Chapter 1:

First Day of School

Green Demon


The last day of middle school.
The speech has ended and every saying their goodbyes to their friends. This middle school has no high school so everyone might go to different high schools...

This is a boy exclusive middle with a bad reputation. A lot of people see this school as a school full of delinquents.

“Goodbye everyone...sniff....”
“Goodbye Midori no Akuma(Green Demon)! You are a great guy... sniff... be sure to come on reunions!.
“I will miss seeing that Green Jacket of yours!”
“Be sure to fix your bad glare and also, get some sleep to remove the dark circles under your eyes...”

I'm a person with a bad glare and rings under my eyes. I always wear a Green Jacket over my uniform because it has some sentimental values. I have 5 of them though so I don't need to wash them everyday.

After saying goodbyes to my friends while tearing up a bit and crying I went back home.

We are a wealthy family with a mansion. I have a little sister and she ran towards me after coming home.

“Welcome home Onii-chan!”

I patted my little sister’s head.
My sister was small and is very cute. She is 8 years old with short black hair and black eyes.

“Have you been a good girl?”

She nodded cheerfully.

“Yoru, are you sure you want to go to that highschool?”
“Hmmmm, fine, it's not like I can convince you to change it...”

My father wanted me to go to a better high school but the one I chose was the nearest school available other than my previous school.

The reason I chose a school near our house was simple, because I am lazy to commute to a far away school.

“What school will you go to, Onii-chan?”
“Hoshizora gakuen.”
“Reika-neechan studies there!”
“Yeah, I guess we’ll be seeing one another often in that school.”

Kusayanagi, Reika is my childhood friend. She is a very beautiful girl which is my childhood friend. Sociable, intelligent, fit, and rich. I got to know her when I went with my parents to a party with rich people.

If anyone hears I have a childhood friend like that, they tend to get jealous. But we are nothing more than childhood friends. With this anime-like situation, you would expect a love story between her and me. But in real life it is not really that special.

If I see a girl with her specs, I think of them as sluts...

No, I don't want to think about her that way. But because I came from an all boys school, it's how I think at the back of my head. Again, only at the back of my head.

Reika really is someone I care about as a friend, we're like brothers and sisters. She's done so much for me and I owe her a lot.... I don't love her romantically, I only like her as a friend. And she also feels that way for me, without any romance.

Why do I look at a girl with her specs as a slut?....For me, it's 'Beautiful Sociable Girl=Slut', 'Non-Virgin=Slut', 'Girl that already has an Ex = Slut'. No matter who, as long as they are beautiful, they are sluts.

I don't have any traumatizing events with women before. Actually, I think this is common for guys who has less contact with girls. They look at pure girls as goddesses and look at 'Soiled' girls as worthless. Meaning we get paranoid when it comes to beautiful women and think that they're 'sluts'.

I went upstairs to read light novels.

I watch anime, read manga, and read light novels. In an all boys school, this is normal. Though based on what I watch and read, this is considered being otaku. Being an otaku is hated by everyone, this is not the case in an all boys school. In my school, the biggest bullies and the nerds are all reading manga and watching anime.

They get along at some times.... Which actually cancels out the 'Bullies' part, because, since when have bullies talk with the one they bully with friendly topics?.


Someone called me on the phone.

"Ookami-san, do you need work? we have a vacancy here and—"

"Nope, no need."

I turned my phone off.

I worked as a programmer as well. My dream is to become a person who can live the rest of his life without working. I need a lot of money to achieve that so better start young. I already have enough money for that dream so I quitted the programming job and I'll just become a parasite to my parents until I graduate college.

You might say that I should just inherit money from my parents, but my parents said they will not give me money while they are alive. I should live for myself and not be lazy.

These two will probably live for 60 more years so I need work. The allowance I receive is also not that much. The only thing they actually want to provide me is tuition Fee and other requirements. I don't mind though because I was able to learn that money is important at a young age.

“Hmmmm, I wonder how different is an coed school from an all boys school?...”

