Chapter 2:

Oliver and Normal Life

Being Normal Is Something That Everyone Wants, Right?

Monday morning, something not everyone looks forward. Nonetheless, the birds are still chirping signing the time to wake up. Let us find a great family to make this morning better. Ah, that house with white paint and a second floor is just perfect for this morning.

You said I've done this before? Eh, I have no recollection of doing this. Let's just move forward, shall we?

A boy gets up from his bed, screaming like he's seen a nightmare.


I already said the boy screamed, do you really have to add the subtitles?

"What kind of dream was that dream? I'd never want to see myself as energetic as that guy! Normal life is the best!" That's what he said after he screamed. "It's Monday, huh." The boy sighs. "That means it's the time to carry out my normal weekly plan, then."

Whilst the boy preparing, a young girl entered his room. "Oliver! Wake up and go to school!"

"I'm already awake! Can't you see I'm changing my clothes normally?"

No, I can't.

Irritated, the young girl tries to drag Oliver to get out from his room. "Come on! Can you finish that quickly?" Oliver scratches his head. "Yeah, yeah. Let's get this done so I can go back to sleep." The young girl immediately leaves Oliver's bedroom while warning him, "You'd better finish that quickly."

"Yeah, yeah." As soon as the door closes, Oliver looked at a mirror. "The usual normal face." While Oliver is still looking at the mirror, an ear-deafening voice came down from below. "OLIVER! YOU'D BETTER BE FINISHED CHANGING RIGHT NOW!" Hearing the voice, Oliver goes into a panic. "Shoot! The scariest person of this house is angry! What did I do wrong?"

As soon as he picked up his bag, Oliver rushed down to the dining room. Arrived at the dining room, Oliver immediately bent down to his knees. "I'm sorry! Please spare me!"

Seeing Oliver bent down to his knees, apologizing, a well-endowed lady puts her hand on her cheek and says, "My, do I look like I'm angry right now? I'm just trying to wake you up not in the normal way." Hearing the lady's reply, Oliver raised his head, "Eh?" That's how he reacted to the reply. Everyone there but Oliver laughs after they looked at Oliver's surprised face.

After everyone finished laughing, Oliver took a seat and said, "Really guys. You have to do better than all that commotion in early morning to make me sway from my normal schedule."

"Seriously, kid? Have you ever thought about doing something that is not in your normal schedule?" asked a man with thin beard and Oliver reacts quickly, "Nope. Why'd you ask?"

"Now, now, Dad. Having a normal life is Oliver's creed, right? There is no gain for him if we forced him to change his creed," said the well-endowed lady defending Oliver while the young girl confirms her suspicion about the plan . "See? It's just as said before. Oliver cannot be swayed that easily."

Wait. Pause. Why do I address them like I've never introduced them? That's because I never introduced them, duh. Just let them speak again, then I'll introduce them for you.

"Hm-hm. Normal life is the best!" said Oliver while nodding. I don't have to introduce this guy, right? You already know who this guy is. Perfect! Carry on, then.

"Come on, kid. Think about it, okay? Maybe you'll have a more unique life than before." This man with thin beard is John Crawford, father of our protagonist. His job is a regular office worker, also he loves pranks (His main target is always Oliver.) despite his age.

"But, yeah, Oliver. What your dad said is sometimes right. Just think about it, okay?" This well-endowed lady is Lucia Crawford. It's F-cup, for your information. A loving mother and wife. No, she's not Oliver's older sister. You don't want to get into her bad side. She's scary when she's angry, you know.

"Just give up, both of you. It's already Oliver's creed. Right, Oliver?" And this young girl is Jeanne Crawford. A 14-year old middle school student. Unpredictable. Sometimes supportive of Oliver but sometimes opposes Oliver.

Oliver only sighs hearing his family's explanation about the prank they did. "Okay, I'm done. I'm off to school then." Everyone replied by waving their hand signaling a safe trip to Oliver.

