i might have stolen it with help from one of my friends"Bookmark here

Shinjiro says "i don't care how you got it becuase this is gonna be fun" he says with a smile on his face Akane asks "how are we going to pilot it?" Zane replies "didn't i tell you i got help from my friend hes a new member his name is Haru he is going to be our pilot and can scout since the chopper has a cloakBookmark here

Guys hop in chopper i will inform all of you about the plan while we are making our way down south! I could hear the rain dropping on the windows while i was in the chopper as i was about to explain the planBookmark here

So Shinjiro is going to snipe the front gate guards and then Akane while they are distracted you will sneak in by being dropped off the chopper while the cloak is on and cut the power for the front gate and when the power is gone i will be ready in my juggaurnaut suit and kill as many as i can while blasting away through the front gate and Shinjiro is going to help clear them out then when everything is clear Akane you'r going to hack into their systems while we keep watch of incoming reinforcements Shinjiro you are being dropped off at the tallest building that also has a clear view over the baseBookmark here

We are allmost there a drop of sweat falls down my face i took a deep breathe and put the helmet for the juggernaut suit on and i got dropped off a few hundred meters from the front gate and got in position Shinjiro was dropped off at the tall building with good cover and a perfect view over the area and Akane was ready to drop in when it will be clear Bookmark here

Everything was set the mission was ready to                                            beginBookmark here

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