I don’t expect it to be anime like full of romances and all those things, it will probably be a normal dull real life school life.
Author Note: This story has nothing to do with sluts, it's just a figure of speech... I just wanted to define what 'Slut' means in this story because it will be used somehow regularly as a comedic word.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this :)

Chapter 1: First Day of School

The first day of school... I didn't go to the entrance ceremony simply because I got lazy.

I arrived at school 5 minutes before the start of the first official class.

This school is really big... I heard that this school has a high tuition fee and is a school where the high class people goes. There is a fountain in the middle and the grass and trees are elegantly trimmed. When you first see the school, you would mistake it for a modern castle.

While I’m walking towards the entrance of the building of where my classroom is, I’m looking at the females sneakily. The girls here are beautiful as expected because of this school being high class. So many sluts.

Again I don't have any hatred against women, it's just what I think at the back of my head.

I noticed something, people get wary when I go pass them. And some people look at me with scared eyes... this has already happened before.

I walked to my class a few seconds before class starts. Upon entering, they looked at me for a few seconds like how someone would glance towards a person who just entered the room. Everyone looked at me then had scared expressions.

This is probably me having a bad glare and have rings under my eyes because of staying up too late at night. They will probably get used to it like in my previous school.

Everyone then went back to doing what they were doing while slightly sweating when I started heading to a seat.

I went to the back seat and sat next to the window like a main character of an anime.

Everyone looked again at me and had expressions... what? I didn't do anything....

A few seconds later someone arrived. It was a guy with a spiky red hair that is a very definition of an ikemen delinquent.(Ikemen = good looking guy)

What the hell? Even delinquents are good looking in this school? Go die ikemens.

“Oi, who are you,? That’s my seat. Get lost.”

Upon hearing this my classmates gulped and looked like they are expecting a fight. Sorry but...

“Sorry, I didn’t know...”

I just said sorry, got off the chair, then sat on the vacant seat in front of me.

Everyone is surprised. I may have a bad glare, but I don’t engage in fights like they expect. I might’ve gotten into a few fights in my previous school. But that was only in the start because of my bad glare. I only fight back when they start it.

“Tsk, scaredy cat.”

He sat down in his chair then laid his head on the table.

A few seconds later the teacher came, it was a beautiful Onee-chan with long red hair. What's up with the red hairs? Are they pretending to be in an anime?

“Okay class! you can seat wherever you want but be sure to stay there for the rest of the semester.... hmmm, I’m pretty sure most of you already knows some of their classmates because they came from Hoshizora middle school... but we better start with introductions, first is me, my name is Kirishima, Mei. You can call me Mei-Sensei.”

“Is she Kirishima-san’s relative?

"They do look alike..."

I heard people speaking while looking at the person behind me.

“As you expected I’m Kirishima Makoto’s relative, I’m his Older sister.”

So the reason they have red hair is because they are relatives? Is that hair color even natural or just hair dyed?

Hmmm... this school also has a lot of foreigners in it, maybe they're half foreign...

“Okay, the first person who will introduce himself is the person at the very back, Kirishima-kun.”

The teacher went to the person behind me then woke him up by swaying him.

“You’re up first, introduce yourself Kirishima-kun.”

“Kirishima Makoto.”

Kirishima Makoto just said his name then slept again.

"Thank you for your introduction."

Mei-sensei went in front of the class.

“Okay, next is—”

The class now introduced themselves one by one. When it reached the middle...

"I-I'm Kato, Kyouko! It's nice to meet you!"

Kato-san bowed her head. She has eyeglasses and her hair is black and is long braided twin tails at the back with blue ribbons on their edges.

"Ah! She looks like the class representative type! You'll be the class representative!"


"Ah, Kato-san was appointed Class Representative again... this is already the 6th straight year she has been the representative..."

"Go Kyouko-chan!"


Kato-san breathed out heavily while going back to her seat... It must be hard being forced into position.

"Okay, next."

"Hai! Hai!"

The person who called Kato-san, 'Kyouko-chan' raised her hand cheerfully and went in front. She has short bobbed brown hair.