On his way to school, Oliver once again let out a sigh, "Why do they have to do that? Ever since that prank, I feel like I'm being watched."

That's because you ARE being watched right now. By the way, let's just skip to when he arrived at the school. Why, you ask? This guy doesn't even talk while he's on the way and doesn't do anything noteworthy either. Yes, his life is just a normal one. What do you expect?

Oliver arrived in front of a big gate. Behind the gate, there is a high building like the top is reaching for the sky. Near the gate, there is a plaque with "Lighthive Academy" written on it.

"Lighthive Academy. The best place to study for our future."

You said it like you're having a great time while you're studying.

"But, I'm not feeling like going to school right now. Maybe this is what Dad said about changing my mindset?"

I take it back, he's a lazy one.

"I'll just go to the game center, then." Oliver turned his back and started to walk away from the building, but denied as his collar is grabbed by someone from behind. "Ow! What's your problem?" Oliver turned his head and saw a muscular old man and quickly made an awkward smile and raised his hand, saluting. "Uh, good morning, Vice Principal Andrews."

"Mr. Crawford, you're not thinking of ditching class, right? Because you look like you're going to run," Mr. Andrews asked with intimidating looks on his face. "Uh, am I? Oh, yeah! I was just jogging back there. It's not like I'm trying to go to the game center, you know!" Oliver answered while looking to the side.

Hearing Oliver's answer, Mr. Andrews smiled brightly."Oh, you're jogging? Great! Then you can join me in my morning run!"

"Uh, maybe I'll pass..."

"What? No good, no good! You're still young! You need to train your body if you have the time!"

"W--well, you see, I have class this morning. And you're basically asked me to ditch class."

"Ditching class? Oh no, you'll be marked as 'Helping Vice Principal'! No problem, no problem! Now, shall we go?" said Mr. Andrews while dragging Oliver.


There you have it, Oliver's scream of having his normal life being torn apart. Meanwhile, a girl is watching their interactions from the across of the academy, saying, "Found you."

Back to Oliver, who's tired after being slaved by Mr. Andrews to run around the academy building for an hour and carrying objects all morning. Why he didn't die from doing heavy exercises all morning? This is comedy, duh. Oliver's ranting in his class now. "Man, that muscle-freak sure is tiring me out. Why he didn't do his job as a vice principal properly instead of training his muscles?"

"You don't even do your job as a student properly and now you're ranting about Mr. Andrews not doing his job properly?" said a boy with hair that covers his left eye.

"Well, Samuel. I do my job properly as a student, y'know."

"You? A proper student? Surely you're kidding, Oliver." A muscular boy doing sit-ups lashes back at Oliver's rebuttal.

"Shut up, Paul, you Muscle-Freak #2. I'm a proper student, right, Henry?"

"Oliver Patrick Crawford? The one who deliberately failing exams only to make himself unnoticed by teachers is now claiming to be a proper student? You're kidding. A proper student is a student who take exams seriously. And you're not one of them," said a boy while adjusting his glasses. Taken aback, Oliver covers his face with his hands and said, "Do you have to say that harshly?"

"That's just how Henry is," said another boy with a short body while patting Oliver's shoulder. "Well, I'm just craving for a normal life without being treated as an exceptional student. So it's just another plan to have a normal life. Can you see that, Peter? A life without annoyances?" Oliver explains his ideal world while looking outside the window and the rest of them responds with laughter then starts another talk without Oliver participating.

While looking to the outside, Oliver saw a girl wearing their school uniform is looking at him from the window across from where Oliver sit. Realized that Oliver finally saw her, she smiled lightly at him. Notices her smile, Oliver quickly stands up and shouts, "Hey, you!"

Hearing Oliver's shout, Samuel ask confusedly, "Why did you shout, Oliver?" Oliver replied while pointing to the outside of the window, "Eh, no. It's just I saw someone over there."

Samuel put his right hand above his eyes like he's zooming and said, "I don't see anyone. Maybe it's just your imagination."

