Chapter 2:

Marionette & Theatre - Teaser


"You're new here, aren't you?"

I stared behind me, aghast at the stranger who spoke.

"I wonder what the play's gonna be like." Peter added, a centimeter away from skin contact.

I leapt away in panic, making too hard a landing against the back of the seat in front of me.

"Ow! That hurt you jerk!" A weasely voice squeaked from the seat in front.

I stood up from my fall to bow, "Uh-um, I'm so sorry- I didn't mean to-" instead knocking heads with the girl in front.

"Oww! Who even are you?!" 

The girl began to cry as did I, both of us rubbing our foreheads.

The sound of rolling drums erupted from seemingly nowhere, the scraping of metal on metal sounded through the auditorium.


A life-sized marionette descended from the ceiling above the stage, hanging lifeless.


The puppet came alive, bowing in mid-air to the audience as the drum-rolling concluded with the clang of a cymbal. It's wooden feet gently landed on the stage-floor with a sharp tap. 

All sound ceased, all attention towards the stage, all mouths from the seats agape in wonder.