Chapter 1:

2 Minutes

2 Minutes

2 Minutes - One Shot

Alfred's P.O.V

I breath deeply, looking at the red. I looked at the sky and took out my phone and called Arthur.

" Alfred? What do you need? " He asked, I can just imagine him raising his eyebrows at me

" What? No hello? I miss you too, Babe " I laughed at him, still looking at the sky

" Hello to you too, Alfred. Don't call me Babe " He replied with slight irritation

" Okay, Okay. How about ' Darling '? " I asked him, he giggled

" Nope. " He replied after he stopped giggling

" Hey? You know I love you, right? " I told him. I can just see him, nodding his head

" Of course. " He replied

" I love you " I said

" I love you too " He replied once again

I didn't reply

" Alfred? Are you okay? " He asked me

" Yup. Always remember that I love you, okay? Promise me that you will be happy, okay? Find a nice man and love h-- " Arthur cutted me off

" ALFRED! Don't say that! I love you, okay? Promise " He boomed. I laughed quietly.

" I love you too, Sweetheart " I smiled. I looked at the clock. 30 seconds.

" Arthur, I love you and I want to spend my whole life with you but at the same time I still love you but you have to love someone else, okay? " I babbled, I can hear Arthur sniffing

" Well, ain't that rare? " I said

" Your grammar, Alfred. " He replied, still sniffing.

" I love you. " He said

" I love you too, Arthur. Goodbye. " I replied

" Goodbye? What? Alfred? ALF--- " I turned off my phone and sighed.

" Well.. Alfred Fucking Jones is signing off " I closed my eyes, knowing that it will never open again

' I love you, Arthur Kirkland-Jones '


Yes. I used America and England's Human names :) Did you guys understand this? I'm sorry if you didn't understand. Thank you for reading this :)

P.S This is not a fanfiction for Hetalia

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2 Minutes

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