"I see. It's just my imagination, then. I'll go to the infirmary to take a rest, then," said Oliver to the gang. The gang responds with a salute and Oliver replied the salute with thumbs-up, then leaves the classroom.

Why am I not talking? I've talked all this time. If you ask why am I not commenting, then I can provide you with the answer. That's because we're being serious right now and I don't want to ruin the moment. You know, being polite and stuff?

In front of the infirmary, Oliver saw a note on the door saying that the doctor is out for a moment to meet an important guest. Oliver only smirked once he knew the fact that no one is there, meaning that he will sleep soundly without interruption. Then he goes to the bed, covers himself with the blanket and quickly fall into a deep sleep.

Time passed. Oliver woke up and saw that someone is sleeping on the bedside--it's the girl he saw earlier. Surprised with the girl's presence, Oliver let out a "Huh?".

Woken up by the Oliver's reaction, the girl rubbed her eyes and saw that Oliver, too, is already up. The two of them looked at each other's eyes for a moment and they exchanged smiles. Aw, so romantic.


Oliver then threw so many questions at her, "Who the hell are you!? What are you doing here!? Why are you here!? Where did you come from!? How did you enter!? When did you get here!?" What's that? An interview?

The girl smiled at Oliver's reaction and said, "Wow, you throw so many questions to me. I cannot answer all that at once, you know?"

"Okay, then. Let me rephrase. You're a student in this school, right? Honestly, I never saw you in this school even though you wear our uniform. Not counting the first time we saw each other, though."

The girl giggled a little, "Heehee. Well, yeah. It's my first time here, that's why you never saw me."

"Oh? A transfer student, then? Phew, my friend said that you were a ghost. I knew I wasn't imagining it! Oh yeah. I trust we're not acquaintances yet. My name is Oliver Patrick Crawford. Nice to meet you!"

"Nice to meet you, too, Oliver. My name is Na--"

Before the girl finished introduced herself, a knock is heard from outside the infirmary and the person outside started talking, "Oliver? It's Samuel. Can you open the door? Why did you lock the door?"

Recognized the voice, Oliver got out from bed to open the lock. "Weird. I didn't lock the door when I entered the infirmary. Hey, did you lock the door?" Oliver turned his head to the girl but the girl is nowhere to be seen and only saw an open window. "She ran away, huh?"

"Oliver? You in there? Unlock the door, will you?"

"Wait just a minute!"

"Oh, great, you're in there. Paul said that you're dead."

"Hey, don't kill me that easily. Opening the lock!"

As soon as the door opens, there is someone behind Samuel--Mr. Andrews. Sweat started to pour from Oliver's forehead. Mr. Andrews immediately grabbed Oliver's shoulder and said, "Mr. Crawford! Why didn't you say that you were tired from our morning jogging? Mr. Kingston here said that you passed out from exhaustion! I shouldn't have overworked you after we jog!"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Andrews! I didn't mean to use the infirmary to skip class! Wait, did you say something about overworking?"

"Uh, maybe you misheard it. Wait, did you say something about skipping class?"

"Eh, maybe you misheard it. But I believe I heard something about overworking."

"No, Mr. Crawford. You're the one who is mishearing things. I'm sure I heard you say something about skipping class."

Seeing that the argument won't finish until someone steps in, Samuel decided to take that role, "Enough, both of you. Can we finish this quickly so I can go home?"

Hearing Samuel's proposal, Mr. Andrews let his grip on Oliver's shoulders and started to regain his composure, "Ahem. I'm just glad that you're okay, Mr. Crawford. I'm sorry if our morning run made you pass out like that. Next time, I'll decrease the training length. Are we clear? I'll take my leave, then."

"Yeah... Wait! Can you just count me out from your training!? Argh... He's already gone. Oh well. Thanks for saving me, Sam."

"You're welcome, Oliver. Now, can we go home? It's already this late!"

