Chapter 0:

Almost my everything

Me, Myself and the other Me (Discontinued)

“I'm sorry Airi, we aren’t meant for each other.” And that’s the last word I saw from
Kyo-Kun's note he left me for today, my eyes are starting to tear, when it started to drop, I cried and cried non-stop till my mom knocks on my door.
My name is Airi Hoshi. I’m a normal high school girl with a somewhat normal life, yeah you can call it normal if you have Multiple personalities, I found out that I have this disorder when I was 6, it was in kindergarten when my friends say that sometimes I act really weird and act like a boy.
My parents sometimes concerned about my conditions, whether when I'm in school or public because my alter ego can take over at any time, like that one time when I studied at Mayu-chan’s house, the next thing I know I was on my bed without any clothes, so I tried to communicate with my alter ego, I post notes on my table, write message’s in my phone, and even writes on my palm, but still, my alter ego won't answer, so I keep trying harder and harder and finally, my alter ego answered, how do I know? He left a note saying “I'm Kyo Katsuhito, who are you? Why are you entering my room and left many notes and write on my palm? Please if you enter my room again, I will call the police.” And since then, I started to send more and more message’s to this Kyo-Kun.
and a few weeks later he started to get attracted to our condition, and then he noticed that he’s my alter ego, he sends sorry letters so many times although I say it was okay, we started to send message’s daily, and then there's that one time when he shows up in the middle of a class and then he got questioned by the teacher, of course, he doesn’t know anything about it and he was really confused, he started asking “Who am I?” to the class and the class laugh so hard, how do I know this happened? When your alter ego is taking over, it feels like you in a dream, a vivid dream to be exact, and yeah the day after that I was crowded by the class and asked what really happened, the only one who knows my disorder is Mayu-chan, my best friend, she knows about Kyo-Kun, she knows almost everything, well yeah we’re friends from childhood anyways.