Chapter 0:

Prologue- Imminent Death

St Chaos Healer

I opened my eyes,
“Gloxinia!” I screamed on top of my lungs.

I quickly looked around but I could see nothing. It was as if I was shrouded in the black thick mist, where I could see. I couldn’t even feel my limbs. It was as if I drifting in a dark empty void.

Is this what it means to die?
Is this the place where every living being goes after their death?

The last thing I could remember was being pinned to the ground by the 12 holy weapons that pierced my back. The holy weapons burned my flesh and melted my organs as my blood gushed out like a faucet. The pain was nerve-wracking that any ordinary demon would have died with just one mere strike of the holy weapon.

Even the strongest demon General has a hard time after taking a wound from a holy weapon, let alone to be pierced by 12 holy weapons at the same time.

But my strength and resistance were not like any demon.

I am… I mean, I was the sovereign ruler of the demonic realm. The only Demon lord that had successfully united the demonic realm on all fronts. Such a feat hadn’t been accomplished by any demon lords in the last 8000 years. Hence I was entitled to the title of Supreme Overlord of the demonic realm, even the heavens shook in fear when they heard my name. Anyone that dared to oppose me was turned to mere dust.

Calling myself the supreme being in the entirety of the three realms wouldn’t be an understatement.

But in the end, I was still slain nevertheless.
In the end, there was no such thing called as invincible.

It’s not like I was afraid of losing my life, it’s not like I wanna be some immortal god that lived to eternity.
But still, I never thought I would meet such a miserable ending.

Meeting my end in the hands of the 12 holy weapons wasn’t the most painful thing.

Nor by the fact, that I was slain by the hands of that same 7 demon generals who had sworn a solemn oath. Yes, I was devasted to know that the very same generals that I fought beside with all these years to unite the demonic realm had plotted my assassination. I was shocked and heartbroken when I came to know I was betrayed. Still, they might have their reasons to do so, but I could bear it to a certain extent, even going as far as forgive them. I had united the demonic realm and that was my lifelong wish, which now had come true. I was angry at that moment, but I can still forgive them.

But the most painful thing was seeing my beloved wife getting killed right in front of my eyes. Skewered right in front of me, while I could do nothing.

She solemnly begged General Darian to spare my life. But that heartless bastard replied with a spear down her heart. In her last moment, her eyes met mine. She had a tearful eye as she looked at me. Before her last breath, she whispered something while still holding on to her belly tightly.

Despite being skewered right through her heart. Instead of stopping her bleeding, she instead protected her belly… She tried to protect our unborn child.

I had held this feast in celebration of this auspicious eve with our comrade generals who I thought were like my brothers and sisters. But I never dreamed those same very generals would go behind my back and kill me. I knew the demon generals were quite tempered and hard to control, but they never once disobeyed me. Hence I never saw such a thing would happen.

Maybe it was my own fault. I thought maybe uniting the domain under one country might resolve the issues of war and pointless death. I thought this was the only way to achieve long-lasting peace. Maybe I was blind, it was never in our demon bloodline to seek peace. I was pretty stupid to even think such a thing.

Just when the bastard General Darial glanced at me with a wry smile.
He stepped on my beloved queen’s corpse and placed his feet right over her belly.

Just at that moment, I lost my sanity. I gathered all the strength in my feet to drag my body up in pure rage. The holy weapon burned my skin on contact which sizzled and boiled like frying meat. But I didn’t mind.

As long as my limbs possess even a minimum motor function I tried to drag myself towards, that traitorous piece of shit.

My guts and organs fell gushed out, my body down abdomen detached from my upper torso. I still dragged my torso while the holy weapons were still stabbed on my back.

General Darian’s expression turned pale. He could sense my bloodlust emanating despite all my powers were suppressed by the holy weapons which were still were etched in my bodies. He shivered before me and my unbound rage.

Although, Darian snapped back in reality and yanked back his spear from the corpse of my beloved wife.

He walked towards me with his bloodied spear with a cheeky grin,
“It would be my greatest honor to put you out of your misery, my lord.”

Even I could hear the sense of sarcasm hiding inside his sentence.

I had clawed halfway towards Darian by just dragging my upper torso towards him. Despite heavy loss of blood and organs, I was barely alive by sheer adrenaline and rage. It was a miracle nonetheless.

General Darian stood right in front and looked down on me as he stood tall. I was merely a half-man where my eye level could only meet till his knee.

He then placed one of his feet on my shoulder,
“Don’t worry, you’ll meet your beloved wife soon enough,” he said as he readied his spear to stab me using both his hands.

Just when I quickly grabbed his feet on my shoulder and yanked it towards me with all my strength.
General Darian lost his balance and stumbled towards me. At that very moment, I grabbed his head with my other hand.

Despite my mana and my Chaos heart ability was suppressed because of these annoying holy weapons. My bare fist was enough to send General Darian to kill the likes of him. He was always the most troublesome to deal with among the other generals. He always had a bone to pick with me, although he had overwhelming talents and skills so I let him be. It was a mistake to do so.

I clutched his head tightly in my grasp. My palm rested on his cheek while my fingers firmly grasped his forehead, whereas my thumb pierced the cheek just above his wisdom teeth. As I got a good grip, I began to crush his head. Darian tried to free himself but he couldn’t have done so.