"Eh? Didn't I just sleep for a while?" Oliver turned his head to look outside and surprised that the moon is already shining on the sky, "Shoot! You're right! It's already dark outside! Sorry, Sam! I'm bailing out first!" After saying that, Oliver waved his hands to Samuel to which Samuel replied, "Yeah. Be careful on your way home."

Let's skip again to the part when Oliver arrived at home. As I said earlier, this guy doesn't even talk or even do anything noteworthy on the way. So, shall we?

"I'm home!" As soon as Oliver opened the door, his whole family is already in front of him, looking surprised. It's John who first talked, "Wow! The kid finally broke his creed! He came home late! This is big news!"

When Lucia saw Oliver's schedule change, she goes into panic. "What did you eat this morning? I did give you the usual, right? Nothing poisoned or expired, right?"

The one who's shocked is not only John and Lucia. Jeanne, too, is shocked with this change of behavior. "O--Oliver, did you hit your head when you screamed this morning?"

Seeing that his family goes into panic, Oliver decides to explain why he's late, which is the fact that he overslept in the infirmary. Hearing Oliver's explanation, the entire family let out a relief sigh.

"I thought you were poisoned while eating your breakfast, kid. Since you broke your so-called creed," said John. Oliver didn't react much from John's teasing and only said, "Heh. Whatever, Dad. By the way, I'm hungry from all the commotion. Can we eat dinner now?"

Hearing the word 'dinner', Lucia smiled and clasped her hands and says, "Yes, yes. Let's just eat dinner, shall we? It's already on the table." Jeanne also reacted with the word 'dinner' and raised both her hands happily and said, "Yay! Dinner time!"

In the dining room, Oliver saw that nothing has changed and thought, "Hm-hm. This is it. A normal life, a normal family, and a normal meal."

After having eaten dinner and brushed his teeth, Oliver goes to his bedroom and thought, "Yeah, nothing changed. That was a normal meal, a normal tooth-brushing. Also this room is normal, the bed is also normal. With nothing changed from today's craziness, I trust that tomorrow will be as normal as this room! Okay, time to sleep!" Oliver turned the bedroom lights off, throws himself to his bed and finally falls asleep.

Well, Oliver. I think you just jinxed yourself.

The next day, in the classroom...

"This classroom is still normal and the building is also still normal. What can possibly gone wrong?"

Beep. The PA system speaker attached in the classroom started to speak. "Attention, Lighthive Academy students. We have an important announcement to tell. All students are requested to go to the auditorium. I repeat. We have an important announcement to tell. All students are requested to go to the auditorium. Thank you."

After hearing the announcement, Henry addresses Oliver and the gang, "Hear that, guys? Let us go to the auditorium, then," to which the gang nodded in agreement.

In the auditorium, all of the students already gathered to hear the announcement. After every one of them took their seat, the lights on the stage are lit and Mr. Andrews is there to present. "Everyone, we are gathered here to hear the news that our academy has finally elected a new principal and also a new executive director to fill the empty slot.

Hearing the news, students started to whisper with each other while Oliver wasn't too shocked with the news. "A new principal and executive director, huh?"

Seeing that the students is not going to calm down, Mr. Andrews continues his speech, "Please calm down, everyone. This is the final decision of the academy authorities. Please welcome our new principal and executive director, Miss Natasha Winterfield-Crawford!"

Hearing the Crawford part of the name, all students including Oliver's gang immediately turned their gaze to Oliver to which Oliver reacts, "W--what? I'm just as shocked as you guys, y'know!"

"If you please give a word of introduction, Ms. Principal," said Mr. Andrews then gives the mic to the elected principal. As soon as Oliver changed his gaze to the elected principal, he recognized her face--It's the same girl he met yesterday! When Oliver tried to speak, Paul immediately covers Oliver's mouth and whispers, "Shut up, Oliver! Mr. Andrews is glancing at us!"

