Chapter 1:

Song 1

The Wandering Crow

Darkness...Bookmark here

The only thing I can perceive at this moment. I let my body loose and my mind wandered to my childhood past. Images of my past come and go, recollection of my distant memories engulf my senses.Bookmark here

"I'm I asleep?"Bookmark here

I muttered while engrossed in this lucid dream that my mind concocted. I stayed in this state for quite some time. Then I heard a faint sound unrelated to my dreams and memories. At first, the mysterious sounds where too faint to be coherent. As time pass, the sounds became more clearer.Bookmark here

Screams.Bookmark here

The sounds were screams from multiple voices. Continuous and relentless, the viscous screams began assaulting my ears so much that it's unbearable. I covered my ears yet the unfathomable screams just pass through my hands as if it were nothing. Now accompanied by sounds of clashing steel, they engulf my sense of hearing in utter chaos.Bookmark here

Then Silence...Bookmark here

I breathe a sigh of relief as the pain I'm my head slowly abates leaving a tinge of numbness. As thankful as I was, this abnormal circumstances I'm in are giving me so much questions.Bookmark here

Wake Up...Bookmark here

A girls voice echoed in the surrounding darkness.Bookmark here

A flash of light filled the dark and my eyes were opened.Bookmark here

My eyes was greeted by a starry sky and full moon.  My other senses has yet to come besides my vision. I was still half asleep or at I thought I was as   my eyes adjust itself.Bookmark here

My ears began to pick weird sounds, ringing steels and voices screaming. Bookmark here

I was standing in a battlefield.Bookmark here

Men clad in steel and armor weilding swords,Spears, hammers and shields are fighting each other. The clashing of swords , the vicious warcries as they kill each other with murderous intent.Bookmark here

Men getting spearhead through the stomach, heads being decapitated by swords and bodies felled by their opponents weapons. All of this happening left and right as I stand and spectate utterly dumbfounded by what's happening.Bookmark here

"The hell is happening!?"Bookmark here

These series of events that was unfolding right before my eyes were utterly mind-blowing .Bookmark here

I stand watched daze and confused on what's going on. Bookmark here

"I'm I still dreaming!?"Bookmark here

No...that can't be the case.Bookmark here

These things I'm witnessing are too vivid.Bookmark here

The color of red, the loud clashing of steel, the stench of blood and Iron. All of my senses are screaming otherwise.Bookmark here

I could not move or rather would not move for I was so fixated on the amount of bloodshed happening around me.Bookmark here

I watched them as they slaughter each other with great zeal. Knights from fairy tales clashing left and right.Bookmark here

They paid no heed to my presence as if the only thing they matter was survival and death for those who think otherwise.Bookmark here

I watched one just meters away from where I was standing. Bookmark here

The man was wearing an archaic armor from head to toe. He wore a white  coat adorned with red symbols over a chain mail, had thick bulky grieves attached to his hands and a helmet like that of a crusader.Bookmark here

His left hand was holding a white banner Bookmark here

With a red emblem of a four legged creature with a tail and his right wasBookmark here

a heavy looking sword with a blade's length similar to an arm.Bookmark here

He was surrounded by three knights, their blade's at ready. Each of them wore a brown and black coat over their chain mail and had a more dome shaped helm with red plumes decorated on top.Bookmark here

The three of them slowly flanked the lone warrior, leaving no room for escaped. Bookmark here

The knight, seemingly not bothered by by his situation stood still merely looking  at his adversaries.Bookmark here

"I'm I going to witness a helpless massacre?"Bookmark here

With heavy footsteps, the three knights slowly approached him with their swords pointed outBookmark here

Unfazed, the lone warrior slowly raised his banner then plunged it with great force.Bookmark here

The act seemingly startled them stopping their approached with their swords still prepared.Bookmark here

They all stood still, waiting for one them to move. It was a merciless showdown and I have front row seats in all the action that's about to come.Bookmark here

The lone knight began to stretch his arms  as if to beckon them to strike first.Bookmark here

