Chapter 1:

Watching Akidearest

Thank you, Fakku

Watching Akidearest

Third Person P.O.V

In a room, in the home of a NORMAL Family, in a far away land called Hetaland is a boy called Lakota Kirkland and let's just start the frickin' story.

" Akidearest-sensei posted a new video! " He yelled as he immediately pressed the video, scrambling through his bed

" Hey friends, it's Akidearest! " Aki's usually cheerful voice emitted the room, Lakota smiled at this

"-- sick-ass deck" Lakota paused the video 'Pokèmon cards or Yu Gi Oh cards?' He thought as he resumed the video

" --skateboard decks " Lakota nodded and smiled as he saw do the thing with her hands and eye

As the video continued, Lakota remembered that this video is about the website called

As Lakota continued to watch the video, he smiled and laughed throughout the video and with this as his thoughts

' Headphones? Do you wear headphones while having sex or giving someone a blowjob or whatever? '

' Osana Najimi? YandereDev, YandereDev, did you get Osana's name from this? ' In Midori GURINOO's voice, mind you.

' I don't know to rap or whatever shit you call this but this shit is awe to the some '

and etc

This might be the worst mistake yet the greatest mistake, Lakota might ever make

He clicked the Fakku site


Hi! Yes, this got inspired by Akidearest and The Anime Man's newest video. May I use their names and the site? Is that okay? I'm sorry for the bad words I put in this. Should I also put this in the Adult category? Anyway, please a comment, a heart, add this to your library, support me (Pray for me :) ), or just simply read this :) Thank you very much! Bye!

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