Oliver changed his gaze to Mr. Andrews and confirms that Mr. Andrews is indeed glancing at them. But that does not stop Oliver from struggling from Paul's grip.

While they're struggling, Natasha has started to speak, "Good morning everyone. My name is Natasha Destiny Winterfield-Crawford. And I'm your new principal and Lighthive Academy board of directors' new executive director! I'm still 16 years old, you know! Since we are nearly the same age, just drop the formalities and just call me with my name because I'll feel older if you guys called me Ms. Principal!"

Natasha broke the ice with her speech and made the students bursts with laughter. Going on with the flow, Peter raises his hand and asks, "Can I ask you something?"

Natasha answered Peter's question, "Yes, of course! What do you want to know?" Peter eagerly asks Natasha, "Why does your name contains the name 'Crawford'? Are you related to the Crawford family?"

Hearing Peter's question, the whole auditorium goes into a silence. Natasha smiled and answered, "We're not quite related yet. And as you all know, there is a student bearing the name of Crawford here." Natasha's answer made Oliver struggled more to lose Paul's grip on him, but he didn't have more strength to oppose Paul's brute strength.

"Yes, this individual is the one who made me the way I am now. You already know who this individual bearing the Crawford name is. May I please have you on the stage, Mr. Oliver Patrick Crawford?"

Natasha's statement made Paul's grip on Oliver loosened and gave Oliver his awaited freedom. Mr. Andrews then snapped his fingers and orders, "Mr. Adams! Can you please bring Mr. Crawford to the stage?"

Without a single word uttered, Paul once again grabbed Oliver and Oliver once again struggled to escape. On the stage, after Paul carried Oliver, Natasha said thanks and gave a sweet smile to Paul. The smile made Paul blushing and goes back to his seat happily.

After briefly exchanged gazes to each other, Oliver opened the conversation. "Yesterday, I didn't get your name. And here we are, our promised next meeting. So, will you answer yesterday's questions?"

"Yes, I did promise that. So here is my answer to your questions." Then Natasha put her hands on Oliver's face and kissed Oliver's cheek with every student watching them and made them shocked again while Mr. Andrews tries to keep his cool.

Shocked by the kiss, Oliver took a step back while touching his cheek, "W--w--what are you doing!? I just met you and this is crazy!" Natasha once again closes the gap between them and whispered to Oliver, "I'll tell you the whole story later, okay?" Oliver can't utter a single word after hearing that.

Natasha then turned her body to the audience, "There you have it, guys! I just told my true feelings to Mr. Crawford here! But I know that I am only nothing but a friend to him for now. So I will keep trying until he realized that my feelings is real and I truly love him!" Everyone there cheered to Natasha's declaration of love to Oliver while some looked at Oliver with menacing eyes. Oliver's gang then goes to the stage and circled their hands to Oliver's shoulder and Samuel said, "Well, Oliver. I can see your plan to the ideal world of normal life is in pieces now."

Mr. Andrews took up the dropped mic finally says something, "Oh also, for your information. Ms. Winterfield-Crawford here is also the chairwoman and CEO of the well-known Winford Corporation. Please be well aware that she sometimes will not be present at the academy to focus on her business."

Mr. Andrews' statement made the whole auditorium goes into a silence again, and someone from the audience shouts, "WINFORD CORPORATION!? THE ONE AND ONLY WINFORD CORPORATION!?" Natasha only smiled a little while scratching her cheek, then nods to confirm the student's question. The whole audience is shocked and let out a synced "EHHHHH!?"

Hearing the fact, Paul only said, "Well, Oliver. I can see that you got yourself into a big mess. My condolences to your normal life." Oliver just standing there, silently, and finally broke his silence. "G--"

Oliver's gang looked at each other while asking, "G?"

Oliver let out a ear-deafening shout, "GIVE BACK MY NORMAL LIFEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!" Natasha who heard Oliver's shout, smiled and said to him, "I'm in your care from now, darling♥!"

Told you that you just jinxed yourself, Oliver.