"I'm Maki, Akari! I like to run in track and field! I may be small, but my short legs can carry me very far very fast! Yoroshiku!"
(Yoroshiku=Please take care of me)

What a lively person... She must be one of the sporty people that is very eminent in my previous school.

A few seats later someone from another school introduces himself.

"I'm Murata, Seiji, I'm from Tokyo Middle School, please take care of me."

It was a person who is small for the height of a male. He has bobbed hair and has pointy eyes.

After a few more names, my turn came.

I went in front. As I went in front, everyone got scared and backed off in their chair a little.

I stood in front and looked at everyone and it seems they avoid looking directly into my eyes.

Aren't these people being a little too rude?

"Go on... introduce yourself."

Good thing the sensei is okay with me... is it because his brother glares at people all the time and she got used to it?

I introduced myself in front of the class.

"I'm Ookami, Yoru. I came from Kamii Middle School."

When I said that everyone got more despaired faces. Is our schools reputation this bad? I never really cared and I know about my schools image.... but for everyone to be this scared?

This is going into the direction that I will be a loner with no one to talk to...

"Okay, thank you Ookami-kun, go back to your seat."

I went back to my seat.

Class started afterwards. During class, I listen to the teacher while putting my cheek on my left hand.

After a few lessons, it's already break time.

I noticed that people around here already knows one another, probably because they came from the same middle school. I probably won't have anyone to talk to yet.

....Wait, why are people excitedly talking to the other new student and no one is talking to me? Isn't this unfair?

Well, I guess it's because of my scary appearance.

I opened my bag and read a shounen manga volume.

People started whispering after that.

"A manga? Is he an oktaku?"

"What are you talking about? That's a popular shounen manga. Even normal guys read it."

"But still.... reading manga at school?"

Eh? Is there something wrong with reading manga in school? My teachers didn't tell me in my previous school.

A few seconds later I felt a presence beside me then looked at the person. It was Kato-san.


It seems that she has something to say.



I heard whispers around us. Some are rising their voices while whispering.

"K-Kato-san is trying!"

"This is why she was always the class representative... Even if she's timid, she does her job properly... Go inchou!"

"Kyouko-chan go!"

Kato-san mustered herself then....

"M-Manga shouldn't be read at school!"


I put the manga inside my bag. The others were surprised by my reaction... what did you guys expect? did you expect I would rebel?

"She did it!"

"Way to go Kato-san!"

Kato-san looked like she was happy.


After I put my manga inside my bag, I took out another book. It was a light novel.

The others whispered again.

"Eh? Another one?"

"I guess things wouldn't go that smoothly..."

"But what is that book? I never saw that before?"

I looked at Kato-san and she is looking at the book with wide eyes.

"S-Sorry... are light novels also not allowed?"

"'The Princess Adventurer?!'"

She said in a surprised voice full of life...

The light novel I'm reading right now is a shoujo action light novel named 'The Princess Adventurer'. I don't have any preferences in anime, manga, or light novels. The only ones I can't bear to read are the Yaoi ones and the ones with obvious Netorare feels.


I was surprised by Kato-san's sudden change in attitude.

"I read it too! and isn't this the volume that came out yesterday?! I wasn't able to buy one because it was out of stock! Can I borrow it later?!"

"Eh?!!!!!" x everyone.

Everyone was surprised by Kato-san's behavior.

My answer to her question is.

"What? No way... why would you borrow a book? If you ask me, you should buy one for yourself and support the author. Don't do it half-assed. Suffer the consequences of not rushing to a bookstore on the release date of a popular light novel."

"Y-You're right!"

"Not only that, have you tried other cities? If you really wanted it, you should go to the stores in other cities and try to find one!"

"Y-You're right! How can I have no resolve!"

Everyone was just watching the scene unfold with their mouths opened wide.

I whispered to Kato.

"What's with everyone? Why are they looking this way?"

"Eh? Ah!"

Kato seems to have regained her usual composure.

"I-I think it's because...."

"I look scary huh? Well... I'm already used to it."

"Umm, my name is Kato, Kyoko. It's nice to meet you."