The three knights were hesitant to accept the his invitation, they look at each other, not sure one to do. A moment of idleness pass, they all nod at each other in unison.Bookmark here

In a flash, they all charge at him followed with a chilling  war cry. The one on his front strikes first with slashing down with his blade using his two hands.Bookmark here

With his arm still stretched out, he  sidestep out harm's way and with his  sword in his right, delivered a brutal swiped at his neck.Bookmark here

Blood spilled out his neck, he covered his neck with his hands as he writhed in agony. He then fell to the ground motionless in a pool of his own blood, succumbing to his grim fate.Bookmark here

Undeterred by what  happened to his comrade, he strikes down the lone Knight's exposed back with his blade.Bookmark here

With deft speeds, he turned around. He raised his left hand, parrying the enemy's sword with his metal greaves. He then took this opportunity to stabbing him in the gut.Bookmark here

His blade pierced through his body, blood gushed from his stomach. The assailant drop his sword on the ground as he stares at his mortal wound at his waistBookmark here

He then violently pulled his sword out, blood sprayed everywhere dyeing the the white lone knight in a shade of red while leaving the other dead and motionless.Bookmark here

The last attacker was stammering, seeing all of his comrades being slain has shocked him to his very core. His whole body was shaking and the odds of him winning is very bleak.Bookmark here

The now crimson knight approached his attacker, as he draws closer something snapped and the once shaking knight began to scream incoherently, swinging his sword with out rhyme or reason.Bookmark here

He parried every swing with his blade, every move he was methodical and on point unlike his frenzied opponent.Bookmark here

The brown coated knight was relentless. He continued his barrage of attacks, swinging his sword as if it was a bat. Bookmark here

His crude way of fighting gave the  crimson knight ample time to strike back, delivering fast blows to all of his limbs. Bookmark here

In an epic display of swordsmanship, he swiped his sword with unparalleled speed, filling the opponents arms and legs with myriads of cuts and slashes that went through his armor.Bookmark here

Unable to withstand his lethal blows, he staggered backwards, dropping his his sword.Bookmark here

The once frenzied attacker was now barely standing. Seeing his weapon on the ground and the state of his body. The man fell on his knees, unable to stand again due to his injuries.Bookmark here

The crimson knight once again approached him. This time he didn't lashed out and unleashed his fury. He he merely faced the ground in defeat, submitting himself to his faith.Bookmark here

He stared at  the knight, laying on his knees helplessly. He then walk pass by him, turned around on his back and stabbed him with great force, ending his life.Bookmark here

As he pulled his sword on his lifeless body. His head turned around and looked in my direction. He stared at me, his eyes barely visible through his helmet's visor.Bookmark here

This caught at me surprised for he was the first one that seemed to acknowledge my presence. His presence is overwhelming yet his eyes bears no hostility.Bookmark here

We stared at each other for quite a while. His eyes gazing at my body as mine gaze at his. He then turned around and walked away pulling the white banner of his. His figure slowly fades as he walks further away from me.Bookmark here

With him gone, my eyes headed elsewhere. I again stand aimlessly looking left and right as I watched others kill each other.Bookmark here

As I watched the ongoing war, I felt something odd. an ominous feeling and a sense of dread.Bookmark here

The feeling grew stronger as time passed. Try as I might, I can't shake the feeling of uneasiness inside.Bookmark here

This feeling was somethingBookmark here

"It feels like I'm being watched..."Bookmark here

As if someone is staring in my back. Then I heard heavy footsteps behind me. I turned around to see what it was.Bookmark here

I saw knight standing before me, his eyes staring right at me. Bookmark here

Like a deer in headlights, I was frozen in place as he stands right before me.Bookmark here

He wore the same attire that the 3 knights did that just died moments ago.Bookmark here

He was breathing heavily, seemingly exhausted from his fighting. His armor was full of blood and dirt. He held a sword in his hands still dripping with blood.Bookmark here

From the small opening of his helm, I can see his eyes staring right at me. Wide open and full of hostility.Bookmark here