He frantically grabbed his spear and stabbed right in my chest. Blood started gushing out but, I didn’t let go of my grip over Darian’s head. I grabbed Darian’s spear with my other hand tightly not letting it go.

I continued to crush his head with my powerful grip. His skin on his face started cracking and blood started seeping out of the cracks.

Darian had managed to activate his Mana armor and fortified his body. But in front of me, his body was nothing but a brittle piece of chalk.

Darian shrieked in agony as blood started pouring from the cracks formed on his forehead. Another little bit more strength and Darian’s brain was about to become a mere mush.

Just when I was about to put an end to Darian’s worthless life, my vision in front of me shifted and the whole room started turning around widely. The ceiling, the floor, the walls everything started turning around everywhere.

Just when I was about to put an end to Darian’s worthless life, I heard the sound of the blade slicing air from behind. In that instant, the room around me started rotating around all over. It circled around four-five times before it came to stop. I saw that the room rotating slowly came to a stop and noticed that floor was too close to my face.

While still, the room rotated slowly, I saw Darian and my own half-cut torso on the ground. Darian had managed to free from my grip and seemed to be in agony.

Just when I came to know I was beheaded by a precise neat strike. I guess it was none other General Beneilve. Just when my head stopped rolling, it stopped right in front of the hall seats. There I saw a glimpse of the other six generals who were seated on the seats, while General Beneilve was standing right in front of me. She was holding her signature longsword which had blood dripping from its blade. She flicked her blade and the blood splashed on the floor, before putting it back in her sheathe.

She gently dipped her head as if she was paying respects to the dead before turning around and walked back towards the other seated generals.

Soon my vision started to darken. I etched every and each of the generals in my mind. Slowly I couldn’t even see anything. I could still hear the screaming and yapping of Darian but soon even his voice started to dim.

‘I swear as long as my soul lingered, I promised that I would avenge my wife and our unborn child’s death. Even if my soul was sent to the abyss of hell. I will still cut through hell itself to claw back to get my vengeance. I would give anything to get back at those traitorous bastards, even if I had to drag the underworld lord Yama with me if I have to.

I swore a solemn oath on my own soul.

Although, now I have been drifting in this dark void for a long time. I had no recollection of how much time had passed now. It seemed as if millennia had passed since I entered this void.

I thought life after death would be like a fiery world under the earth, what everyone called Hell. And the other place called Heaven where there were a clear blue sky and an ocean of floating clouds.

A fiery place under the earth with constant magma seeping out of the earth. Countless underworldly beasts lived feeding off our souls while constantly tormented by shades punishing people for their sins. No wonder the dwellers of the three realms feared such a world.

Meanwhile, Heaven was a better alternative but still wandering in an outstretched ocean of clouds under the clear sky. What a boring place that would be. I heard people saying there are divine angels playing the harp to soothe the soul. But it still would be quite boring in the long run.

But who knew, both of these things were a lie.

The only thing on waited after their death was floating in midst of an endless dark void. I could take a trip to the underworld over this anytime. It felt as if it been ages since I been here. Any ordinary person would have already lost his sanity. But I kept on remembering the last events in my thought, rerunning those same events again and again. I managed to keep my sanity thanks to the unending boiling rage.

Even if the Seven Demon Generals fought with me with all their might. I could still crush them with pretty ease, that’s how much power I had. Although, the Overlord of the entire Demonic Realm was a position one to be envied and I knew it came with its own dangers. But I was pretty sure no one could challenge me, hence the reason why the Seven Generals followed me and took a solemn Oath under the Devil King himself. After taking such an oath, I didn’t pay it any mind.

But what I didn’t predict was that the seven general getting their hands on the holy weapons. Not to mention all the 12 divine virtues. These 12 divine weapons belonged to the 12 Heavenly virtues, the humans revered as heroes in the mortal realm. The only way to obtain these weapons was to kill and snatch from those 12 heroes which were impossible without waging a full-scale war in the human realm.

We just had finished uniting the Demonic Realm, so currently our troops were exhausted and the region was still going under changes. Uniting 7 major domains under one, wasn’t a petty task. It would take decades to clearly establish a working government body to look over these domains. We still were rooting out the fleeing rebels who were under hiding.

So it was pretty much impossible to get our hands on those 12 weapons right now. The only way to get those was if those bastards gave the 12 divine weapons to the generals. That the only way, it made any sense.

The 12 divine weapons were handed by the archangel to the humans, especially to protect them from demons. The human race sided with the angel race and even revered them as gods, but they were nothing but the race of that bastard feathered pigeon called themselves angels.

We demons and those pigeon feathered angels had a long history, we both were on each other’s throats. That enmity was also passed on to the human race for that very same reason.

So never in my right mind, ever thought that the demon generals could collude with the humans to kill me.

Now everything started to make sense.

Those bastard humans, If I see them I would gnash their throat and feast on their blood. I will wipe them out of...

Just when I was in the train of thoughts, I saw a tunnel of light.
I felt like I was being pulled towards it by a strange force.

I had no way to resist this strange force, so I just let it pull me towards it.