"I already know.... you can call me Ookami or Yoru or whatever."

In my previous school, we all call each other by given name but since I know that using the given name is really special for females, I just went with a safe answer.

"Then I'll call you Ookami-san..."

"Okay.... so, is reading light novels not allowed in school as well?"

"I think you can... they only always say to not read only manga...."

"Okay, then I'll just read."

I continued reading.

"Hey, hey, who is your favorite character?"

She asked me while I was reading... How can I read like this?

I guess I'll just talk to her. I stood up so she wouldn't have a hard time talking to me and faced her.

"It's obviously Hime-chan, the main character."

"Eh? Isn't Hades a better one?"

"What do you mean? Hime-chan is cute, has a strong leveled personality, and is cunning. How can Hades who is only always saying things about hate and pain better?"

"That is his charm! Hades is—"

We talked a little loudly then...

"You're so noisy!"

The person behind me stood up and glared at me.

"Sorry about that."

I apologized to him with my normal face.

He glared at me then clicked his teeth then grabbed my collar.

"Aren't you actually looking for a fight?! Are you fucking with me?"

"No, I don't want to fight. Please let me down."

I do not fight back only with these situation... in fact, I don't want to fight at all. I don't want to worsen how people look at me now.

"Ummmm... Let me down?"


He swung his fist towards my cheeks.

-No one's point of view-

Everyone was surprised because of the sudden fight going off. Kato was scared but didn't back off because she knows she has to do something as the class representative.

After Kanashima swung his hand on Yoru, Yoru didn't flinch at all. Then Yoru's eyes changed and looked at Kanashima.

Kanashima, seeing this, felt extreme fear.

Kanashima has already fought with a lot of people so he knows how to judge people by looking into their eyes.

This person is Dangerous.

When he looked at Yoru's eyes, his body immediately reacted 'Run Away, Run away'.

Yoru didn't fight back and just glared at Kanashima while Kanashima's fist is stuck on his cheeks.

A few seconds later the teacher, Mei-sensei came.

"Kanashima-kun! What are you doing?!"

Yoru went back to his usual self then scratched his head and waved at the teacher.

"Sorry about that Sensei, Kirishima-kun just wanted to test my strength or something. We were just playing around."

"What playing around? Your cheeks are swollen! Go to the nurses office!"

"No, we really were playing around! I just told him to punch me hard, Right? Kirishima?"

"A-ah? yeah..."

Kirishima reacted blankly without knowing what he was just asked. It seems he got over the fear struck into his heart and is now back to normal.

"Is that so?..... Then I'll let this off... but go to the nurses office, can anyone bring him there?"

"Why? I don't need it Mei-sensei... I can just go there alone. It's only a small scratch, he didn't punch me at full power after all."

"Are you sure?"


"....fine then."

-Back to Yoru-

I went out to the nurses office. Whenever I receive a punch, kick, or any intentional hurting. My mind just goes into a trance. I don't know why he got scared a while ago though...

"What happened to you?!"

The nurse greeted me... wow, this is the first time I saw a real life Loli. The nurse was a loli with peach colored hair in twin tails hairstyle.

"I was playing with my classmate and he accidentally bumped me in the face."

"I see, I'll fix that for you."

The nurse fixed up my swollen cheek.

A few seconds later someone came in. It was obviously a foreigner European with long white hair and blue eyes.

"Xenia-san, you're here again? You just came in a few minutes ago... and you skipped class right?"

"I want to sleep."

"Sorry, but you can't."

"Okay, I'll just go home."

"Wait! Stop! Okay! This is the last time alright?"

The white haired girl walked towards a bed then slept.

"Loli-nurse... ehem..... sensei, is it really okay for her to do that?"

"Since she still has jetlag, I'll be considerate.....Loli-nurse?!"

"Sorry for being disrespectful, I accidentally said that out loud."

"So that must've mean that your really meant it!"

"Goodbye Loli.... ehem.... sensei, I'll be going back to class now, thank you for treating me."

"You're calling me that on purpse! My name is Houou! Houou-sensei!"

