Chapter 2:

Red eyes

Cybercity New Era

Everyone is in positionBookmark here

The base is inside a square area with electric light fences around it and in the front there's two guard towers one in each corner and in the middle of the base the research facility/our goal is and it has its own power source so that works perfectly for us but the only way into the facility is with an access card and we can only get that from the soldiers at the place and the lab is surrounded with protection so we need the card to get in but the person with a card is inside a building but when we cut the main power off we can get inBookmark here

Shinjiro "1shot 2shot the front guards went bang" Zane "stop messing around!"Bookmark here

Akane we are dropping you in are you ready?Bookmark here

Yes send me inBookmark here

Akane - i was sliding down the rope and when i finally landed on the roof i kicked the door to the stairs down then i ran down the stairs but at the bottom a man with red eyes and was in my way so obviously i had to kill him so i took my automatic pistol and just shot him one time in the head but he didn't even flinch and then i shot again and again but nothing happened to him then he started taking steps towards me i was scared i could not move a muscle he grabbed me around the neck and picked me up it was useless trying to get his hand off my throat and then he threw me into the wall to the right it felt like my lungs exploded i couldn't breathe but i also noticed he didn't show any emotion like he a machine but he clearly isn't a machine my only option was to use the light pistol i shot him it went right through his head and he fell to the ground but all of a sudden he shed a tear and said thanks before dying Bookmark here

I forgot all about what he said because i was sitting on my knees craving for air and a few minutes passed by and then i heard Zane over the radio "Are you ok you haven't cut the power yet what's going on"Bookmark here

"Nothing im allmost there"Bookmark here

And then Akane pushed herself to get back up and get going she made it to the power generator a few minutes later and plugged her phone into it and cut the power to the front gatesBookmark here

Akane - now all i could do was wait for Zane and Shinjiro to take care of the rest of the enemies before i download the research facility,s information i took a breath and calmed my nervesBookmark here

Cybercity New Era

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