I saw those eyes before, those are the eyes of someone who is ready to take a person's life.Bookmark here

An odd sensation began to flow through me, a mix of Confusion, Fear, and Excitement. I was in a standoff between a knight in a middle of a warzone happening in God knows where.Bookmark here

He readies his sword with his eyes still locked to mine. Bookmark here

His actions reminded me of something so crucial yet did not crossed my mind since once.Bookmark here

"I've got no weapons..."Bookmark here

Contrary to the the guy standing in front of me clad in metal, I'm wearing nothing but a white hood and black pants.Bookmark here

My heart started to beat faster and faster as I was thinking of what to do while still staring at his eyes.Bookmark here

He was staring daggers through as if he was waiting for me to do something or rather waiting an opportunity to kill me. My intuition tells me that I'm in great danger if I so much as break my gaze with him.Bookmark here

I discreetly lowered my hand, feeling my pocket for anything that can be used as a weapon.Bookmark here

My phone...Bookmark here

My wallet...Bookmark here

My Flashlight...Bookmark here

"Shit..."Bookmark here

I cussed at state that I'm in.With no weapons, I'm left defenceless to this armored assailant.Bookmark here

Sweat began to trickle down from my brows. They began to screw with my eyes yet I try maintaining my gaze.Bookmark here

His eyes narrowed at mine, Mine flinched. At that moment, he suddenly  lunged at me.Bookmark here

I instinctively backed off covering my head with my arms. He slashed my right arm, His blade went through the fabric of my sleeves and right to my flesh.Bookmark here

I cried I agony as blood trickled through my wound dyeing my white hoodies's sleeve in a crimson hue. If it weren't for me backing at that moment. His blade would have probably cut through my bones, slicing my arm completely.Bookmark here

While I was backing off, I managed to get some distance between us. He readies his yet again sword, preparing for another strike.Bookmark here

I put my left hand on my wound applying pressure to lessen the blood loss. My right arm was searing in pain, I tried to endure it biting my tongue to ease my mind.Bookmark here

He charged once again with sword high in the air. Bookmark here

In my desperation, I let go of my wound and grabbed my flashlight turning it on pointblank  at his face as  he was about to swing his sword.Bookmark here

The flash illuminated the battlefield for moment and the knight jerks in response. That caused him to miss me me with his overhead strike.Bookmark here

Instead of hitting me with his blade, I got pushed hard from his momentum knocking  both of us to the ground.Bookmark here

My head landed on something hard. I turned around and saw a knight laying on the ground, dead in a puddle of his own blood.Bookmark here

In his left hand was a sword. Seeing a great opportunity, I dropped my flashlight and grabbed the sword prying it out from his cold, dead hands.Bookmark here

The knight and I both rised from the ground regaining our composure.Bookmark here

"This even out the odds don't ya think so?"Bookmark here

I said as I grinned while I   pointed my sword at him.Bookmark here

The knight was silent, only response was him readying his blade.Bookmark here

The weight of  the sword was heavy unlike the ones I had tried before. Such an odd sensation as if you were holding a dumbbell with all it's weight on one side.Bookmark here

We slowly began closing the gap between us, both of us looking for an opportunity to strike.Bookmark here

We circle around each other, drawing closer with each step we took. As soon as I was in a hitting distance, He swung his sword with two hands horizontally. Bookmark here

I was able to telegraph his attack and managed to doged it. While his hands are still in motion. I dashed to his  right swinging my sword with all my might against his leg.Bookmark here

A weird visceral sensation came from my hand as I felt it tear to the fabric and go through flesh. The sensation reminded me if time's where I would cut meats in the chopping to cook and eat later on.Bookmark here

Blood burst out of his leg spraying out in the open. He loses his footing and and  drop on his knees.Bookmark here

Seeing him vulnerable, I charge at him, swinging my sword at his neck. Our sword clashed as he parried my attack. He they began to furiously swing his from left to right leaving no choice but for me to back off.Bookmark here