What a cool name for a loli.

I went back to the classroom and it seems that class has started.

The teacher has changed into the math teacher which is an old man in a suit.

"Sensei, sorry for interrupting class, I was sent to the nurses office..."

"I-I know.... please take a seat..."

I walked back to the seat with everyone looking at me and whispering.

"Could it be that he's normal?"

"He should be... he's pretty respectful as well, I guess not all people from Kamii are bad people."

"Even if he isn't from Kamii, he still looks scary."

After reaching my seat I glanced at Kirishima and he seems to be sleeping.

Classes went on and the class is boring because I already know this lesson.

Lunch time.

Kato-san went towards me asked me in a worried face.

"Are you okay?"

"Wow, I never would've believe that a scene like this will happen to me on the first day I got to a co-ed school... but to be honest, it's better if it's in 2d. But yes, I am okay. "

"Hmmm... I guess I need more training. I actually wanted to make a Hime-impression."

"Oh, I know that... she did that in volume 3 when she was worried about Maya-chan, and also in this volume for—"

"Ahhh! Don't tell me what happens!"

"Hmmmm, Hades-san will—"


She put her hands on my mouth with a panicked face.

Kirishima stood up with his chair making a loud noise maybe because of the noise. Everyone was surprised by this and stopped talking.

Kirishima just walked out of the room.

"D-Did I annoy him?"

"Nah, it was my fault after all... I almost said to you that Hades was—"


Me and Kato-san went to the cafeteria.

"What a peaceful place... Back in Kamii, the cafeteria should be a warzone at this time with everybody hitting each other just to get a cheap bread."

"W-Wow.... that's scary."

"Nah, afterwards it's just sports and people shake hands with the victors with a smile saying 'I'll beat ya next time' and leave. I don't do that though because I always bring a bento to school."

"Do you have a bento?"

"No, this time I don't. I guess I'll try to eat here."

I went to the counter.

"One Yakisoba bread."

"1,500 yen please."

"E-Expensive! What's up with this price?"

"Hmmm? Is this expensive?"

"It is! What's up with a yakisoba bread worth 1500 yen?! Do you use gold as an ingredient?!"

"Then starve."

I look at the saleslady and she looked back with a glare.

".....haa, fine, fine....."

Damn this school. It already has a very high tuition fee, our food should be free but what's up with this price? This school only wants to make money.

I went to a seat with Kato.

"Why didn't you come here during the entrance ceremony? I wasn't able to see you here."

"I got lazy so I came late."

"You're like a delinquent..."

"What did you just say?"

"??.....You're like a delinquent."

I couldn't feel anything but happiness when she said that. Other people should've said 'As expected for a delinquent', or 'Why not just skip the whole class? you're a delinquent anyway'. This must mean she didn't look at me as a delinquent but a normal student!

"U-Ummmm... why are you so happy?"

"Nahh... it's nothing."

I said while grinning like an idiot.

"Everyone was really disappointed a while ago... we didn't know that the student council president was out right now. The new students really wanted to see her."

"Student council president? We don't have an election?"

"The student council president changes depending on grades. If the previous student council president has lower grades than an incoming student from Hoshizora Middle School, the incoming student will be the new president. There is a choice to accept or reject it."

So sad for the previous student council president.

"Why is the Student Council President out?"

"The student council president was sent as a representative for an international quiz bee."

"I see..."


We heard something hit a table and we all glanced at it.

"What do you want punk?"

"I'm saying that the bread you are holding is mine! I'll buy it for you for the same price so just give it to me!"

"What the hell are you saying? What a crazy bastard! Could it be that you want to fight?!"

I saw Kirishima wanting something someone else is holding... Ah, that person is from Kamii... so there are also other people from Kamii going here as well?

"That person is probably a new student. Kirishima-san actually buys it from people who bought them peacefully, it's kind of an unspoken rule. It's the cheapest bread in the store."

I probably know how his story goes.

He probably has no money so he buys those food from them. He is only able to go to this school because his sister is working for him or something like that.

