Chapter 2:


Ourania's Problems


Third Person P.O.V

" HAHAHAHA and she's like ' Omigosh ' and like Blah Blah Blah " They continued to talk, ignoring the girl right in front of them

" Well, tha-- " She was cut off when the two person in front of her started to laugh again

" Really!? That was funny! Yeah, so hear me out " Ourania just lowered her head and listened to them talk

- 27 minutes later -

" Ah! Ourania! So you're here? We didn't totally noticed you " The first person noticed her

" I was here all along " Ourania answered

" What? Really? " The second person asked, Ourania nodded

" Well, it's not like you're Important or something " First Person stated like it was the most obvious thing ever

" Yes! It's not like you're Important! Sorry we ignored you, though " Second Person continued, laughing

" I know that I'm not Important but you don't have to say that.. It hurts, you know? " Ourania said, pretending to be strong

" Because, Truth hurts~ " They both sang together. Ourania lowered her head again

" I know " Ourania said, leaving. They didn't bother with her and just continue laughing


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