He then plunged his sword to his ground and is used it as crutch as he gets up.Bookmark here

"Guess we're even."Bookmark here

I snickered as I pointed at his leg still oozing out large amounts of blood.Bookmark here

The sight of it made me remembered my own wound reminding me of the searing pain.Bookmark here

"Would you look at that, guessed I popped a vein or two. "Bookmark here

He paid no heed to my words, and slowly closes at me. Blood drips down from his leg as he continues limping to me with his sword ready.Bookmark here

Seeing that there's no way to talk this out. I raised my blade, ready to take a man's life.Bookmark here

I decided to take the initiative and strike first, swinging my sword over him.Bookmark here

He blocked it with his blade making my sword recoil from it's place. I swung again only for him to block it once more.Bookmark here

In terms of experience, I'm outmatched. The only experience with swords I had are in video games and the katana I had back when I was a teenager.Bookmark here

"Swinging my sword aimlessly would do me no good...or would it?" Bookmark here

He's was breathing heavily, clearly exhausted. His leg still bleeding from my lucky strike, barely able to walk.Bookmark here

I just need to wear him out and I'll be able to kill him. I need to go all out to break his guard .Bookmark here

With that in mind I hold my sword with both  hands, gripping the handle tight.Bookmark here

"Ahh...this is gonna suck."Bookmark here

The knight  sensing danger , held his sword high preparing for incoming attacks.Bookmark here

I began to furiously swing my sword at him over and over again. Putting all the weight and effort my body can muster in each swing.Bookmark here

He tries blocking my blows the sheer force of my blows breaks his guard. Some of attacks lands at his body. Bookmark here

Still swinging my sword with everything I had. I pummel him as he tries to parry my attack. I was met with pain and exhaustion especially with my left arm which began to bleed more profusely.Bookmark here

He was barraged by my endless mayhem. his sword barely able to move now as he takes most of my hits.Bookmark here

He lowered his arms, dropping his sword.Bookmark here

I stopped and took deep breaths. That attack made exhausted weak and bleeding. I was almost at my limitBookmark here

I gripped my sword and with my remaining strength, swung my bladeBookmark here

right at his neck. Bookmark here

My sword slashed through the crevice of his armor, right through his flesh.Bookmark here

His neck burst with blood. Showering me in crimson red.Bookmark here

With that last mortal strike. The knight  fell down to ground.Bookmark here

I heave a sigh of relief as I kneel down from exhaustion.Bookmark here

The deed was done and I was still standing. Bookmark here

I was filled with a sense of accomplishment as I looked at my opponent on the ground. Bookmark here

I walked towards him taking a trying to take a good look at him. To my surprise he was still alive.Bookmark here

He was laying on the ground as blood was spilling from his neck. His eyes were dim and struggling to breathe. He was drowning in his own blood.Bookmark here

It was such a pitiful sight. Although he was the one who tried to kill me first, I can't help but feel sorry for him.Bookmark here

I can't bear to watch him slowly die a painful death so I decided to do the only thing I can think of and end his life.Bookmark here

I squat down besides him and rest my hand against his shoulder. Bookmark here

"I don't know who you are but you fought bravely and for that you have my respect."Bookmark here

I stood up and  aimed my sword right between his neck.Bookmark here

"May you rest peacefully"Bookmark here

His eyes grew softer, the animosity that I saw before was no longer there.Bookmark here

I cracked a genuine smile and with his last rites performed, plunged my sword right at his bloody neck.Bookmark here

I felt his spine break as the blade pierced passed through his neck and into the ground.Bookmark here

I once again dropped to my knees, leaving the sword stabbed to the knight's neck.Bookmark here

I breathe heavily as my vision blurs and my mind fades. All that continuesly fighting and emotion have caught up with me.Bookmark here

My body grows numb as I slowly pass out from all the exhaustion. I lay down, embracing the cold hard ground right next to the person I just killed.Bookmark here

"Ahh...what a nice place to rest."Bookmark here

My vision grew dark and my mind fades away.Bookmark here

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