Everyone knows that and pity him. But that is just stupid, you snooze you lose.

But my friend might get in a fight here. He probably knows he can't act how he acted in Kamii in this school, but that Kirishima might agitate him.

I guess I need to but in...

"I'll be right back."


I went towards the two.

"Oi Taku! You study here too?"

"Who?.... Ah! Green Demon! "

Taku is a guy with semi-short blonde hair. He's not a foreigner, he just dyed it blonde. His full name is Ishikawa, Taku.

"You're one of the smartest ones in Kamii, why don't you just give the bread to this guy?"

"I don't want to, I finally was able to get out of that delinquent school, but for some reason I don't want to back off in order to protect the reputation of that school."


"Being a school of delinquents."

"Oi, that's not a good reputation to protect."

I went towards him and whispered.

"That guy probably needs that bread or else he won't be able to do anything. Look around you, everyone seems to want to ask you to give it to him... he might be the only delinquent in this school, but I think the others understand it because of his situation."

He looked around.

"And you know you can't fight here like in Kamii."

"Yeah... I guess you're right...I've got to help him out."

Taku offered the bread towards Kirishima.

"Here, next time run to the canteen faster. Don't let everyone always consider you."


He took the bread and gave Taku money and then left.

"Haaaa.... Green Demon, you're really a pacifist, you know that?"

"Hey, I just wanted to help you as a friend."

"Wow, you're embarrassing me, that sounded so cool I think I fell in love."

"Shut it you homo."

"Come to think about it, you are sitting with a glassed beauty, I can't believe you already have a girlfriend in the first day of school. I can hear everyone whispering about it, they said 'This is the first time I saw 'The Inchou' with a boy."

"She's not my girlfriend. And why are you eating alone? Want to eat with us?"

"Eh? Is that okay?"


We looked at the table and saw her looking this way then she noticed and continued eating.

"Hey, she's waiting for you, didn't everyone say she doesn't like taking to guys? So just go back, and also, I don't want to get in the way."

"You're probably only scared to talk to girls."

"That's expected since we're from an all boy school, I guess you can talk to them because your otaku level is in the higher level even in Kamii... you're probably the 'I prefer 2d girls! I don't really care about 3d girls!' type of guy."

I went back to Kato-san.

"Kato-san, you are called 'The Inchou'?"

"Yes, it's probably because I was the class president every year."

"I see... by the way, you don't talk to males?"


"I'm the only one you talk to?"

"Y-Yes... this is the first time I felt comfortable talking to a male."

She said while looking to the side slightly blushing.

"That makes me really happy."

"B-But it doesn't mean that I like you or anything! B-Baka!"

"Oi, that's a bad Hime-chan impression. Tsundere doesn't fit you."

"I guess tsundere is out for me."

This girl was just acting out her otaku dreams... seems she's somewhat playful.

This girl seems very comfortable with me... I guess it's because we're birds of the same feather.

"Kato-san, can I have your number?"


Ah..... I forgot, that's actually like saying 'I'm hitting on you' to girls.

"I'm not hitting on you, please don't misunderstand. In Kamii everyone knows anyone's number. I got used to it and just asked you since we're friends now."

"Ah, if that's the case, then here."

She gave me her number.

"Lunch time is almost over, let's go back to class."

We went back to class.

Dismissal time.

After Kirishima went out of the room, everyone came near me.

"Ookami-san! I heard you broke a fight a while ago!"


"I'm sorry that I was scared of you a while ago! I thought you were a delinquent!"


I notice Kato-san glance this way then stood up quietly and went out of the room in a hurry.

"You didn't even fight back when Kirishima-san punched you! I thought it was really cool!"

Okay, this is just embarrassing. Back in Kamii this never happened to me. Being the topic of the class is really embarrassing.

"Ookami-chan! Come here, come here!"


The person said that is the person who introduced herself cheerfully in her introduction, Maki, Akari.

She pulled me out and headed outside of the room.

"Ah! That's not fair Maki-chan! I wanted to talk to him!"


We went out of the room.

"Hey, thanks Maki-san, that saved me."

