Chapter 0:

-Power Rank Information-

The Most Satisfied Reincarnate

[Wizard / Witch]Bookmark here

1st - 20.00 EnergyBookmark here

2nd - 40.00 EnergyBookmark here

3rd - 60.00 EnergyBookmark here

4th - 80.00 EnergyBookmark here

5th - 100.00 EnergyBookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

[Swordsman]Bookmark here

1st - All stats over 20.00 except Energy and StaminaBookmark here

2nd - All stats above 40.00 except Energy and StaminaBookmark here

3rd - All stats above 60.00 except Energy and StaminaBookmark here

The army rank or title was divided into 2 part :Bookmark here

*Swordsman ClassBookmark here

- Guardian - 3rd SwordsmanBookmark here

- Officer - 2nd Swordsman.Bookmark here

- Guard/Solider - 1st Swordsman.Bookmark here

- Disciple - Swordsman that close to 1st class or have been trained.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

*Wizard/Witch ClassBookmark here

- Arch-Mage - 4th Wizard or higher. (It's rare to have Arch-Mage in each race)Bookmark here

- Grandmaster - 3rd Wizard.Bookmark here

- Master - 2nd WizardBookmark here

- Apprentice - 1st WizardBookmark here

- Novice - Wizard/witch that close to 1st class or trained to become wizard/witch.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

*Order Rank :Bookmark here

Grandmaster > GuardianBookmark here

Guardian > MasterBookmark here

Master > CaptainBookmark here

Officer > AppreciateBookmark here

Apprentice > DiscipleBookmark here

Disciple == NoviceBookmark here

-NB:Bookmark here

'>' is Higher Than.Bookmark here

'==' is Equal.Bookmark here

Example: A Grand Master can order General, but the General can't order GrandMaster.Bookmark here

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