Chapter 0:

The Epilogue Of A Gamer Girl

Post Fictions

 Why not horror? After all, there is no other way to make sure your work was not kid friendly, so nobody would make compare you to writing children’s stories again.Bookmark here

It had been a few weeks, but felt way longer, sense she put words on digital paper. She had once been a horror writer, but instead gave up that path to pursue some vague form of science fiction. The idea of being compared to a children’s writer was something that she had always wanted to avoid, partially do to certain interests that, if had bloomed in her early teen years, would have gotten her manga series canceled if she had managed to actually get published in Japan like she had wanted to her teens.Bookmark here

Instead she now deals with various traumas, struggling to put words to pages, instead only dabbling in black, yellow, and red ink on rice paper. She also had given up the idea on producing JRPGs, that had different forms of tactical battle systems, having wanted to mimic the feeling of childhood adventure like the JRPGs she grew up with, but with the creepy and horrific elements that had existed in Survival Horror games. Yet now she was no longer a gamer of any kind, struggling to even play games like Moria and Nethack. Instead she retweeted in her own inner universe, where she would dream about browsing web pages, as if she were still on the computer. And listening to the sound of soft cave and rain noises outside her window and on the screen.Bookmark here

UFO podcasts were something she would listen to when she slept on the leather couch right after she graduated high school. Partially this was do to the softness of the voices of creepy pod casters, that more than creeping her out. She also had the tendency for unusual phenomenon to gravitate around around her, although she would have never specifically called this Aliens, Ghosts, or whatever. Eventually she became apathetic to the phenomenon. mostly do to the general right-leaning direction of certain talk show people like David Ike. But she had gradually shifted into the direction of watching podcasts like C4SS, and gradually learning what Left Libertarianism was. Her general view of the UFO and Paranormal sub culture was never the same sense.Bookmark here

Yet now, as she tries to think of different forms of artificial intelligence to develop, she noted how both libertarian camps were skeptical of artificial intelligence, despite the fact that her own desire was to take the process of developer AI from the elites both in large companies, and in Washington. In a sense, she both became what both varieties feared, but also wanted to be something the establishment feared: someone who thought for herself, even if that meant never writing a word of horror again.Bookmark here

Because, truth be told. The establishment wanted you to fear ghosts and the unknown, because then you will never cope with the unknown factors that drives the politics our lives, as they circle in motion without a clear direction. Like a crazy old cat lady walking in circles.Bookmark here

The night was still young.Bookmark here

She slept.Bookmark here

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