"In exchange, call me Maki-chan!"

"Okay, Maki-chan."

"Hmmm... Ookami-chan, you're kind of friendly. Why don't you fix your glare and those rings under your eyes? I think you can get along with everyone."

"Oi, that's rude."

"It's the truth though."

"I just really don't care about it. I just get along with whoever I can get along with. "

I can change my glare and rings under my eyes by just sleeping and actually practice changing the look in my eyes. But that's just bothersome, why would I do that? If I try to fix the rings under my eyes, I need to maintain it meaning I need to sleep early everyday and waste precious time on doing otaku things. And for my glare, It's really tiring to change and this is how my eyes naturally are.

"Now, to ask you questions! Are you going out with Kyouko-chan?"

"No, this is the first day, and I don't plan on going out with anyone."

"Huh? Why is that?"

"First, based on observation, falling in love makes everything else pointless. People's mind just gets filled up with such unstable emotion which you don't even know will last.

Two, I don't want to think about marriage and stuff. If I will do it, I would have to achieve my dream of 'living the rest of my life without working' first before doing that.

Three, if I really do fall in love with someone, once that person sees another person who is like me and looks better, she easily goes to that person. I hate Netorare in anime and mangas so I will probably hate it in real life too."

"Wow, you're like a NEET, Ookami-chan..."

"My dream is to be a person that is able to sustain himself while being a NEET."

And that dream is actually within my grasp.

My alarm rang, it is the instrumental version of the favorite anime I watched, Gifting this City with a beautiful Blessing.

I looked at the alarm.

"........AHHHH! "

I remembered why Kyouko left immediately..... my alarm notification is 'Princess Adventurer Anime Adaptation Episode 1'.

"I'll be going now, so long Maki-chan!"

"Okay, bye!"

I ran as fast as I could.

"F-Fast! I'll ask him to join the track team later!"

Back in my living room after watching the Anime.

"Wow... not what I expected..."


My phone rang and I picked it up.


"Ookami-san, what can you say about it?"

"Average? no... actually... below average."

"I think so too! What's up with that?! They changed a lot and the atmosphere of it is much different from the Light Novel! This is just a shoujo anime without the adventuring!"

"Hmmm.... I think they did this to attract the attention of those people who only watches shoujo animes and force them to read the light novel by leaving a cliff hanger. Some of them are like that, they betray the light novel readers of their expectation and just target on a different niche in order to increase the readers. They know that hardcore fans would still watch and buy the anime disks so they are taking advantage of it."

"Yeah... though the only thing about it is.... it actually works.... I would do that myself."

"I'm not that much of a hardcore fan of this novel so I won't waste money on it. I do want the light novels themselves, but I won't consider the anime. I guess I'll just borrow the CDs from you if you decide to buy them."

"No, I won't lend them to you."


"You didn't even lend me the light novel!"

"Like I said, you need to buy your own!"

"I will buy it! But I want to read it as fast as I can! Spoilers are unexpected, sometimes you see them while randomly surfing the net! I can't get info in the net right now because I'm scared of spoilers for it! You made me more paranoid by teasing me for spoilers! Take responsibility!"

"F-Fine! Fine! I'll read it already so I'll lend it to you tomorrow!"

"Oh, by the way, do you know 'The hero with the winged Boots'?"

"Heh, you're talking to a hardcore fan here."

"Let me test your knowledge."

Me and Kato-san talked until night time.

"Ah! I forgot about the test tomorrow! I have to go now! Goodbye Ookami-san!"

"Hey, Yoru is just fine... I'm seriously not used to be called by my friends 'Ookami'..."

"O-Okay, Y-Yoru-san.... you can just call me Kyouko...."

I read the volume I'm going to give Kyouko until 5 am then went to bed.


Author's Afterword

I have nothing to do during stagnant times like on the way to school on the train/while walking or when I get a vacant time in work so I decided to write this novel during those times meaning this probably won't be updated regularly. This is my first time writing a school romance genre so I don't know if this will work, though, I wish you enjoy it!

Green Demon